Adult Diapers Quality Issues by Amod Sathe ji

Adult diapers are very much useful for senior/super senior citizens/differently abled persons and also handy for patients, especially during these Conid-19 times. What about their the actual performance? I am sharing herewith our actual experience and the problems faced with the present quality available (4-5 brands) in the market.
1. There is a large variation in the performance of the individual pieces from the same pack (10 nos.). Few (‘good pieces’) hold for a longer period of 8-10 hours, whereas majority (‘bad pieces’) leak after 3-4 hours only. Thus, the very purpose of using diapers is lost and the patient’s sufferings as well as attending persons’ frequency of attention/work/problems increase many folds.
2. On an average, there are only 3-4 ‘good pieces’ whereas the remaining 6-7 pieces are invariably ‘bad’ (in a pack of 10). It is to be noted here that none of the packs have all the ‘bad pieces’, as it will be too obvious to get noticed and give further scope for complaint.
3. Probably the medical staff attending such patients will have hardly any time left for such complaints even though they may notice the same. Common users who are already burdened with so many daily problems (and many more with the advent of Covid-19) are unable to take that extra effort required for complaint and its follow up. So, the practice goes unabated.
4. The available (reputed/others) market brands consistently show the same level of inconsistency as far as this problem is concerned.
According to my observations, few of the possible reasons for this (additionally, there may be others too) are as follows:
1. Assuming no foul play anywhere from origin to the final stage, this may be attributed to the inconsistent quality of diapers which (intentionally/unintentionally) escapes the attention of their quality control cell.
2. The fact that there are invariably few ‘good pieces’ deliberately clubbed with majority of ‘bad pieces’ to avoid any room for complaint, this may be taking place anywhere from the manufacturer to distributor/importer to supplier to retailor with a repacker coming in between if the bulk pieces are packed by somebody other than the manufacturer and so on.
We all are concerned for a better quality of life for the elderly/patients/others. Hope this post goes a way forward in this direction, if all those concerned are determined to solve this problem. more  

The quality needs proper examination and if necessary improvement. more  
We are basically very poor in observing and maintaining quality. That is why we can not Compete in International Market. Even in Domestic Market if Imported better product is available, we will go and buy it .
This should be the main criteria in Skill Development Projects. more  
There is no excuse for the manufacturer to give bad quality. They are fooling the public and need to be punished. more  
I do not agree with some of the observations. In the first o=place there several brands in the market and not just 3 to 4. Secondly, the quality is consistently good or bad. While it is true that some brands do not measure up in quality there are several available in good quality

I have been using pant type diapers for over 15 months and had to overcome the leakage issue by changing over from the normal fastening type were one makes mistake in fastening My suggestion is that go for the recommended brands in Amazon. Try pant type diapers. more  
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