Air purification masks

Companies are selling all kinds of air purifier masks nasal filters and what not. Why are standards for such products not set by Govt of India.

People are selling 20 rupees mask for 300 on amazon and consumers are being made a fool of.

Our Bureau of indian standards - why is it so far behind on what is happening?? more  

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Excerpt from Google:

What is an N95 mask?

With certified filtering efficiency of around 95%
Different masks have different filtering efficiencies approved by different certifying bodies. Some well known and reputed certifying bodies are BIS (Bureau of India Safety), NIOSH (National institute of occupational safety and health) and GB Standards (Guobiao standards). All these bodies test and certify masks as per different filtering efficiencies such as 80%(FFP1), 95%(N95, KN95) etc. Always go for a mask which is approved and certified by these reputed bodies to ensure you get the best product. Also, do not get misguided by manufacturers claiming that the mask is "made of material confirming to N95/KN95 standards" as these bodies certify a complete mask and not just the materials used for construction. You can check the list of N95 certified masks from the below link,

Advisable to question BIS after checking and knowing facts..... more  
Online marketing has become a fashion rather than necessity in present days. Its not that people doing shopping online are not visiting local markets but has to maintain the status among friends & relatives with least concern for the price and quality. more  
From the few responses, there are 3 Solutions ;
*If you have a genuinely functioning BIS with honest staff , depend fully on their diktat .
* With a good Bis Staff , also compare their standards with that of other with the help of people , Like for example a few highly competant members in the Circle.
* Avoid such doubtful products fully , Make your own masks . more  
It goes on to prove that Educated consumers are the biggest fools who fall for E-tail offers. I guess if people were to move around in the market, they would have a much fairer idea of prevailing prices and also one can bargain in retail stores which isn't possible in Online orders. more  
It is NOT the job of BIS to make a standard from scratch.
Somebody like industry associations or activist bodies has to approach the BIS with a full standard. Only then BIS will set up a technical committee to examine this submission. This technical committee will look at similar foreign standards and either recommend or reject it. Then BIS will set up a drafting committee. This committee will essentially reformat this submission. Then a standards approval procedure is followed to turn this draft standard into an approved standard with BIS number etc. Then the standard publishing committee prints, catalogues and sells this new standard.
I would suggest to the activist to gain some knowledge about BIS organisation before indulging in loose talk at a public forum.
BIS is like a library. If somebody expresses a desire to read a particular book, then the library will purchase, catalogue and issue it. There is a procedure, approvals involved. So don't say that why this library does not have a book that I wanted. more  
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