Anti notational statements by political leaders - curbs needed

After the issue of abrogation of 370 there was support by all sections of Indian society .But the unhappy lot who are making statements continuously by intention or by accident or by just loose talk or frustration is from leaders of congress ,CPM .Some self championed stalwarts who get public recognition also join the herd.
This is final that it is a law after passing it from both Houses of Parliament but the purposeful statement issued is helping our enemy country and a cause of misunderstanding by affected locals of the state and gives fuel to the anti govt elements .
They must be a law to silence them as it is detrimental at a time it is being handled with great care .
Democracy is also to be understood as becoming responsible to the security of this country specially in politically delicate times .
False propaganda as in Al zajeera tv and other regional channels just pick up false news accidentally by not verifying the source .
Home ministry should keep track and block them or warn them through IB. more  

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Congress and ultra leftists along with separatists are viciating the atmosphere and preventing return to normalcy by planting new slogans,arguments,demands and interpretations and spreading rumours .
They must be silenced by law as it is seditious .
Every govt takes its own time to settle issues let the govt gets its space .None can force their opinions . more  
Political Parties willfully playing (1) to get involved in JK Politics for future life (2) to dilute BJP instigating public alienating with Separatists.

They are now afraid off the present UT Status of JK that do not allow UNDUE POLITICISM .
They are also afraid of the new thinking of JK People ever preferring to be a UT TO HAVE REAL BENEFITS OF CONSTITUTION LIKE Safety Security and Fraternity in their Territory.

The Speech of Ladhak MP in Parliament supporting Sqash of Articles 370 and 35 A charging Congress etc ITSELF SHOW WHAT THE PEOPLE OF Jammu and Kashmir never once again fall in the clutches of the Political Parties .

Un- defined and un- Regulated ' National Integrity , eased Privacy ' EVER SUPPORTS SUCH UNDER THE SHADE OF POLITICAL DEMOCRACY. more  
It is understandable that communists are always anti national in their outlook. But what one cannot easily understand is the stand of Congress who behave like anti-nationals even after getting such drubbing at the polls. more  
Even though democracy permits voices of dissent it does not mean that as a fashion dissenting to a national policy adopted by the act of parliament should be permitted. Congress and Communists have taken into their head that, if not ruling, they are required to always raise opposing view however unwise. anti national or ridiculous. Shame on both of them more on Congress which is going on digging its grave deeper and deeper. more  
This is the very reason why particular section of the society keep on shouting "foul" on everything that the govt does. The opposition and their press has lost the credibility, but they continue to mislead the people, because they are paid for it by their masters who have an ulterior motive. more  
Corrupt Nature is harmful. EC failed in disallowing CONVICTS and is the root cause. JUDICIARY MUST STOP. more  
आज ओबेसी द्वारा दिया गया बयान सिर्फ़ साम्प्रदायिक ही नहीं आपराधिक और भड़काऊ भी है जिसमें कश्मीरी पंडितों की हत्या एवं उन्हें उन्ही के घर से बेघर करने को इसने सही बताया और यह भी कहा की संसद के दोनो सदनो द्वारा पास बिल कश्मीरियों और देश के ख़िलाफ़ है जिसका बदला कश्मीरी लेंगे और कोई भी रोक नहीं पाएगा - क्या अब भी वे इस सत्र पे पास हुए आतंकवादी अधिनियम के तहत नहीं आएँगे - उन पर कार्यवाही का न होना क्या साम्प्रदायिकता और अनुशाशनहिंता को बढ़ावा देना नहीं ? more  
Congress planted rivalry between CASTES, Communities and even Religions GOING AWAY FROM CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATES.
This is why Congress Mukta Nation is only remedy for true, legitimate carry of Constitutional Objectives. more  
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