CASTE is a bigger evil than RELIGION. Congress first CM Pandit G B Pant onward most CM were Brahmins and only 2 Banias 1 JAT 2 Singh 3yadav 2 SC/OBC - 15. MULAYAM and MAYAVATI are 2 most powerful leaders and over a period Congress is reduced to total oblivion. All have been reduced to dust in 2014 LS polls by BJP. BJP has never ruled the STATE with a majority rule for full term. MSY has smartly done YADAVISATION OF UP and to change it will not be easy for a long time. UP has never been governed well and almost all politicians are corrupt and good number of Bureaucrats are also corrupt. So CORRUPTION/CRIME/ LAND GRABBING/ KIDNAPPING/ KATTA PRODUCTION/ TERRORISM/ HINDU MUSLIM COMMUNAL RIOTS / GOLD CHAIN SNATCHING/ RAPE/ LOOT/MURDER are all special professionally organised trades. Still the most populous state about 20 percent of INDIA goes on with ONE HIGH COURT WITH A BENCH IN LUCKNOW. BHU/ALLAHABAD/ LUCKNOW/ ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY are very old educational institutions. TAJ MAHAL/ mathura vrindavan/ kashi viswanath ARE FAMOUS RELIGIOUS PLACES. RIVER GANGES FLOW MAXIMUM IN UP. STATE HAS LOST GLORY AND IS FAR BEHIND AND NOT LIKELY TO BE A PART OF DEVELOPED INDIA FOR LONG. INDEED SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS WITH NO REAL POLITICAL LEADERSHIP LEFT. IT IS ONLY ABOVE BIHAR A GONE CASE. UNFORTUNATELY THESE 2 STATES SERIOUSLY INFLUENCE GOVERNANCE OF INDIA. more  

If I am ignorant of any subject matter or unable to handle, that doesn't mean it's evil or unpleasant. Hardly one knows the spirit behind these systems. But yes without knowing the fact and addressing the root we jump in on any issue and tend to ridicule. This is not the characteristic of a Human (with reasoning capacity).
It's a fact that we can never be classless either in terms of cast, status (material possessions like wealth, education etc.) etc.... But yes we should learn the spirit behind it and that is not to get exploited or to exploit.Some times we also quote scriptures but do do we really understand the inherited spirit behind any subject matter.
Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita - (4.13) catur-varnyam maya srstam
guna-karma-vibhagasah | - According to the three modes of material nature and the work ascribed to them, the four divisions of human society were created by Me.
Do we follow the above criteria to be named in specific category. I don't think but yes we follow it only on the basis of birth, if I m born in brahmin familiy I m brahmin irrespective of the brahminical quality,, which is going on in today's society and we are accusing the system. These systems were designed to facilitate the society and motive was to co-operate, not to exploit. But later people with vested interest adulterated entire system. more  
1. Casts were never the ills in the Indian Society if Indian History prior to Muslim & Christian Country' s Rulers entered , invaded , killed the Indian Rulers , took charge , maintained acute paucity in the Indian People all over , created inevitable need of Religion Mix for food which in deed was in Human also in addition to A SIN .
2. Even after independence , just within the one and half years ONCE AGAIN EVEN IN THE INDEPENDENT INDIA , this Religious Mix by a new name Religious conversion was planted .
Further , this issue of Religious conversion had to be shouldered compulsorily on the conditions of Britishians set in the very Constitution like the compulsory condition on SRI NETHAJI SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE . These are the evidential facts .
3. The First national party that started rule under such conditions was the Congress Party of India which further poisoned the whole Indian Society adding some of the additional Casts of their supportive personalities for addressing under the Scheduled Casts .
4. The trustworthy and public administrative ethics and Social & Civic practices strongly and in detailed staged by the then learned Advocate Sri Nani Phalkiwala clarifying wisely that the " Socially and Economically Backward Classes " do not mean Backweard Castes and that the Castes System creates public unrest and even leads to rivalry in the long-run ALSO WAS PURPOSEFULLY MISCARRIED BY THE THEN CONGRESS PARTY LEADERSHIP ABSOLUTELY FOR THEIR POLITICAL BACKING POWERS .
5. This shall be set right through necessary requisite Reforms .
6. The Constitutional article 44 was specified for implementation of UNIFORM CIVIL CODE only due to the inevitable compulsory issues stated in above point 1 and in relation to article 23 to 29 so set .
This article 44 is not an added article and is adopted along-with those 23 to 29 .

7. Conclusively , the caste supported Congress Rulers did not care to some Supreme Court Directions where clearly emphasized that the issue of Castes under the constitution shall only be under the articles provided for the Scheduled Casts .
Truly , none can abolish or remove or reduce the Professionalism as long as the Universe exists SINCE THE HUMAN-BEING LIFELONG DO REQUIRE THESE PROFESSIONS .

We had been asking the governments in various Posts in these to remove the naming of Casts in the government forms & applications clearly advising to place the present Caste based economic provisions on Economically Backward base categorizing under economy slabs.

The Government has to eliminate the names of Castes in all forms and applications even now and this itself remove all the continued creations of public unrest and further creating rivalry as already directed by the Law & Justice . more  
Cast ism is bigger evil more than religion i fully agree .I have stayed in Allahabad and other places in North India when I was Kid and still remember how lower cast people are treated by upper cast and to when I am senior citizen I still read in newspaper the antics of cast,in some place people are thrashed because the shadow of lower cast fell on the upper cast .
I also observe how lower cast treat upper cast when they opportunity- its either rape or murder and its going on. THE ROOT CAUSE IS POOR EDUCATION STANDARD- ,USELESS TEACHERS AND PRINCIPLE who have taken teaching profession in the form of job i.e monthly salary they go to school and collage as if going to factory or office to execute 8 hour job .MASS REFORM SHOULD HAVE BEEN RIGHT FROM DAY ONE FROM 15 August 1947 SHARP AT MIDNIGHT SAYING ALL JUST MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. the upper cast behave themselves and stay with their lot,the lower cast behave themselves and stay with their lot and when it comes to interaction between upper and lower both treat each other as gentleman of highest order ,none interfere in others matter. any sign of misbehaving which has a color of cast ism be it uppe cast or lower cast each to get imprisonment of one year and name in police record debarring him/her of job or subsidy . Every Indian should behave with other Indian in most gentleman manner no pranks,no comment,no taunting,no misbehaving ,no chua chut .evry human to treat other human as equal .Our Holy BOOK GITA TELLS EVERY HUMAN SOUL IS INDIVIDUAL IT PLAYS IT WON ROLE ON EARTH AND DIES TO AGAIN TAKE BIRTH ,NEXT BIRTH MAYBE IN LOWER CAST OR UPPER CAST BUT TO BORN AS HUMAN ON EARTH IS GODS BEST GIFT TO PLANET EARTH. more  
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