bihar corruptions.

God knows when we will come out of this dirty corruptions. more  

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Ravi Ramesh & Prabhu Kumar PKN Pattaakkaarar .

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It took revolutions over several centuries, to open human eyes to the non-corruptible dignity of every person. And around the world, generations have struggled to put this idea into practice in LAWS & Institutions of Human Beings but not of Gods & Goddesses

Non-corruptible " Dignity " is the basic by which virtue of the common humanity --- you, I and the rest , no matter where we come from or what we look like or where we are all born but born in economical inequalities in common wealth .

Throughout much of history, a section of mankind did not realize this.

Besides, with a crude belief in the grace of Gods & Goddesses. Why?

Because Science & Technology are enabled to protect Fresh Life but unabled to create or prolong Human Life at will.

Even now in the 21st century days, it reverberates that "God knows when we will come out of this dirty corruptions". more  
American President Trump also staged the need of Corruption Controls allover the World last year cautioning the dangers of CORRUPT PRACTICES.
G.O.D. means Generation, Organisation & Destruction. The rule of the earth is every create including human being who took birth will have to die. Expiry date is not known to anyone. To maintain peace in life, we have to follow ethics and moral which is available in our spiritual literature. We have to read and follow regularly. That is the reason many people say to recite vishnu sahasraname / hanuman chalisa / vinayaka strothram etc. regularly to make our life pleasant. more  
Citizens responsibility Governments duty on DIRECTIVES OF RULE shall be made Statutory more  
When SC uphelds Aadhar linkage to All ; When IPC revised and strictly ENFORCED ; When Media sticks to undiluted JOURNALISM ; and ONLY AFTER BJP GAINS MAJORITY IN RAJYA SABHA ; But if Policing is CENTRALIZED and kept Independent. more  
God is inscrutable. Gods are also having double standards as per the Hindu Puranas / Epics . Gods are also hypocrites as per mythologies . Gods also practiced Prostitution, bigamy and polygamy as per evidences recorded. Gods have had sexual relationships with human beings and made their semi-god cum semi-human generations . Gods also had love affairs and broken hearts . Goddesses suspected the character of brothers of husbanding-gods .

All the above show that God is God and Man is Man !

This is the world and Planet of Man & Woman and for Man & Woman but not by Man & Woman !!

So, reliance on God to root out Corruption should not and does not arise for ever till the DNA of Man & Woman is altered scientifically .

Just like the 5-year standard for national policies , I firmly opine , a new 10-year-alternation policy between the barter system of actual exchanges and denominational currency system for betterment of human values .

This will work against corruption and corrupt laws & practices trends and will definitely show us the track-path against Corruption ab initio . more  
Dear sir, You are quite wrong and your statements are not based proper historical, ethics, etymology, ethnic & comparative perspective regarding the God & Goddess.

If you understand the reality and original history of the God & Goddess based on proper historical, ethics, etymology, ethnic & comparative perspective, then only you can justify about the God & Goddess.

What is God & Goddess? Those period before vedhic period, people were led their lie as animal life. On that period People were lived in 4 lands of Kurinji, Mullai, MARUTHAM & Neithal lands. Among the 4 lands, people of Marutham land only led their life through agriculture and created the CIVILIZED LIFE as a FAMILY STRUCTURE WHEREIN FATHER & MOTHER,MATERNAL UNCLE. Then they created the Village, Perur (Big Cities), then Naadu (Country).

Due to their agriculture activities, they have surpassed in all wealthy & healthy level resulted they become a LORD who were have more lands and great warriors. Then these Lords become the Kings. After the death of the LORD/Kings become the GOD. So, all Kings, Gods & Goddess in the Hindu religion originated in the Marutham land.

Hence, these Country was ruled by the powerful Kings called themselves as PALLAR/MALLAR/KUDUMBAR/KURMI/PANDIYAN. These Kings were led their life on Sathiyam or promise in all manner even they were strictly followed the norms even in their war between one Kings to another Kings.

If any Lord or King deviated from their SATHIYAM OR PROMISED WAY OF LIFE, they were destroyed themselves and they lost their life. After a very long, long period, there were some other kinds of groups people begin mingled with them resulted the corruption, injustice and other atrocities were began. more  
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