Attacks on uniformed forces in states- why not weaponise them ?

The defence forces,para military forces ,special forces , comondos,NIA are trained in weapons use for their job is to operate with enemy,anti national forces and saboteurs.
When it comes to state police,prisons ,excise,forest,fire ,road transport service they may wear uniformes ,train in weapons but when deployed they are just as helpless as a common citizen.
If you visit overseas most countries envisage dangers posed to them and there fore train them with automatic weapons ( not 303 rifle)UC( unarmed combat ) and tough physical training with fitness.All most all these uniformed people are provided with small arms,some automatic weapons and equip them to be bold and active to defend themselves,subjugate the lawless elements .
In India in we find policemen witnessing directly killing of citizens with sharp weapons but can not cope up as they are physically unfit with big paunches, and no skills of dis arming the criminals as they do not know UC.( Hyderabad incidents)
In forests forest department officials though they are surrounded by police who donot prevent attacks with sticks!(Telengana)
During excise raids for illicit liquor,drugs they are mercilessly beaten or attacked by firearms.
In jails I saw lathi wielding jawans thirty people for one thousand prisoners when I served.
During RTA checking hooligans see the isolated officials and threaten them .
Patrolling vehicles with officers do not have small arms to take action on the fugitives or anti socials.
The need to change this system of helplessness by uniformed men other than defence forces must be discussed .
Uniformed forces are to be physically fit to overpower, tackle ,defend ,attack the lawless people.Provision of gyms,check medical and physical fitness and grade them, weed out the unfit .Weapon training ,UC, provisionof personal weapons like small arms, automatic weapons and vehicles for mobility ,finally powers to tackle on the spot lawless people is the need of hour.
Both GOI and states must think differently on the subject and modernise these forces .Jaihind. more  

As an extension of the of the point today one more govt engineer was beaten by Mumbai MLA recorded on cctv for certain lapses (Internet and tv news ).
Is there no fear of law .Doctors ,govt officers, forest officers and municipal officers are some samples which has just happened recently.
Some quick action is needed by ruling govts. more  
As I reiterated, (1) is practices habituated in Congress Rule (2) Willfully instigating the present Rule of BJP to lead for Nation wide unrest EITHER USING COMMUNITY OR RELIGION-OR OF- NATIONAL SECURITY , INTERNAL LAW AND ORDER.
The such incidents from the period of Elections , within these 6 and 1/2 months , do recognizably prove.

Congress and it's Alliances have been continuing their well planned tricks for achieving the GOAL of getting away from BJP AND MODY 's PROGRAMS IN CORRUPTION CONTROLS. Had TDP won majority , there could have been more intrigues TO DILUTE AND BE AWAY FROM BJP's REFORMS.

I had cautioned about such intrigues AND RUMOURS sharing in Surakshit Bharat Circle IN THE 1st WEEK OF ELECTION RESULTS.
This is why I had preferred different Posts in our Circles staging the FAST NEED OF (1) Revision and strict enforcement of IPC (2) Energizing, Empowering and Centralizing POLICING (3) Extending GOI operations on ESSENTIAL ISSUES OF 7th Schedule for prompt, undiluted and JUSTIFIED RULE UNDER THE CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES.

TIME HAS COME . National Law Commission shall at NATIONAL INTEREST to Frame and recommend GOI the above 3 ESSENTIAL CONSTITUTIONAL OBJECTIVES IN SUPPORT OF PREAMBLE GUARANTEES. I sincerely and honestly request our management TO FORWARD THIS POST WITH SHARED CONCERNS TO H'BLE PM AND H'BLE HM please. more  
As an extension of the of the point today one more govt engineer was beaten by Mumbai MLA recorded on cctv for certain lapses (Internet and tv news ).
Is there no fear of law .Doctors ,govt officers, forest officers and municipal officers are some samples which has just happened recently.
Some quick action is needed by ruling govts. more  
A Congress MP warned that the CM's Helicopter will be blasted. MLAs of even Allies threatened IAS, ill-treated IPS. Booth Capturings, Killings were rampant. As at 2013, 30% of Houses of People occupied by Convicts.

Many Criminal Cases on Politicians had been pending in PS and Courts. A CJI Teared his eyes, A CJI proposed Joint Meets with Executive, A CJI shared Media commenting that Rule is permitted even by the Proxies of Parties lead by convicted.
Chapters and most important Sections relating to SOCIAL AND SECURITY OFFENCES of IPC set aside in Congress Rule unenforced decades together while the volume of penalties, punishments were not revised.

Judiciary set insufficient and inadequate ; Policing was cornered and Bureaucrats side-tracked decades together in Congress Rule.
This is why, I reiterated number of times that a Marshall Attempt or, President's Rule for 5 years like Punjab is only remedy before the situation tenders interference by National Security Border Forces . more  
Yes, Sir, you sound reasonable and inductively logical.

Can you go to the Lok Sabha ( New Delhi ) and move this issue as a private Member's ( of yours ) Bill to bring about the desired ( by you) change?

I urge you to do so as early as possible before the expiry of this First Session of Parliament.

You will get so many blessings of Hon'ble Members of Upper House too if you are able to do this much.

Also, study the graph above.

Centralization and Personalization of power are on the downslide.

Subordination of the functions of the Judiciary and of Parliament does not exist.

Every positive outlook is pro-democracy and human rights advocation.

Civil and individual liberties are always on the rise in India.

The main explanatory factor of why so little has changed is India's pattern of administration, rule and political existence. more  
This is only way before moving SC. SC SHALL direct for "Socialist Economic Democracy " staged in Constituent Assembly referring Mandates of Directive Articles 38 , 39 , 21 , 32 AND THE GUARANTEES CONTEMPLATED IN THE PREAMBLE OF INDIAN CONSTITUTION.

Reasonable restrictions ARE CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES even on Rights of Individuals . Public interest as well as National Security ARE PRIME FACTORS FOR ALL CONSTITUTIONAL BODIES and POLICING. more  
There should be a body for arbitration instead of revenue department as the schedule tribes occupying the land with out’ pattas’ and claiming injustice must be heard to do justice.There is a need to identify non schedule tribals (the big land sharks )who continue to occupy the land, till it and feign as tribals .There are two sides of this coin .
The govt must tread cautiously ,non politically identify the problem and book the culprits but also save the genuine tribals who possess the land in a rightful way.
But none can take law in to their hands specially on the uniformed forces like forest officials . more  
In Bengaluru 4,000 Acres Forest Land used as Revenue Land. SOME Colonies on beyond 1,000 Acres are also developed.
The Land found as Forest Land only 3 years back. Still there is no Correction effected.

Land Disputes pertaining to Survey Numbers , Nature , Origin/1954 Khasra Pahani Status SHALL BE SUBJECTED TO BE SETTLED ONLY BY A BODY Constituted for the purpose under CLR . Then only there will be appropriate JUSTICE AND FAST CONCLUSION AT A Low Cost.

I also support Sri Prabhakar Rao AND ALSO REMIND FOR Resurvey and Settlement of Lands/Landed Properties. more  
I repeatedly commented. Judiciary since '75 , Policing from '95 were diluted, made insufficient and inadequate and also cornered.
Law and Order Police, Tax Officers, Forest guards and Officials NUMBER OF TIMES WERE ILL-TREATED, BEATEN AND KILLED BY Anti Socials , Thieves , Robbers , Smugglers , ROWDY GANGS IN ADDITION TO THE LONG LEADING MAOISTS, NAXALS AND TERRORISTS.
Though all these are backed by one Party or the other , SUPREME COURT ALSO YET TO UNDERSTAND GROUND REALITIES.

IAS, IPS were many times insulted, ill-treated, cornered by Politicians BUT, NO ACTION TAKEN. SC to realize as how Law and Order, Law and Justice persist more  
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