After sales service billing standards

I understand that BIS via localcircles is taking inputs on after sales services standards in India.

These must apply not just to time taken to service a consumer request but also to billing standards.

Many companies are using 3rd party service providers and those guys sell their own products and services to consumers without knowledge of the company.

Service technicians of so called Samsung, LG, eureka forbes, kent ro, ifb are all entreprneurs running their side business of supply goods and services to consumers.

BIS and Consumer ministry needs to intervene. more  

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Customers have to check on all aspects including billing before engaging
the company or contractor, it is our (customer) responsibility to be
careful, instead of blaming company/contractor. Thanks. more  
I do not think BIS has any control over companies, if they are using third party services in providing consumers without knowledge of the company. more  
BIS through its contract with the companies for providing Quality Marks in consonance with the After Sales Service, can ensure that the company does not engage the services of the third party not on their salary as employees. more  
To: Mr.Kaushik Vyas. Please read my comment fully. I said "GST as per law is charged based on the price of the item or cost of Service rendered". Post GST implementation I know it is applicable for services rendered including food delivery from Swiggy or Zomato. Then the L1.L2,L3 formula and withholding 10 or 15 percent is ridiculous. There are customers who scoot on the first available opportunity. After all this is India. Mallya.Nirav Modi and the gang could leave our mighty banks who keeps asking "KYC" still struggling to get their money back. After all a washing machine,TV,or Refrigerator when used once or more becomes household articles which can move to any state in India,which now include Jammu,Kashmir and Ladakh. more  
My suggestion for L1L2L3 was based on group purchase n if decide to do so then inviting offers , where in buyer consumer can list their terms conditions like the govt purchases thru tendering. Not otherwise .

I know the issue here is about after sales service loud and clear. But i did mention in the begining stating clearly suggested what can be done rather then running pillar to post , then fight in consumer court etc,etc,etc.
In the present system consumer has no counter conditon to put forward before buying any service. All those service n sales are with only one sided conditions.
Anyway , upto the individual what to accept n what not.

Thanks more  
Friends, Reading everyone's comments, problems ,we have one solution and that is before buying any items we as consumer group can invite small tenders laydown all terms conditions ,like govt.purchases minimum three tender offers then after evaluating the purchase can be made, withholding around 5-10 of the invoice amount . Also manufacturer has to ensure,supply minimum 3 years consumable spares n render service for min.10 years.
The balance can only be released after satisfactory performance .Then all such sellers n suppliers can be controlled.
Then only we can get rid of all the problems by and large.

The only issue is how to formulate groups for common item purchases or even sorted out items ,the members have to deliberate n decide.

Hope , this suggestion will not go unnoticed or unattended.
All are requested to review it n need not give judgement only like judge.
Thanks. more  
Mr.Kaushik D Vyas, What does GST got to do with after sales service of utility products or automobiles. GST as per law is charged based on the price of the item or cost of Service rendered.Here we are discussing about appalling condition of After-Sales-Service in General. Please ask this question to Ms Nirmala Sitharaman. more  
Any service provided or availed attracts GST, that's why it is there. Okay. more  
Sir, we are paying GST upfront for the services that any one renders ,yes as per the amount of the goods, There is no feedback system whereby consumer can list their feedback at any place , including even govt. Offices who deals with various service the citizen gets.

This has to be introduced n we all have to make a joint pil. more  
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