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Dear Friends, India is drowning in Black money and corruption. We need to save INDIA and our next generation. We have the resources and we have the potential. Human resources are the best in the world, weather is optimal, rich in natural resources, naturally beautiful- truly GOD’S OWN COUNTRY- All our wealth is now dumped as dead investments in GOLD, REAL ESTATE, HUGE HOUSES and in foreign banks. The total worth of gold in India is estimated at 75 lakh crores of Indian Rupees (1250000 million dollars). In spite of not being a gold producing country, one fifth of the world’s total gold possession is in India. Mostly it is the black money that goes into investments in gold, land and huge houses. India is rich but Indians are not rich is the situation that we face. 2% is holding 80% of our wealth, all because of corruption; corruption stems from money- mindedness instilled into our psyche by the lack of social security. We forget the fact that wealth accumulated by any individual will not last for more than two generations. The huge wealth in India is unavailable for providing social security and human development. Apparent lack of resources is the result of all these and lack of resources is the reason for ignoring social security, human development and social health for all. Healthy individuals in a society anywhere is a manifestation of social security and human development. We ignore social health- ( we do not provide balanced diet for all, there is no proper waste management , no safe drinking water for all, we do not promote good lifestyle habits in everyone and do not provide facilities for doing exercise like play grounds, parks,foot paths and cycle paths for all etc); but we concentrate on building hospitals and medical colleges. Because of the absence of these basic facilities only diseases are multiplying disproportionate to population growth. Counterfeit notes printed in other countries circulate freely only because we allow cash transaction more often rather than insisting on the use of transparent methods like debit cards. Counterfeit notes cannot be circulated if we stop liquid currency transactions. Similarly if large transactions in liquid currency are banned, all corruption within the country will stop at once. This is because no one will accept bribe as cheque or draft or through bank- With ban on cash transactions counterfeit notes and Hawala dealers will disappear, Black money will disappear, people will stop making huge houses using black money, they will stop investing in gold and real estate. Naturally we will get enough resources for providing basic amenities like safe drinking water& balanced diet for all and for proper waste management which will reduce the disease burden; then we can focus on human development and to provide social security. With cashless society no one will dare to be corrupt and no one would accumulate black money in any form. The most important practical solution to stop corruption in India now lies in making our country a cashless society at the earliest with determination - as had already happened in developed countries. We need to set ceiling on gold possession, ceiling on possession of unused land, size of house etc and ceiling on cash possession with individuals and large cash transactions more than a certain amount by individuals should be punishable. Institutions and business houses should be insisted on to accept debit cards and those not accepting debit card and accepting cash only should be punished. Whatever they collect in cash should be deposited only in banks the very next day at least. Those who love India should join to save our nation from corruption.

Created by
Dr. PK Sasidharan

To be delivered to:
Planning commission, Next PM, Finance Minister, IncomTax Dept, Reserve Bank

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Curbing corruption and control over black money are deep routed in to our society . No body specially in India is spare from it. If you analyse it , you will ask certain questions to himself and our system:
1. Tax structure in our country whether it motivates or discourage creation of black money
2. How much government helpful to provide social securities in term of free medical to needy
3. How our system support to unemployment in youth
4.How our system support the tax payer who lost job subsequently and has no income. This is serious problem in era of globalization and legalization .
5.How much money needed to educate our children
6. What is the end use of tax payer money
7.Whether there is effective use of money planned to social scheme allocated in budget.
8.whether all transactions are covered under legitimate banking channels.
9.whether existence of transparency in all the transactions.

After analysis of our answers we should plan our policies according to curb corruption and black money. more  
Curbing black money will be a solution to many problems. But it will not be that easy but a strong willpower and dedication from leaders at top can certainly ensure this !! Modi sir can !! more  
HOW COME NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT A POSSIBLE THORIUM MEGA SCAM, PROBABLY THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER IN HUMAN HISTORY? Thorium holds the key to our nuclear program being freed from the dependance on uranium imports to power our nuclear plants & allowing us to develop limitless amounts of fuel since it could be extracted from sand on beaches. But according to a report in the According to a report in Statesman, the govt has failed to control the export of monazite, the raw material from which thorium can be extracted & has allowed 2.1 million tonnes of it to be extracted. The report estimates that if the thorium extracted from monazite is estimated at $100 per tonne, then the loss to the exchequer is about Rs 48 lakh crore, in addition to the incalculable loss to the Indian nuclear fuel program. Monazite exists in sand on the beaches of Kerala, Orissa & Tamil Nadu & it yields about 8-10 % thorium. Thorium is converted into an isotope of uranium, which is used to feed nuclear reactors. But, unlike uranium, it can be used multiple times to generate electricity, creating a seemingly endless cycle of fuel availability. The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre has developed a research nuclear reactor powered by thorium at Kalpakkam & work has also begun on a 500 MW fast breeder reactor there. According to another report in the Statesman, the US & Japan r actively looking to increase their production of thorium & thorium-based reactors, due to which India needs to safeguard its mineral resources by banning the export of minerals from which thorium can be extracted. THIS IS A MUST TO ENSURE A BRIGHT FUTURE FOR OUR INDIAN NUCLEAR PROGRAM UNTIL OTHER BETTER, MORE MODERN & SUSTAINABLE SOURCES OF GREEN & RENEWABLE ENERGY R DEVELOPED & PUT IN PLACE. more  
INDIA 2014 - MAIN PROBLEMS: OUR MEGA TERRORIST, ULTRA ANARCHIST, SUPER CORRUPT, CRIMINAL, USELESS, ANTI-INDIA, ANTI-INDIAN, ANTI-HINDU, ANTI-MUSLIM, ANTI-SIKH, ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-JAIN, ANT!-BUDDHIST, ANTI-JEW & ANTI-PARSI JOKEPALERS & THEIR ALLIES 1947-2014 CORRUPTED INDIA TO THE CORE TO DESTROY IT & CREATED THE WORLD'S MOST COMPLEX PROBLEMS INCL POVERTY - 30-77% BPL NOW - & ONE OF THEM BECAME THUS THE 4TH RICHEST! They r responsible for all Human Rights crimes, nepotism, 100% criminalized & paralyzed politics, mafia-sabotaged economy, crony capitalism, inept bureaucracy, mega unemployment, illiteracy, very poor standards of life, education, healthcare & extremely poor infrastructure. The FDI, meant only for round tripping, laundering & reinvesting their loot, is the biggest heist in history. Most cities, towns & villages lack enough electricity, clean water, roads, IT & other essential services even now! They created history's biggest brain & resource drain, exodus, sky-high inflation, genocides, very poor defence, terrorism, bad plannings, lack of opportunities for a decent life, communalism & extremism. THEY MANIPULATED THE CASTE SYSTEM & MADE IT INHUMAN, UNHINDU & ANTI-HINDU TO DESTROY HINDUS & INDIA.They created all environmental issues incl polluted air, water & adulterated food causing cancer, asthma, NDM-1 etc & syndicates terrorizing citizens. They made sure that there is no child/seniorcare worth the name, almost 0 achievement in sports & games. They neglected our culture, values, national unity, integration, agriculture, industry, R&D & IT. VIA WORLD RECORDS IN SCAMS, THEY REDUCED THE RICHEST NATION INTO A VERY POOR ONE, AN OLIGARCHIC KLEPTOCRACY, LUNATIC ASYLUM & WASTELAND. CRIME & OPPRESSION R THE ONLY THINGS THEY R GOOD AT, BORN & LIVE FOR. USING A JOKEPAL & OTHER REGRESSIVE LAWS AS SHIELD, THEY'VE BEEN TRYING TO DESTROY OUR ECONOMY & NATION FURTHER. ONLY THE BIGGEST THUGS MAY BECOME THE BIGGEST LEADERS, AS A CLEAR PREMIUM HAS BEEN PLACED ON ALL NEGATIVE ASPECTS OF HUMAN CHARACTER! THEY R THUS EXTREME THREATS TO THE PERSONAL SAFETY, SECURITY, WELFARE & EXISTENCE OF ALL INDIANS & OUR REAL ENEMY NO 1.THEY R DOING NOTHING THAT POLITICIANS MUST & EVERYTHING THEY SHOULDN'T! DYNASTIES R OUR BIGGEST BANES. India is a victim of their conspiracy to keep it permanently problem-riddled, exploited & poor. ALL OUR SYSTEMS R NOW CORRUPTED & DESTROYED, BY BREAKING ALL NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL LAWS, RULES & REGULATIONS MAINLY BY CON & CO. THEY'VE MADE CORRUPTION THE ONLY PROFITABLE & PRACTICABLE WAY OF LIFE! Total lawlessness & anarchy prevail, tarnishing our image, repelling investors & resulting in almost 0 production. Our national interests r being sacrificed & vital natural resources plundered. Nothing in India works now as it ought to. THIS MOST MISMANAGED DEMOCRACY is thus facing dire multiple dangers of all kinds. No nation can survive the ongoing sure & steady decline. Hence, Modiji ought to work out new holistic solutions asap. more  
A BRAND NEW VISION & STRATEGY TO MAKE OUR INDIA THE RICHEST, MOST POWERFUL & BEST WELFARE NATION: INDIA NEEDS NOW AN IMMEDIATE LEADERSHIP, SYSTEM & PARADIGM CHANGES BY AN ALLIANCE OF THE GOOD AGAINST EVIL. It must result in a 100% democratic, credible, dynamic, proactive & interactive ruling group. We need a thorough metamorhosis & complete makeover to bid goodbye to the murky JOKEPAL past & present & welcome a glorious future. Only an entirely new breed of good, honest, enlightened, modern & progressive politicians, totally committed to the nation & its citizens & equipped with an adequate agenda, can give our Grand Indian Dreams an entirely different & good direction, dimension, quality, content & impetus & also lead us firmly into the 21st century. All good Indians must now enter politics & unseat the criminal ones in it today. A national & international talent hunt is needed here. The new leaders must change the present primitive, anachronistic, completely hollow & hero-based JOKEPAL politics to a serious, modern, ideology, objective, value, principle & agenda-based one. A clear premium must be placed on all real merits, honesty, integrity & patriotism to engineer a reverse brain & resource drain & signal a necessary moral rearmament, complete & thorough leadership, system & paradigm changes.The present manipulated,100% unHindu & anti-Hindu caste system created by our JOKEPAL politicians 1947-2014, must be abolished forthwith. A holistic & scientific national agenda for progress & welfare based on the superb Swedish model ought to be made our sole guiding star. INDIA FIRST ALWAYS, WELFARE TO ALL & PRIVILEGES TO NONE, FROM ALL ACCORDING TO ABILITY & TO ALL ACCORDING TO NECESSITY MUST BECOME OUR NEW NATIONAL MOTTOS. By rewriting the outdated Indian Constitution,100% accountability & transparency must be ensured & power decentralized & shared. All our corrupted & destroyed systems, incl the 4 pillars of our democracy, must be saved & put in foolproof working condition. All dynasties ought to be exterminated & all other main problems identified & solved. We need a new foreign policy, join NATO - our natural allies - procure new, good & powerful friends & a permanent seat in UNSC. We must engineer a polarization between the good & evil & annihilate the latter. It must undo all the harm done to India & Indians by our totally corrupt, criminal, completely useless, anti-Indian & anti-India politicians 1947-2014. FOR THAT VITAL MISSION, IT MUST CAPTURE FULL POWER AT THE CENTRE & IN THE STATES ASAP. IT MUST START BY JAILING ALL THE CORRUPT & RETRIEVING THE TRILLIONS THEY'VE LOOTED & STASHED AWAY AT HOME & ABROAD. IT MUST BE INVESTED INSTANTLY IN POVERTY & ILLITERACY ELIMINATION, EMPLOYMENT, WELFARE, INFRASTRUCTURE INCL IT IN GENERAL & ELECTRICITY, CLEAN WATER & OTHER ESSENTIAL SERVICES TO ALL IN PARTICULAR & PUT INDIA ON TRACK. LET'S THUS GIVE EACH & EVERY INDIAN A BRAND NEW FAIR DEAL & LIFE! AFTER THAT V MUST SAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD, TOO! more  
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