*Great Narender Modi*

There are people who often tell me that Modi lost Delhi and Bihar. They tell me that BJP will lose UP as well, and then the Modi wave will come to an end.

They often think that a loss of Modi in elections would frustrate me.

Listen guys, I do not care for win or loss in elections. I have stood behind a man unconditionally who has put interests of the country way above winning elections. In India, all you need to win an election is to let the status-quo remain.

Announce freebies, make
ultra-populist policies, let the bureaucracy & public servants
act as per whims and fancies -
a victory more or less is guaranteed.

Narendra Modi has taken all the middlemen strongly by ending the subsidy leakage of ₹50,000 crore annually on gas, petrol and social benefit scheme.

He has taken decisions which
have completely disrupted & ended the agonising status-quo. He has taken executive decisions right from the beginning be it increase in fare of Railways, public transport and imposed cess.

His decisiveness on long pending matters like the liability of Planning Commission, the digitalisation of transactions, ORPO. Banking
for the underprevileged, Demonitisation, Open debate on Triple talaaq, Article 370 etc etc etc.

He has increased service tax, as country was reeling under crisis for 10 years. He has targeted 18 lakh tax defaulters who account for about 7 lakh crore of unaccounted money. The list is endless....

I do not care if he loses an election. I have stood behind him because of principles of putting country above everything - not to taste victory.

I have believed in

"न त्वहं कामये राज्यम् न मोक्षम् न पुनर्भवम् ।
कामये दुःखतप्तानाम् प्राणिनामार्ति नाशनम् ।।

(I have no desire for power,
nor do I seek salvation or rebirth. My only desire is to work for the welfare of my people and ending their miseries).

And this is what PM Modi has stood for, character and calibre.

If he had to enjoy power and win election after election, he would have not taken any of the tough measures, which seem anti-people in short run. He has stood for the country, and if he loses, he will
go down as the bravest man
who challenged the existing
status-quo by fighting corruption, evil, poverty, nexus of terrorism, and people with vested interests.

He has challenged the 70 years of hollow system plagued by every kind of evil.

He has shaken the system in 2 plus years like never before. He has fearlessly taken the devils by their horns. Anyone who doesn't care about his life, his victory and his power has the guts to do all these - and Modi has done that : for us, for the poor people, for the honest citizens, for the common men, for the law-abiding citizens....for the country.

A win or loss is neither going to shake my faith in him, nor make me apologetic. It takes immense strength to stand by the principles at the highest level of power, and not get distracted or ruined by it.

I will happily and proudly stand by the side of truth, virtue, honesty, patriotism and principles ... ..
even if it is the side which is not victorious. more  

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It seems that you are not aware of the ground reality in U.P. People are disillusioned with NM and BJP as they could not fulfill the promises which could have been done in these 2 and half-years. Re-monetisation has hit badly to the weaving industry which is basically a cash industry as the daily wage earners get payment at the end of the day. It is now proven that the pseudo secrecy for re-monetisation has not fetch any result and hence Govt / RBI could have increased the circulation of lower currency notes gradually and withdraw higher currency notes completely without taking dramatic steps. It would have been and still now it could be the best way to curb black economy & thereby corruption. The corruption friendly people are now smiling and confident that such measures will not be deterrent to corruption / black money as they have all easily converted all their black money into new currency notes. As far as the honesty of NM is concerned, would request you all to go through the Kargil Coffin Scam and find out whom Late George Fernandes thrown out of his office! Don't you think that the excise duty on petroleum products should not have been increased to pass on the benefits to people when the crude oil prices were rising? Check the projects given to Ambanis, Adanis, etc. by the present Govt including the supply of Diesel to railways - it will not be very difficult to understand the vested interest in allocating such projects. more  
It is misleading the people of India. In democracy it may be happened but why this over confidence for U.P.IT MAY NOT BE. I think that in local circles this should not be allowed. more  
Excuse me, even the call for consumer awarness- Grahak Jago- I find misleading as it does not help in any issue of customer grievances. Below is my observations in this respect as I earnestly wish a solution to my problems, not entering my name and indulging in correspondences or exchanges with fellow customers only. CALL FROM CONSUMER AFFAIRS (Govt. Of India) This mail I often receive. As there’s no reply to any query or any problem from this site I have written many times not to send this mail. Now there is an option to unsubscribe which I would exercise but before that let me tell you my experience to contacting authorities regarding my grievances as consumer and the result. Presently I am suffering from disservice/ ill-service by the supplier of LPG and officer of Indane. They have deliberately recorded a bank in KYC page at my customer console page which does not exist is our city. This in spite of my repeated requests, verbal and by mail, letters and KYC form. As a result I am not getting any subsidy. The officer does not reply my emails nor respond to my telephone calls. And whatever the grievance I try to post it leads to the same persons who ill-behave. Earlier I had and still have problem with Max Insurance Co. and with Axis Bank. My efforts to reach the highest officer of Max Insurance or Axis Bank did not fructify. They don’t attend. My registered letters to the Mg. Director, Axis Bank, Mumbai, Director of Finance, Govt. of India, New Delhi and Grievance Redressal Cell, IRDC, Hyderabad were neither acknowledgment nor replied. Sometimes I tried to address different customer grievance cells but almost in all cases no result could be obtained. Under the circumstances should I not call these efforts of “Customer Beware” tuypes of calls just a gesture to show how much the authorities care for customers without any practical result. What use? more  
Thanks Sandhya ji more  
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