Bio-toilets require discipline of use. I have been travelling in trains since at least 45 years. Primitive toilets, at least the Indian style, have wonderfully served the purpose as long as the users used them when train would be running speedily on the tracks. At such high speeds, the waste would simply disintegrate and quickly decompose in the environment. Contrary to the intent, the introduction of bio-toilets has worsened the situation, for sometimes these are jammed, or there is water shortage leading to stinking human waste lingering in the pot! This has happened so often, that now soon one may shirk to eat or drink anything in trains travelling long distance. What an irony that this in an India is now become over 99% open defecation free! Toilets in railways are source of filth, stench, and pathogens, in contrast. more  

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Concept of bio-toilet is superior to ordinary one. It is hoped that with
some modification based on its presently observed defect, the system will
fulfill desired goal.

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 2:51 PM Ashish Rai <>

> more  
Sure Ashish Reo sir.Being a sanitation engineer I had already conveyed my concerns on this system of toilets. Any systèm or technique should be adopted after brain storming of the experienced professional.I am serving as Technical expert to Assist Advisor Technical to Punjab Govt. My experience is that some manufacturer or firms take some modified techniques from foreign countries different than our time tested and successfully serving techniques. Their representatives mostly highly qualified youth having theoretical knowledge high lighting only meet its of the system but leave the other side demerits untouched. While analysing any system I first of all check its demerits and then after merrits. After detailed comparrision the decision has to be taken. Many times those technologies do not suit us due to1. Our basic rquirements.2. Climate conditions.3. High production cost along with much  more reciting and maintenance costs.4. Life span.5. Monopoly of a single firm to supply spare parts at high cost.6.  Construction  friendly my be got manufactured by any one without parents rights.7. Merits and demerits on prevailing system.8 . Others most urgent pending works which are of  more importance than the new one and could not be done due to lack of funds.I have observed that people of India are travell while sitting groups in public toilets of general coaches of trains. We are not in position to give them dignified space to travel for which we have got charges from them by selling travelling tickets. Are thry not enritled to have at least a during arrangements. Shame on us ignoring all this an insult to humanity.I have exoerience that some firms take some Secretary of the Govt department or chief engineer to their side by this or that way and stress their subordinate officers to recommend the proposal of firms without analysing them. Many times firms try to impress me also but finding me on firm ground make my complaints to Govt for not accepting the verbal orders ogf highuos conveyed to me. Then I use to prepare a list of merits and demerits to be taken care if found fit before implementations. I have found that non of the Secretary or Chief Engineer went against the recommendation though under compulsion.Here question arises is there lack of knowledge or toe shoes of higher bosses or their own greed.The most important is to increase the frequency of trains or induce new trains to give relief to people of India than playing in hands of some firms just with intention to oblige them to get incentives.Look before you leap.Harbhajan LalTechnical Expert on SanitationSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
-------- Original message --------From: Ashish Rai <> Date: 13/08/2019 15:00 (GMT+05:30) To: Subject: "Bio-toilets" more  
I neither support to continue with the old system nor support the existing type of the bio-toilets. We should try to make some innovative design for the train toilets so that it may remain clean and hygienic irrespective of the passenger's habits of using it. Let the Railways call for open design competition for the future train toilets? more  
Lack of civic sense in users, no responsibility in supervising staff and no seriousness in contractors causing this nuisance. more  
Yes, the so-called bio-toilets are indeed disgusting. Since we are avowedly open-defecation free, it is not right to revert to dumping on the tracks. Why not have a sewer compartment with each train, where the human refuse is collected by pumping. There can be more than one such in case of long-distance trains, and they can be left behind when full, for proper disposal. This would require some intelligent signalling and shunting, as well as pumping and of course adequate water!
I would like to see the day when human waste is collected in shining stainless steel sealed containers which are parked in fields until fully decomposed; the containers could then be emptied into those same fields (in areas either naturally infertile or depleted due to mismanagement) before being cleansed and reused. Additionally, the gas released during decomposition could be collected and used.
The amount of water and other resources we expend on moving human waste from the point of origin to a place where it is only a pollutant is not funny. While moving containers of waste is also a cost, yet it is arguably a more efficient solution. more  
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