BJP in Tamil Nadu

It is a matter of concern to the people of Tamil Nadu who want a clean government that while the rest of India went with BJP, our state gave a mandate to a party which is dynastic, perceived as corrupt and self-serving whose leaders loot the resources of the state (and the country given a chance). It is not that people are enamoured of the Dravidian parties but do not see a viable alternative. But of BJP has to make a reasonable headway in this state, it needs to reinvent itself and address the basic problems which have prevented it from making its mark here.

Main Problems:
1. BJP is seen as an anti-Tamil party and very likely to impose Hindi on the state.
2. BJP is perceived as a pro-Hindu party and therefore anti-minority. There is a big Muslim population in the state and increasing Christian population on the southern parts. Though so far there has been no big communal disturbances, one can see increasing radicalisation and polarisation using BJP as a threat.
3. BJP comes through as a pro-Brahmin, anti-reservation party by the locals and in their blind and often self-defeating Brahmin hatred fanned by all the Dravidian parties without exception, it is very difficult for BJP to get a foothold unless this image is countered.
4. BJP has no grassroot level workers nor leaders who are acceptable to the local population or charismatic enough in their own right.
5. BJP has no TV channel of its own in Tamil Nadu unlike state-level parties which indulge in mud-slinging and slanted news coverage using their captive channels.
6. All the schemes that the current central government is trying to do carry Hindi names which do not strike a chord with Tamilians. Also the negative propaganda about Aadhar linkage, demonetisation and GST implementation is not being countered by the local BJP in a way that common people can understand.

Possible solutions:
1. Develop state level leaders from high profile Tamilian (preferably non-Brahmin) bureaucrats and professionals with impeccable integrity and national spirit.
2. Develop a proper Tamil name for BJP (like Indhiya Makkal Iyakkam or some such).
3. Enlist the support of neutral media houses and request them to report about BJP and the central government initiatives fairly to counter the negative propaganda indulged in by politically slanted media.
4. Establish a media and social media presence in Tamil language to counter anti-BJP propaganda.
5. Coin Tamil and English terms for various national level initiatives like Swatch Bharat and popularise them through media and social media in Tamil and English.
6. Gradually promote the Tamil arm of RSS (with a suitable Tamil name of course) to act as the grassroot core of BJP and a volunteer force.
7. Take a few actions of headline importance. For example, announcing a target date for Vande Bharat trains to replace Chennai-Kovai and Chennai-Bengaluru-Mysuru Shathapdi trains can give an impression that the government cares about this part of the country too.
8. Initiate a few central projects to improve people's daily life while making sure that they will not cause unnecessary controversies. Remember that the opposition here is waiting to scuttle them regardless of the good that they will bring about. Bullet trains and 8-lane highways are seen as projects for the elite.
9. All Dravidian parties are seen as corrupt and aligning with them is not a good idea at all. Most people vote for Dravidian parties because they are unable to see any viable alternative. Congress party has been unable to provide an alternative as their leaders are suspect too.

Unless some of these or other suitable steps are taken, anti-national forces will gain ground here.

MK Stalin thought that Rahul's congress will score a big win and with his local DMK successes he will have a major say in the government at the centre and derive its benefits as usual. He is now frustrated that his winning the Central election in a big way is not going to help. Unable to withstand remaining in limbo for the next few years, he is attempting to bring down the present state government (not that they are doing a fantastic job in handling our problems like water crisis). He has also started making seditious statements in public speeches like having a separate Dravidian homeland (if the other states approve of course, which I hope they are not foolish enough to attempt). more  

Now Mr Amit Shah has once again stoked the One language Hindi controversy. This simply reinforces the apprehensions which I expressed in my original post. Will the BJP never learn from history? Or perhaps they want India to be broken up so that they remain the unquestioned majority party for the Hindi speaking part? more  
While yesterday Sri Rajanikanth a Party President upheld UT of JK, L honouring PM, HM, today Sri Chitambaram alleged this UT issue as being set under Religious rigor against Mulslims since JK comprise majority Muslims. He, this way, intend to be close to Sri Kamal Hasan's Party since Sri Hasan provenly anti BJP .
Ill-full Politicism and Selfish Power Thirst of Politicians even target Fraternity and National Integrity too .
How can a President's Order on Article 370 on Governor's recommendations becomes Religious issue ? and, how can one create Communal Clashes and break Unity in Nation and Fraternity that had been guaranteed in the Preamble of the Constitution ? . JUST BECAUSE, LAW AND ORDER , LAW AND JUSTICE HAD BEEN DECADES TOGETHER CORNERED AND EVEN SET ASIDE IN MOST MOST IMPORTANT CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES AND OBJECTIVES .
Long awaited Reforms and Regulations including Revision and strict enforcement of IPC together with energizing and empowering POLICING IN INDIA IS ONLY THE FAST REQUIRED REMEDY to control the Selfish Political Hunger of ill-full Politicians please . more  
The news in today's TOI.
BJP IT wing takes Sangam era literature route to appease Twitterati in TN

I am glad that a move has been made in the right direction. BJP can only get a foothold in Tamil Nadu by satisfying the language sensibilities of the state. No sane person in Tamil Nadu state would want DMK/AIDMK to continue endlessly in power. We definitely need a national party to take the reins but certainly not Congress. This kind of initiative should go beyond social media. The original post contains suggestions in this regard. more  
It is really true But, the mighty,wealthy involved in these 2 parties since 2 decades indeed leading towards failure in addressing LIVELIHOOD STATUS OF THEIR OWN VOTERS keeping away the Employable Education and Earning Facilities for the Means of Livelihood .

General Public shall be educated and to be brought awareness of their real rights and facilities of Constitution for them . more  
Reply to Mr CSN Sharma: Tamilians are very sensitive about their language which is as old as Sanskrit and has a body of literature spanning over 2000 years. While Sanskrit is now restricted to being used as the language of prayer (like Latin), Tamil is a live modern language in daily use. When Tamilians go to northern states for jobs or join the armed forces, they become fluent in Hindi in short order. Even those who remain in Tamil Nadu follow Bollywood movies and Hindi songs. So there is no real antagonism to the language as such. At the same time, when northern people take up jobs in Tamil Nadu, they expect people here to know Hindi and refuse to learn the local language. Is this due to some kind of superiority complex based on their belief, that Hindi is THE national language, which is not quite true? Tamilians do not like that attitude. Would you like it if the situation is reversed? And if they ever feel that Hindi is thrust on them, then they react badly. Congress lost power in Tamil Nadu in 1967 because of this feeling and after 50 years, they are yet to make a come back in the state.

Whatever it is, BJP has to understand this sensitivity and must learn to deal with that, if they are to make any impact on the state. Hence my suggestions. more  
Interest on general public and poor shall overcome all sensitivities to eradicate Economic and Educational hurdles more  
National Parties are kept away since decades like JK . Christianity and LTTE rapidly raised. MGR x MR RADHA ; DMK x ADMK rooted.
People kept away from Education THOUGH Tamilnadu was high in it's Sanskrit and Culture.
The anti nationalism basically developed keeping away General Public from ESSENTIAL COMMON LANGUAGE , HINDI MADE THEIR majority people ever depend on local Leaders for Livelihood.

THIS require involvement of Social and Moral Personalities enlightening the real Constitutional Rights of Livelihood PROVISIONS. Then only there will be successful diversification.
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