Addressing Piracy in India: Inputs Sought

LocalCircles had taken up the cause of piracy in India in 2017 and many of you participated in the polls and discussions. You would be pleased to hear that the Government via its ecommerce policy is now trying to address this issue.

Even now, it is quite common to find pirated software, movies, videos, music, etc on our computers and phone. Piracy has become so common place that most citizens don't even think that there is anything wrong in using them. In many cases, the cost of the original products and services are also very steep making them unaffordable for the masses. Below are the key root causes as identified by you in regards to piracy in India. Kindly review them and help identify specific solutions to address them. We will ensure that the Government takes our collective inputs into account in its final policy.

We look forward to your inputs!

Piracy in India – Root Causes

1.Black marketers make good money through piracy
2.People are happy to purchase pirated movies/software etc. as it as it saves them money
3.Lack of strict rules against piracy
4.No major steps have been taken to reduce piracy
5.Pirated content is easily available on the internet
6.The price gap between the original and pirated is very high
7.The original content is priced too high above the affordability price point of average consumer
8.Citizens are not aware of the "Intellectual Property Right" (IPR) laws already placed within our legal system
9.Many users don’t even realize that they are using pirated software
10.Lack of education and poverty is another root cause of piracy
11.Open source software are as good as paid ones, if not better. more  

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Piracy of music, videos, films, popular brands have been a major concern. The MNCs loose huge revenues in developing countries because of piracy. Contraband and dumped goods from foreign countries are also sold in other countries as pirated items causing tremendous concern to the manufactures of those goods. Patents, trademarks, licences, joint ventures, also lead to piracy and leakage of technology and their their cheap counterfeits. The law makers, commerce ministry and the all the ministries whose goods and services are being pirated need to wake up and be strict against copycat products. Me-too products lead to dilution of technology, cost push of original products and delay in technology transfer. Piracy is mostly a concenr in developing countries. The hugely expensive R&D led products find their way into the developing countries by the MNCs, and in no time they get copied by means of reverse engineering. A product is broken open and then its constituents are studied and assembled something called as screw driver technology. The OEMs loose lots of money in the process. If piracy can be checked, the prices of many importnat goods and services can be scaled down. more  
Basic question is why seeing a movie with family has become a costly affair for average family?The reason is exhorbitent rates and over and above the charges of eatables in theatre are also exhorbitantly high.
In the name of security they have imposed lot of conditions,like you can't carry water or any eatables.Also you are not allowed to go out and buy from stalls outside the theatre. more  
The cause behind high prices of Original soft ware/Video films etc. needs to be gone into High Import duties, if the cause, can be tackled by reducing them. Reduction in the cost difference between the two should be the aim, to minimize the menace. more  
My maid tells me her husband gets these videos from the mobile shops regularly. more  
Business Houses indulging in many types of malpractices just for undue profiteering SINCE LAW AND ORDER TOTALLY FAILED RESULTING IN FAILURE OF JUSTICE TOO.

Only a Marshall type Rule is the remedy for all malpractices. more  
The Clause 2 to 6 are in lapse while Sub-clause a to g of Clause 1 ruling without application of reasonable restrictions. National and Social Interest thus became questionable since DECADES. This lapse resulting in multiple number of Cases and overload to Courts WHILE HIGHER % IS EVER SUFFERED IN THE COUNTRY.
Individual Rights and Liberties shall not ruin or take away the same of general public challenging the Constitution and its Rule.

This is like the FATE OF INDECENT PRESENTATION OF WOMEN [Prohibition] Act 1986 while the whole Movie and TV field , Business Sector of Clubs and Pubs daringly carrying SINCE re-presentation of Indecent Presentation is not banned/Prohibited. I.Q. is thus became anti National . more  
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