Unless we drop so called secular leaders, nothing is going to improve. We must elect educated, honest, dedicated nationalist CMs, then only things in state will improve. Sincerity percolates from the top then things improve.
Thailand's economy is dependent on tourism. They have developed their heritage of Ramayana, Mahabharat Budha, but our so called secular leaders are anti national and they are not going to do so for pleasing their vote bank. more  

I admire the explanations of all the 3 on the topic secularims . Secularism is Tolerenc to one another Religeons ; I ndia is aunique country where so many religeous people live harmoneouly mingling with each other memeber of the community. All that we need today is to have a uniform law for all. There should not be any special consideration for any body from any sect . Remember we are Indians first. That is what Abdul Kalam sir said . He was working for the upliftment of the entirs Indian society. He has put us on top of the world and mostly above our envious neigbour. Who will do it. But don't forget one thing every religeon has extremists who target the innocent as they don't have the guts to target the army. That is called extremism. We had Mother Theresa who dedicated her her life to the poor and made many to know what is poverty across religeons . And who can ever forget Mahthma Gandhi who spent his life fighting against APART- HEID right aagainst the whites of the South Africa and India . The Independance struggle should touch every Indian . We were devide castewise,language wise,religeon wise , socioeconomic status wise and many were slaves to the zamindari and hereditory ruling system ; But we wer united as one nation . You see so amny small nations in the Europe on Lingual bassis. SO REAL SECULARISM IS TOLERENCE TO OTHER RELIGEONS, LINGUAL SECTIONS, CASTE GROUPS AND OTHER. SO LET US STAY UNITED AS INDIANS . TAKE LEAF FROM HISTORY TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED AROUND 10th CENTURY ; WE WILL BE SWEPT OFF AGAIN AS A BIG INDIA WAS INVADED BY THE PEOPLE FROM OUTSIDE AROUND THE 10TH CENTURY . STAY UNITED . more  
I do not Find any SECULARISM but only Confusions among the People Only because of Ethnic & Tribes Cause. First RAM-ISM then KRISHA-ISM then BUDHA-ISM then ISLAM-ISM then CHRIST-ISM then ISLAM-ISM then again HINDU-ISM since 1989 by "RAM LALLA JI KA TEMPLE" & "BABARI MASJID".......What is SECULARISM in our COUNTRY ...We should not use this word when we Dominate our Country as HINDU COUNTRY.First We have to Clear the Face of HINDU in our own Country and of other Religions also.....Why CAST ISM is BAD FACTOR in our COUNTRY. Why it is Successful in other religions and countries as a Profession of Leading Business Sectors with Modern Technology and Machinery. Our Business are Not Honest with People Our Government is not faithful with our People our Security is not Faithful with our People Educationist are not Faithful Our Defense is not Faithful to the People.....All systems are a MAFIA of some People. Our People are not Faithful to INDIA & its all Functioning then who is Defaulter.Who wish to Correct the Systems and by which method What Computers are Doing in INDIA since 1990. CASTE SYSTEM is also not Faithful Idea for the people what is Next? more  
Agree.Secularism is like a sophisticated term for atheism..lame excuse so that certain vested parties can run the country as per their whims and fancies more  
Many are only taking shelter of " SECULARISM " in deed they are carrying their Religion and even allowing undue Religious Expansion . They are still hanging on Caste basis for all Government Jobs , Facilities , Concessions and even Grants etc., setting off the issue of Equality and Equal application of law . They had a decade back started their second weapon instigating the Gender differences in life . All this can be controlled on if the Supreme Court legally enforce 1. The Uniform Civil Code 2. Economy Creamy Layer to address only the poorest of the poor for facilities on poverty 3. Regulate code of conduct and candidature to contestants of Elections & also the legislators in the house categorising Bills of specific importance besides the procedure and practice of the day more  
Your views are good but do you think our Election Commission will do this ,that is, not allowing any person to contest election with any spotted background .At present almost all the leaders are busy in collecting the wealth and spreading their own ideology. more  
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