Alternates for single use plastics

Govt will impose a Nationwide Ban from 2 October 2019 on single use plastics -

- Plastic Bags
- Cups / Plates
- Small Bottles
- Sachets

This ban will cover everything from manufacturing to usage.

BIS should develop standards for alternate quickly and roll out so there can be capacity developed for alternate products. more  

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Let us rely on Namo Govt once more to handle the tsunami being created by banning single use plastic (not all like for single use in medical purpose). more  
The 2nd of October 2019 is just over two weeks from today.

One hears of the forthcoming ban on one-way plastic use alright, but without any khabar about what steps have been taken to fill the gap which would thus be created.

Today, as many as 50 % of the goods, be they object d'art, clothes, marble/alabaster items, tea/coffee bags, fruits/vegetables, cereals, cookies/rusks, food items like breads, buns and kulchas, crockeries/cutleries, stationery items, dry cells............the list is long, very long.........are all packed in plastic foils/sheets etc.

Banning plastic w.e.f. two weeks from today would bring about a tsunami of unthinkable proportions. The use will continue and the authorities would not know what to do, till time will wash out all good intentions and the river will continue to flow like after floods.....The ban would be forgotten.

This "decision" therefore can safely be stamped as one lacking of proper planning.
Like the GST levels, which have been receding from their initial high and unaffordable levels, leading to an open "face losing".

One fears that the recent raising of traffic violation penalties ten-fold suddenly will meet a similar fate. Within one week of their announcement, the governments of Gujarat and Maharashtra are already thinking of reducing them.

Even before the plastic age our things were moving conveniently. Therefore, we need not worry. The alternates will certainly be able to fill the vacuum being created by the departure of plastic. The only need is for the government to be firm on its decision for complete ban on the manufacturing, selling and using of the plastic items spoiling the public health and environment. more  
Various technologies have been developed in Scandinavian Countries (Sweden, Norway) and have ZERO garbage/ wastage ( including plastic). GOI can bring those technologies to minimise garbages (plastic, etc.). Technologies have been developed to convert plastics to usable items like blocks for footpaths instead of tiles etc. GOI must act immediately.

Moreover, alternatives for above items like Plastic Bags,Cups / Plates, Small Bottles, Sachets is a must, otherwise people will again go for plastic based items. I can suggest paper/ old cloth for bags. Local circle may suggest alternatives which will help GOI to direct manufacturers accordingly. more  
Very much regrat up-cooming likely ban on Plastic in India. Why Govt. is not considering Manufacturing various utilty products from Plastic and rubber waste. Like use of waste Plastic in (!) Road constructions , this technology is not at all unknow to our country and is being used in southern state of country. This technology improves life of Roads/ Highways, reduces POT holes. (2) In small backward country of LIberia they have developed construction BLOCKS , from Plastic waste. These can be used in Road, House, Compound wall constructions. Like these our countries Scientest MUst have developed various Plastic Waste applications. Why every ONE connected OFFICIALS talk of only BAN on Plastic instead of thinking of cheap RAW material for various applications.
Sir, Sincerely request that this will be usefull : 1. For Qualkity roads instead of pot hole ifected roads throughout contry. with long maintaince free life. (2) For Low Budget Housing blocks made of waste housing.

KIndly consider all applicatios for need of country. more  
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