There is minimum requirement for getting any job, but surprisingly no requirement/qualification required for MP/MLA/Ministers who are suppose to rule us and make laws for us.
Ticket should not be given by any party to persons who are having criminal case pending. MP/MLA must be removed against whom criminal case is pending.
It should be mandatory for them to visit there constituency every month for creating speed in development. They should be punished in case there is no improvement and provision of reward may be there for those who do good jobs in there constituency.
Severe punishment must be given if corruption noticed at top level. Corruption is steel there at lower level as it has come into blood. It can be stopped by randomly raiding the house of Govt . officers/staff and subsequent punishment. Responsible officers should be punished more than commoner/ staff.
Most important is that we must not vote for corrupt parties who all are now in opposition. Nothing will improve unless we are honest in voting. Why we expect every good thing from Modigi. Every action in democracy is linked with vote. Thus democracy is curse for common man. We must wait for complete overhaul in next term. Let us see that our nation is made strong and progressive. All antinational so called secular opposition parties are to be finished first, but shockingly Bihari likes jangle Raj.
We must be true secular, do not give money to a particular community for going on pilgrimage.

Most important is, we must educate villagers whom to vote at the time of election. more  

I have seen from the very child hood criminals are criminals only. They make their cases false by using muscle power/money. It is very rarely rare that some false case is there against a politician. Let him suffer in the interest of the nation. It is bigger crime, against the democracy that even after 68 years we could not stop interring criminals in our parliament. It is excuse for inducting about 150 criminals in parliament every year and after that they are not being punished. They manage by pressurising Govt./judiciary police extra. more  
IT IS REALLY SUCH THAT THE COMMON MAN GET MAD of the System . This is why , as Sri Dr. Ambedkar specially and particularly staged in the Indian Parliament that whenever the Political Democracy neglects the Directives to address , People will exercise their Vote on the type of Governance lead to them HAD BECAME ABSOLUTELY TRUE THROUGH THE 2014 GENERAL ELECTIONS TO THE INDIAN PARLIAMENT . This is the issue to be derived on this democratic concept staged by Sri Dr. Ambedkar even now , THROUGH THE REQUISITE ADDRESS UNDER THE ARTICLES 44 , 45 , 46 , 47 , AND , 48 with regard to the Comments , Suggestions and Directions of Various Senior Judges of Supreme Court of India in the 2 decades of 1980 to 2000 . more  
How to undo the damage caused if the pending criminal cases turn out to be false and fabricated to keep the victims out of contest? more  
Election are won in India not on education but on manpower, muscle power & caste. We have seen corrupt politicians get elected repeatedly. Young man not even passed 9th std has become the Dy CM of a large state just because of his caste. Candidates are chosen on the basis of their winability & not on the basis of how clean they are or how educated. more  
Education is not the matter of best public administration . Commitment to Social development at Civic realisation itself is the added qualification to their leadership qualities to inspire and pave the right . Rajya Sabha and Legislative Councils were only innovated for the requisite Educational and Technical knowledge guidance . more  
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