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This is in connection with the comment of Mr Swapnil Mehra appeared today. CCTV facility is needed most of the important areas. The court is not much important. Where as the most necessary area is in all police station/Municipalities/Panchayat/corporation offices, where the general public requirement is more and most of these places, the people are neglected/harassed and not grieved their grievances. The use of CCTV will show the real picture what is happening in each area .

Electoral reforms are required to modify. The election commission must be more vigilant specially during the election period. The corrupted people should be restricted and removed from contesting as candidate in elections. When a person is proved that he is corrupted he/she or their families should not be permitted to contest . The political parties should avoid bringing existing leaders & encouraging their own son/daughters in the assembly and parliament. There should be restriction to contest election and to be fixed maximum two time for individual. The minimum qualification must be graduate and the selection from the interest of local people. There should be a system, the people should get the right to call back the elected candidate in case of their failure on their work. Most of the times the leaders are seen in the area during the election period and after five years again for begging vote for the next election. The elected leaders must be given proper training for a week what and how they should behave in the assembly and parliament. A special chart is to be prepared what they are supposed to do and not to do. In no case the session should not be disrupted or disturbed . There should be a separate time schedule to be fixed for the opposition to challenge or oppose the bill. Disciplinary action against the defaulters and also imposing heavy penalty , like abuse in the session, throwing the material to one another, destroying the public property and the act is repeated permanent debarred them from the session . The rules and law may be amended suitably.

Corruption is the major cancer decease among the people. Getting cure is very difficult but can be controlled. If any officials/politicians or any person sitting on behalf of people doing corruption is to be dealt immediately. The Judicial is very slow in our country. may be due to shortage of judges and staff. Improve the staff strength, the complaint must be closed with in a year instead of prolonging the matter years together. There are cases, even after the death, the cases are pending for final verdict. This situation must be improved .

Women and children safety must be taken care of on priority. Most of the time these classes are badly effected and the culprits are getting escaped with or without the knowledge of local police officials. Some improvement is needed for their safety more  

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