Annual audit of buildings for livability

Hello I am Shivani from Mumbai. Today an old building in south mumbai fell and 10 people died and 50 injured.

I didnt know there was standards circle on local circle. Why cant there be mandatory audit requirements and certification by local munciipality. We are ready for this.

Does BIShave standard for what are the 10 things a building inspector should check?? more  

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Safety is the last priority in our system because it cost money and on the contrary human life is very cheap.That is why in India practically everyday you will hear one mishap or the other. more  
A sensible suggestion Ms Shivani.

I personally would recommend putting down "quality control checks" during construction as priority, rather than afterwards.

What happened in Mumbai is only result of bad/faulty building material. It's there that the hammer needs to come down. THE BUILDER MUST BE TAKEN TO TASK IN CASES OF MISHAPS......... more  
To an extent, the responsibility lies on occupants too. The signs of decay / deterioration can be generally observed by the residents. The collapse of a building happen suddenly but the decade takes long duration. The residents neglect attending to regular repairs / maintenance for various reasons. Government officials can not check each & every building due to limited resources. more  
The life of a building is about 100 years. Any old building of more than 50 years starts decaying and it needs renovation. Please residing in such building have to be careful. more  
Yes. I fully agree with you.But problem’s lies with our systems & even lack of standards. All approving authorities mostly give clearances sitting at office’s only.Also anybody without any prerequisite qualifications can becomes builders & no quality supervision at the time of construction by authorities is mainly responsible for this mess. From my 40 years of experience in Industries & opportunity to handle project’s / constructions is that” Only god can help this country as we have no national character ,no work ethics.We are selfish & most corrupt nation & easily succumb to pressures of superiors & wasted interest people’s while doing our job’s as per the technical requirements.🧐🤔🤭🤫👎👎🤫🤫 more  
Human values count more in all. Sri Ashok Ashok is absolutely correct. I too reiterated this tendency in owners, officials, contractors, Builders. ALL LACKING HUMAN MORALS. Fundamental Duties of Article 51 A SHALL BE IMPLEMENTED comprehensively AND INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES IN MATTERS pertaining to co-CITIZENS AUGHT TO BE REGULATED UNDER EQUALITY Mandates of Articles 14 , 15 and the LIFE Article 21.

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