Addressing Child Labour - Inputs Sought

Approximately 4M children in India under the age of 14 work as child labour. They are employed in the agriculture, beedi ciggerate, gem cutting, clothing, explosives, construction and many other industries. Also, they are employed in the services industry like restaurants, tea shops etc.

There is a pending bill which if passed by parliament, the changes will outlaw child labour below 14 in all sectors and also double jail time for employing children to a maximum of two years and increase the fine up to 50,000 rupees ($745) from 20,000 rupees ($300) currently.

With this post, we would like to seek your inputs on how citizens and community can
play an active role in addressing and reporting the issue of child labour. Also, what role can police and NGOs play to implement the laws and reduce child labour.

We look forward to your inputs!
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@ A Sarongi: Government contractors are using child labor, try reporting that the whole ruling party will be after you with police help. Unless we free the police from political interference, like the judiciary, there is little hope! more  
It is true that Child labor start with poor family having more children. But the usefulness of this is enjoyed by the Rich and well to do middle class for their own benefit. House hold and small Tea & Restaurants, shop & petty stalls, do employ child labor as it is readily available and authority concerned in our State level administrative or Industrial Labor depot. ignore this under some pretext, as it is heard that some of them in power derive benefit out of this in such areas inclining in few small industrial setup. How to stop is in hands of Society and not alone in the poor class , by giving due remuneration of labor of their parents to take care of their small children. more  
i am surprised surprised so will you with my silly thought that everyone everyone is talking about eradicating child labor bring in new tough laws etc...etc..but nobody is working towards its root causes that what actually iscompelling these children to opt for this option, unless something is seriously not done to educate & uplift parents/guardians economically, the situation will remain where it is today. How many children are actually orphans who are into it, how many are actually pushed into it and how many are into it willingly. Something is to be done, serious correcrion is actually needed at the root cause once this starts happening then crack down on employers who are into this (whether) directly or indirectly, cause simply rescuing & handing over them to their homes will not solve the purpose they could again be indulged into same practice willfully or by other influential factors. more  
I think we should use technology to help administration and our police forces to help them in tackling this menace. I feel there should be an app that can be used by citizens to file a complain against an employer - where one can provide vital info to the concerned authorities. This will help administration especially in cases where child labour is used in dhabas. Active citizens can help eliminate a lot of social issues including child marriage, where all we have to do is provide info to the regional administration through an app. more  
My apologies for saying that our "research scholar" needs to brush up his English also, so that what he wants to say is comprehensible to others. As regards child labour, it is a result of poverty. The norm has been till now that more the children more the hands which can earn for the family. Hence the rise in population, and the vicious circle of poverty, population, more poverty, more population. Police need have no role in this, because in any case they use this issue as a means to exploit the shopkeepers and small hotels, rather than take any positive action. Society has to speak out, do something for the working children so that the family of the working child is compensated for the loss of his income. Bonded child labour is another thing, a criminal activity, and has to be dealt with by police, and police need no suggestions. more  
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