Even today I have seen people transacting with Rs 500 notes. Some medical shops, vendors of all kinds are accepting old denomination notes as they feel confident that they can encash it or get credited to some accounts. Depositng into accounts should have been allowed for only a week or ten days. The ceiling of Rs 2.50 lakhs withoutbeing questioned is also on the high side. Unfortunately honesty is a rare commodity these days and people are more innovative than the PM to circumvent all the rules. Even today honest citizens suffer and they do not get cash for day to day transactions. Those who have not exchanged and who have nothing to credit to their accounts the demonetised notes should have been given some priority for withdrawal. Two times i withdrew from ATM and I got two pieces of Rs 2000 which iam carrying without getting any change for the last 15 days. Though iam for demonetisation and measures against corruption and black money I strongly feel that introduction of Rs 2000 has only added insult to injury to ordinary people who are honest and who are with this Government. It again helps black money holders to hoard Rs 2000. They should immeditaely stop issue of Rs 2000 and introduce Rs 500 and below notes including coins so that people have no grievances and would wholehearetdly support the Government. more  

Narayana namaskaram. Our people are great always. They have devised every possible Way to keep money and transacting it at all economic conditions. But for such talent our society would not have survived and thrived all these milliona. more  
Government's purpose is to stop black money and corruption and bring black money into banks. Some people are thinking it is to make everyone poor in the country. Government 's step of giving one more chance to the people is an intelligent move more  
Very true the introduction of Rs 2000/= notes has added more injuries to the already wounded Indians after demonetisation. They should have first introduced new Rs 500/= notes with plenty of Rs 100/= notes in the stream. This would have not given any chance to complain. Now even if the concept is good the execution is far from desired. Continuously making amendments in the announcement dated 08.11.2016 has made the mockery of the Government. No aftereffects were thought & in a haste the demonetisation step was taken. It is really pity that even after taking a bold step the Government is on the back foot & have to face the criticism of the opposition Parties. more  
India is a peculiar country where all rules can be diverted ad misused. The PM has given a chance to all BPL people to make hay while the sun shines. So from Day the crowd is to en cash and get commission for those black marketers and Netas whoce money has been converted. more  
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