All’s not OK with Oxford-Astrazeneca-Serum vaccine as claimed

So after Astrazeneca-Oxford said they will do trial again because of deficiences, a volunteer in India who was part of India trial with SERUM said he is having issues ans filed a suit against the company.

Serum institute instead of disclosure attributes pecuniary motives to trial participant making adverse event public. But gives no explanation why it didn't make adverse event public
Company claims illness not related to vaccine though final authority to decide that is drug controller.

Serum Institute is quiet on why it did not make adverse event public. But threatens to seek Rs 100 crore damages for trial participant going public and maligning company.

Threatening a participant with defamation causes even more distrust among public. Besides, how does sending a legal notice amount to defamation? Anyone can send a notice to anyone. Anyone can claim damages from anyone. It is for a court of law to decide if claim holds.

The final report of drug regulator is still pending. And even if the report denies adverse event being linked to vaccine, participant is still within his legal rights to challenge the report and claim damages in a court of law. The whole defamation thing just reeks of a corporate trying to exert its muscle power and intimidate the participant. Already in this pandemic, public trust is at an all time low. The lack of transparency around an adverse event is only going to cause people to avoid taking a vaccine, if and when it becomes available. more  

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All’s not OK with Oxford-Astrazeneca-Serum vaccine as claimed
I saw a set of survey questions on vaccine taking in circle. As you answer them pls review this information too. All is not well with the Oxford-Astrazeneca-Serum vaccine. That Poonawala fellow and Indian media kay be claiming victory too early jeopardizing common people. In a significant development, British-Swedish drug maker AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday admitted a manufacturing error while developing coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine.The acknowledgement by AstraZeneca has raised serious questions over the preliminary results of the company's COVID-19 vaccine as the error made a difference in the trial results. AstraZeneca issued the statement admitting the error days after it described the shots as “highly effective”. It may be recalled that AstaZeneca and Oxford University did not mention why some study participants were not administered as much vaccine in the first of two shots as expected. According to AstraZeneca, the volunteers who were given a lower dose showed much better response than the volunteers who got two full doses. AstraZeneca said that the vaccine appeared to be 90% effective in the low-dose group. AstraZeneca also revealed that the volunteers who got two full doses showed 62% efficacy against coronavirus. AstraZeneca had said that the combined result showed the vaccine is 70% effective. But several experts raised questions over the way which were adopted by AstraZeneca and Oxford Universuty to arrive at these results. On November 23, AstraZeneca and Oxford University had announced that the COVID-19 vaccine being developed jointly by them has shown 70 per cent efficiency. Oxford-AstraZeneca, however, added that the efficacy of vaccine could be around 90 per cent under one dosing regimen.
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It takes 5-10 years to develop a pesticide formulation and 10-15 years for a pharma product. So people should be careful in deciding. more  
A proper vaccine can take even 10 years or more to create properly. I am not expecting anything soon. more  
Let us understand the Truth from Scientist. There are many people on the Earth who used make wrong propaganda of everything in opposition. more  
We do not know whether the SII is wrong or whether the volunteer did commit a fraud. I believe the Institute instructed the volunteer before he took the vaccine. Lets see now what happens but nevertheless the vaccine research must go on. Somewhere, it happens that one or two people do get ill, we have to accept it. more  
After taking serum everybody has to follow covid guide lines as this is first dose to see effect on it, possible patient may not be cautioned untill some period. more  
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