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1. Do we know what is the ration of policeman to people? Do we meet minimum standards. 2. Do we know how many of these policemen are used to provide security to politicians and bureaucrats. 3. Can we have a list of people in this country who need security detail and how many do they need? Police scheduled as security for these people should be limited. 4. We have seen policemen / women being deployed for politicians family weddings, functions - basically today they are glorified bodyguards for these so called high profile people. 5. How much of the countries resources are being used to support personal activities of politicians and bureaucrats? Does the police department charge them for these services provided? 6. During such activities police is deployed to manage traffic and diversions for the high profile persons, manage the entry and exits, ensure smooth running of the event. Is this what the police force is all about - security at events, doormen and bouncers at events? 7. If the police force does not respect itself and put a stop to such activities how can the people of this country have any respect for them. 8. Hire retired army jawans to join the police force. They are disciplined and know how to use arms and would naturally fill into the force. more  
1. Police policies and proceedures need to be updated and in line with the latest - borrow best in class practices from police around the globle. 2. Police need to be more physically fit. A physical review to be passed once a year is very important to ensure that we have an 3. Police need to be equipped with the latest equipment to be able to deal with today's criminals who buy the best and latest in guns etc. We don't want our police officers to be killed because their guns are old and not functional. 4. Police should be trained in managing and handling new criminals. How to deal with a terrorist attack, etc. 5. Training should be ongoing and regular. 6. Constables and officers should be transferred out to other police stations every 2-3 years. The process should be random and automated. No human interface to avoid corruption issues. 7. Inspectors / officers should be from other states to avoid issues that we currently face of issues of caste and community. This might help reduce the instances of officers not reacting to caste or community related issues because they are part of the same regions. 8. Cadets and new recruits should all be put through intensive sensitivity training and should be taught on how to deal with women and children related issues. These sessions should be conducted regularly and outside speakers should be invited to speak to them...some would not mind doing it for free. 9. Our police force needs to be made into a more professional and effective organization. This means taking some hard decisions and implementing it across board. 10. Officers who commit crimes like taking bribes, murder and rape should be fired with no benefits. Suspension is not a punishment worthy of such crimes and does not send down a message that you are serious and is not a deterrent to most. 11. Forensics is very important in proving crimes. Most constables do not understand the importance or the relevance of evidence and generally trample all over the place and let people around do the same. Training should go down to all levels of the police force. 12. Data and evidence needs to be stored and taken care of very carefully. Training, training is very important and reinforcement on a regular basis with regular training updating them on changes in forensic evidence should be part of the process. 13. Most police officers and constables have no faith in the judicial system and therefore feel that making the effort to catch a criminal and doing a good job does not translate into any conviction. A lot of criminals get away because they get bail immediately and their cases never come up so they basically get away Scott free. A lot of criminals get away because of corruption and officers do not think they can fight the system. 14. Corruption in the hiring process needs to be solved. 15. Hiring should be on merit only. 16. Every 2-3 years all police officers and ranks should have to pass a review on their knowledge of latest police techniques, policies and fitness. If they fail the test after 2-3 tries they should be let go. The police is not a charitable institution and needs to be run on very strict lines and adherence is paramount. 17. Officers and constables should be given every opportunity to upgrade their skills and to get promotions. Promotion should not be on the basis of seniority but on the basis of if they are fit to go to the next level and can lead a team in all situations. 18. Police should have psychological and physiotherapy support. Their work requires them to deal with terrible crimes and long hours on their feet. 19. Police stations are disgusting places. How does one expect the police to be effective when their work place is dirty, inhuman and basic infrastructure is not available. They need to have washrooms and restrooms. Women should have their own bathroom and a mothers room. A eating area should be provided and a place to take a break. Treat them like humans and they will start treating people as humans. 20. Basic computer literacy must be a must. They should be made to log in every interaction they have as it happens to that all crimes are logged in and managed to its natural conclusion 21. A more robust feedback mechanism needs to be provided for citizens. A lot of times people are scared to say anything not because they fear the criminal but they fear the police. This needs to be changed. Maybe if the inspector goes around and meets residents or holds talks with the people at intervals this will ensure that the people start bonding and believing in the police. 22. Regular updates of successful cases closed would also help the image of the police force. We only hear about the failures. 23. A celebrity ambassador of the police force (eg. Vidhya balan is the ambassador of swachh bharat) would help the image of the police. more  
People are posting a number of irrelevant posts. Police foundation needs to set the circle rules more  
Lower grade police are made to work for personal work high officials in the process they are taking undue advantages in the dept. more  
I appreciate the approach. But most of the time we do not come in front as we fear backlash by the unlawful people. AND AS INDIVISUAL WE CAN NOT RETALIATE. And if we retaliate it is possible, it may be over retaliating. Therefore, a general Citizen wants to give information confidentially so that an organized department handles those anti-socials and tasks them in a balanced way. Hence police should try to collect information confidentially and act. more  
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