ATMs no cash / ATM ख़ाली क्यों हैं ?

ग़ाज़ियाबाद में हमारे पूरे इलाके में किसी बैंक के एटीएम में पैसा नहीं। हर महीने के अंत और शुरू में यही होता है। जब ग्राहकों के खाते में न्यूनतम बैलेंस न रखने पर बैंक खाते से पैसा काट लेता है तो क्यों न एटीएम में पैसा न होने पर बैंक पर मोटा जुर्माना लगाया जाए।

यह बीमारी सारे देश में फैली है।कोई उपभोक्ताओं के हितों को देखने वाला नहीं।बैंक सालाना मेंटेनेंस के नाम पर खातों से बाले-बाले पैसा काट लेते हैं।लेकिन ATM के फैरे लगाते ग्राहकों को कोई यह बताने वाला नहीं कि ATM खाली क्यों हैं और कब तक खाली रहेंगे ?

लोकल सर्कल मुहिम चलाए की अगर बैंक atm ख़ाली तो बैंक को जुर्माना

Fine banks if atm runs out of cash RBI. more  

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Our Govt introduces some systems but do not have proper backup. Ultimately the citizens suffer. more  
Not only non-availability of cash, but even when available - is only in denomination of Rs.500/-. So you, move from vegetable vendors to vendors - whether he can return the balance if you had purchased vegetables worth (say) Rs. 150/-. In many occasions, my purchase amount falls for even lesser sum. There, should be a penal action against the ATM provider. more  
Nirmala Ji has made a point and also I see this has opened the Pandora's Box with other locations/regions too reporting the same. Yes, when the Banks are unable to provide the Services to the Public, they too need to be penalized. What is the point in Digital Transaction when the coffers are empty. In Delhi - in Pratap Market, Munirka, there is a PNB - ATM - right there in the market and most of the time it has the display board - Out of Service. A Guard can be found at times and I have personally upbraided him asking him why he is wasting his time guarding an ATM which does not have Cash. Lethargy of Public Sector Banks and the colonial mindset of all Officials and Employee's who are least bothered about customers/account holders has been responsible for many banks being in Red. Local Circles should indeed take this matter with Finance Secretary/Ministry. Let's see if our Lady FM has the fire in her to provide common public the succour they need. more  
यह सिर्फ़ ग़ाज़ियाबाद की बात नही है हम गोरखपुर से हैं और यहाँ यदि ATM कार्ड के सहारे हम रहें तो पैसा नही मिलेगा और यही कारण है की पिछले तीन वर्षों से हमने चेक से पैसा निकालना शुरू कर दिया और ATM कार्ड को घर पर रख दिया है। more  
This is quite irritating. Gradually situation worsening. However, with UPI payments getting prevalent these days, with many vendors or even individuals accepting money this way, people are keeping enough fund balance in their savings accounts so that they may go cashless. Banks get access cheaply to these funds, even for onward lending and the trend happening that banks are investing in new technologies such as allowing interfacing with UPI. What gives! more  
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