O Almighty, show mercy! We Indians are having to put up with a lot!

What a 'manhoos' Monday! What a terrible Monday we have had today. After a point I just shut off my TV for fear of getting more bad news.

First, we woke up to the loss of five brave policemen and three unsuspecting civilians when cowardly terrorists, dressed as Armymen, attacked a police station in Gurdaspur in Punjab. The militants were all finally killed but after they managed to scar our souls. However, it was a blessing that another extremely dangerous ploy to blow off a bridge while a train carrying pilgrims was passing, was timely foiled. It appeared that the terrorist attack on police station could have been an attempt to keep the attention of the agencies concerned diverted while another major 'operation' could take place nearby. However, vigilant 'common men' made their intention an unfulfilled dream by alerting the authorities timely on spotting the bombs. All This a day after we celebrated Shaheed Diwas or Kargil Diwas!

Hardly were we able to digest this sudden news, when we were told our most valuable Bharat Ratna, the People's President, APJ Abdul Kalam, had died, that too quite suddenly while attending a function in Shillong. It is a loss that can never be bridged!

I read somewhere why is he the most loved President ever in India:

1. He was the youngest 84-year-old India has ever seen: Even when he died, it was while delivering a lecture to students at IIM Shillong on a liveable plant. As Meghalaya chief secretary PBO Warjiri said, he passed away in his element, while delivering a lecture to youngsters, on a subject he loved.

2. He was the perfect symbol of meritocratic India, the ideal citizen, and the most positive Indian: Born in a village to a poor fishing family in Rameswaram, he rose through dint of his own hard work.

3. He was a Renaissance man: A Muslim, a player of the veena, as comfortable with the Quran as the Bhagvad Gita, Secretary of DRDO, president of India, as happy to write scientific papers as to write bestsellers for young India.

4. He always put India First: Whether it was as a scientist or President, he was a patriot first. From reportedly advising Sonia Gandhi to not becoming prime minister in 2004 to fathering the Pokharan explosion, he always said what he felt was right. He was inspired by three of India's greatest scientists - Dr Vikram Sarabhai, professor Satish Dhawan and Dr Brahm Prakash. He took only two holidays in his life, it is said - both for deaths, of his father and mother.

5. He was the master of inspiring quotes: Here are just five:

"You have to dream before your dreams come true."

"Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended."

"To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal."

"Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success."

"We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us." more  

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We see it day in and day out in TV and newspapers. Sometimes it is better than worse .The ratings increase proportionate to the problems addressed. We learn to develop a stoic indifference and carry on with our life . So any small goodness occurring in our life becomes really important and memorable. So that way it is justifiable. Negative impressions are more compelling and salable than positive ones . Finally at the end of the day- all is well that ends well. more  
Hon'ble President Pranab Mukherjee Quoted 3 Gandhi ji's Directive Suggestions to Leaders in 2013. Irrespective of repeat of our great ideal' s motto and Quotes , instead of being physically accompanied and associated , their best moral mandates have been ignored in following , practice and even for an imbibe . THE POLITICALLY OPTED RULE IN THE COUNTRY SO DIVERSIFIED THE INTEREST AND MORALS OF INDIAN CITIZENS after conclusion of peoples democracy without any justified Code or Regulation . more  
Success stories' messages inspire and create enthusiasm and zeal while as Defeats and deformities if thought and analysed in depth on the object will lead to ever successful candidature.
Sri Kalam's messages and speaches profess Civility & Humanity which moulds a perfect personality besides the subject knowledge he enlights .
His candidature and Civility are really noble , renowned staring as a model in the Human Society allover and also forever.
His honour & self obedience are really very rare in the world.
His lessons , speaches and messages are such to be memorized with those presented by Sri Aditya Goal by all the Indian youngsters . And this if put in practice, The Indian youth will definitely achieve the goal that Sri aimed . more  
Taking cue from Saumya Ji's view, it is high time that we should go into genesis of transcending into Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on the one hand and stooping to Yakub Memon on the other hand. We should try to find and abolish the root cause which are engendering the terrorist person. Even more dangerous are the person who due to vote bank politics tried to protect him from the gallows. more  
Saumya-ji has nicely expressed her feelings. I share and support her views expressed here. Our most respectful homage to the great soul of the People's President. Let us all sincerely try to tread along the path so meticulously created by Dr. Kalam. more  
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