Smart cities - on what basis were these cities selected. How is that Tamil Nadu got 12 cities, as against 7 of Karnataka and (3+2) Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. Can Government list out the criteria considered for these factors. more  

48k crores of rupees at stake on the smart city project ! It is well understood that 30% of this sum will be pocketed by the local and central politicians and Govt servants ! what's the balance amount ? Rs. 33600/- crores ! Modiji , have your people ever thought of the water and power supply to the smart cities ? From where will these important two things come ? Will Surya Dev and Ganga Mata shower special blessings to south ? We down south are starved by both these major amenities . Smart cities are supposed to have uninterrupted power and water supply , smooth and safe roads , ample trees for greener environment , the fly overs , drainage , zero garbage , modern schools and other educational facilities , sincere and see through type of municipal administration ! Pls remember 95% of municipalities across the country are full of Chors and the Chori starts from the level of a peon and goes on to the highest ranking officer ! Mr. Prime Ministerji , your first step should be to clean the administration across the country , Smart Panchayats , Smart Municipalities , Smart Vidhan Sabhas , Smart Parliament , By saying " Smart " I mean " Clean ". Unless these mentioned places are cleaned nothing in the country will ever be Smart . I say this because in the places mentioned above we have more than 50% of the goons in the disguise of Law Makers , eliminate them first , and then take the Smart India Project in hand or else 30% of the money will be pocketed by your own political clan and the Govt Babus . Do No Forget That This Money Belongs to me and Crores of my Indian Brothers and Sisters . We sweat to earn every Rupee, Sir. JAI HIND ..... more  
Can any Indian comments like that as Mr. Hardik Patel did? (Militant doesn't inform when attack against India/Indian). Why the young guy wants reservation? He should compete to get something like us. He should understand that there is no free lunch in the world. It is a well-planned conspiracy by all the opposition parties. Off course, it is the failure of the Gujarat State Government. It should have been stopped before coming to this situation. Reservation should be on the basis of financial status, not on the basis of caste. Merits should not be compromised. more  
Definately, we will have to study all, but still as of now, could not understand how UP get more 'smart cities'... more  
i am not an expert in this but I had read that all the local bodies had to put up a presentation justifying why their city should be selected for developing in to a smart city...there was an exhibition with stalls for respective local bodies,this information is available in all newspapers,the selection was made in a democratic way.It is easy to make some noise just because you have a platform...educated people shd try to gather easily available facts.I am not referring to you but to someone who had made a very irresponsible post more  
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