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I noticed a post on Beef ban by Rohit Dalmia was removed. I thought this was an open forum. If we can't discuss issues and debate them however controversial, there's no point in being part of this group.

I am a Hindu, I eat non veg, and I do not subscribe to any such Bans. This is a secular democratic country where all citizens are equal and free to practice their religious beliefs including dietary requirements without fear or fervour or Bans. Those who eat vegetarian food are free to do so, how will they like it if paneer is banned, or cauliflower is banned ? It's ridiculous that in 21st century India we are doing all this Bullshit when there are much more important issues for this country to face.

Apart from the impact on those eating Beef in Maharashtra, the economic impact will be massive. Is the Govt going to pay the beef traders and exporters, leather manufacturers and tanning industry for their loss of business? It is not a question of Muslims or minorities, it is a question of gross interference in personal choice.

We cannot "transform India with Modi" with such policies. I am sorry, but if this continues I don't want to be part of such a mindset.

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Dear Friends. I have read all the replies. Here are mine :

1. The Beef ban has been done WITHOUT thinking of the economic implications to Farmers (who cannot now sell their old bullocks) the leather industry and the meat / meat processing industry. In all these industries there are actually MORE HIndus who are affected than Muslims !!

2. Banning ANY food item to pander to the whims of ANY community....remember, India is a secular country where all citizens are EQUAL as per our constitution - so, though we are Hindus, we are NOT more privileged than Muslims or Christians, hence the argument of "majority sentiment" is a lot of Bullshit (pun intended)

3. Such Bans are a violation of the Fundamental right to choice - to choice of religion, language as well as food habits. I am very confident that the Bombay High Court and if not the HC, the Hon'ble SC will surely strike down the ban on consumption of Beef.

4. If the Maharashtra Govt wants to be draconian and pander to narrow sectarian sentiments and continue this foolish effort - the people of the state will not forget this, especially the farmers and others whose livelihoods have been affected by this ban and NO COMPENSATION has been given even 2 months later. BJP will suffer the consequences of this in the next election. I voted for BJP but if this is what they deliver after we put their confidence in them, I am sorry, I am NOT voting BJP again.

5. If the Beef ban is justified, then why not listen to Jains and BAN Onion Garlic. Why not listen to Muslims and BAN Pork. And above all, why not listen to VEGETARIANS and Ban All Non veg food....or listen to VEGANS and Ban Milk and Milk products !!! I can't begin to say how UTTERLY ABSURD this business of Bans is. And the BJP has really shown how FOOLISH they are by forcing this down people's throats.

6. It is easy for you people to say "let them find an alternative profession". Why don't you try to find an alternative profession after doing the same business or work you have been doing for the past 15-20 years --- do you think it is so easy ? Shame on people who say these kind of things, it only betrays your perverted thinking.

FINALLY - to those who think Cows are so very dear. Why don't you walk the talk and ADOPT a Cow ? Don't be hypocritical and ban beef to force others not to eat meat. Go out on the streets, see how many cows are roaming the towns and cities of Maharashtra and eating rubbish and plastic bags from road side bins - if you have any love for cows, adopt these cows, start spending your hard earned money (I estimate it would cost Rs 10-12000 a month to feed and take care of a cow) on the Cows you love and worship. Dont try to advise people who have lost their jobs and work due to this foolish Ban to "find alternative work"....FIRST adopt a cow or cows, and then give such rubbish advice.

I am a Hindu. I eat beef sometimes. I am not ashamed of it NOR do i think it's a sin - nowhere in the religious texts does it specifically say "dont eat beef" in fact there are well documented stories where ancient Hindus are mentioned as eating beef !!

So let's not be hypocritical and holier-than-thou, ours is a secular country and the Govt should NOT interfere in people's food habits. Ban cow slaughter in Maharashtra yes but you cannot force people not to eat a food item which they have been eating for years. And to have a "10 year sentence and fine" for "possession" of beef is ABSURD and DRACONIAN.

I hope better sense prevails and the Maharashtra Govt spends their time energy and money on preventing Farmer suicides, tackling severe malnutrition and droughts, protecting women from molestation - and many other more pending issues involving HUMANS (who voted for them) rather than wasting time on Cows.

Are we living in the 21st or 17th Century ? more  
The Ban on Beef that has been publicised so much by the media is a huge misleading rumour, the ban is actually on the slaughter of cows and now bullocks included, Buffalo meat also called beef is still available for sale and consumption and as such the rumour spread by organisations favoring the ban have emphasised on "BEEF" but have left out the details. more  
If we deeply study our own body-structure or get some expert views, we would certainly find that we must not have non-veg in our meals. When majority of human beings in the world over are turning vegetarian, why are we so interested to enjoy non-veg? The government has taken right step. Those who are dependent upon meat business may find some other business for their survival. more  
we worship cow so it is completely justified to ban the cow meat more  
Boss ,the act is asking for saving the cow,not killing it...Its a noble gesture...As far as the economic implication is concerned,the people involved in the industry can start something meaningful atleast not something related to killing ..I believe we should be on one stand at least as far as our religion is concerned..We are not against anybody but there are a lot of people against our existence..Its good that we do not try to harm anybody but it is equally important that we create a situation where nobody dares harm us..Please think of it divides people more  
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