प्रतिभाओं को मत काटो आरक्षण की तलवार से....
August 28 in citycentre gwalior
करता हूं अनुरोध आज मै दिल्ली की सरकार से,
प्रतिभाओं को मत काटो आरक्षण की तलवार से।
वर्ना रेल पटरियो पर जो फैला आज तमाशा है,
गुर्जर आन्दोलन से फैली चारो ओर निराशा है।
अगला कदम जाट बैठेंगे महाविकट हडताल पर,
महाराष्ट मे प्रबल मराठा चढ जाएंगे भाल पर।
राजपूत भी मचल उठेंगे भुजबल के हथियार से,
प्रतिभाओं को मत काटो आरक्षण की तलवार से।
निर्धन ब्राम्हण वंश एक दिन परशुराम बन जाएगा,
अपने ही घर के दीपक से अपना घर जल जाएगा।
भडक उठा गृह युध्द अगर भूकम्प भयानक आएगा,
आरक्षण वादी नेताओं का सर्वस्व मिटाऐगा।
अभी सॅभल जाओ मित्रो इस स्वार्थ भरे व्यापार से,
प्रतिभाओं को मत काटो आरक्षण की तलवार से।
जातिवाद की नही समस्या मात्र गरीबी वाद है,
जो सवर्ण है पर गरीब है उनका क्या अपराध है।
कुचले दबे लोग जिनके घर मे न चूल्हा जलता है,
भूंखा बच्चा जिस कुटिया मे लोरी खाकर पलता है।
समय आ गया है उनका उत्थान कीजिये प्यार से,
प्रतिभाओं को मत काटो आरक्षण की तलवार से।
जाति गरीबी की कोई भी नही मित्रवर होती है,
वह अधिकारी है जिसके घर भूखी मुनिया सोती है।
भूखे माता पिता दवाई बिना तडपते रहते है,
जातिवाद के कारण कितने लोग वेदना सहते है।
उन्हे न वंचित करो मित्र संरक्षण के अधिकार से,
प्रतिभाओं को मत काटो आरक्षण की तलवार से।। more  

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Thanks parmender ji more  
1. Since last 40 years no class/caste of people were prevented or discouraged or ignored to achieve their Social Standard from and in continued economical and social uplift from 1950 i.e., 25 years after independence and in the continued period of 40 years.
The so-called atrocities developed have been only due to the Cast-wise discriminating concessions that were dis-regarded to those Extremely poor and those below the poverty line . This issue of anticipated cast wise struggles & unrest in the public was already warned by the Supreme Court Judges in their various adjudications .
2. The Governments had been extending economic concessions in basic essentials through PDS ; Aids in education ; Free food & education in some govt. schools ; Age relaxations in govt. jobs ; Reservation of govt. jobs upto 50% concessions in these minimum 40 years + start-up period of 25 years from 1950 to 1975.
3. There are Common , poor , very poor [ backward , very backward and extremely backward ] in all classes/casts and these are provided with basic essentialities through PDS and statistically identified and evidented since minimum 45 years.
4.i. There is no doubt that since last 40 years i.e., from 1975 every living place of India has been enjoying the social share in the Society. Every thing is available to every class/casts of people at equal price/rate and to the volume of the money tendered.
ii. All classes/casts have been in all spheres/fields of activity they know / possess and is the fact in all States .
iii. None can shift Girijans to Hamlets and Villages ; None can shipft Villagers to Towns and Cities to address/ improve their Social standard.
5.i. The only remaining and supreme social standard to any, is only to bring all backward classes/casts to all Legislatures of all States and the Center i.e., the Parliament Houses..
ii. The issue of distinctive expertise required for framing Healthy , Wealthy & Social Constitution and the requisite Legal Codes and Acts are all ready well enacted . The main and prime authority in providing and carrying the extreme socially based public administration with further legislations can be well managed and implemented with the present minimum socio-economic knowledge base of all classes/casts if the “ Forward and Backward “ or “ Economically Backward classes/casts reservation of 50% is implemented in Legislatures ,; the Directing and Guiding authority , there will be 100% Justice to the word and concept of SOCIALLY EQUAL.
6. There shall be Economically Backward classes identifying Category “ A “ Forest Districts area . “ B “ More backward Classes of income below Rs.60,000/- . “ C “ Backward classes those below poverty line with income above 60 thousand but below Rs.1,50,000/- . and “ D “ Backward classes those above poverty line having income above one lakh fifty thousand to Rs.3,00,000/- to address [a] Food , [b] Health [c] Free Education [d] Aided education [e] Scholarships .
7. STATISTICS OF 1960 ; 1980 ; 2000 ; 2011 PROVE THAT THE NECESSITY OF EXEMPTIONS , CONCESSIONS AND RELAXATIONS WILL NOT END IN [i] MULTIPLE BIRTH RATE [II] ILLEGITIMATE LAND & LANDED PROPEWRTY HOLDING [III] ILLEGAL WEALTH CONCENTRATION [IV] BLACK MONEY ENJOYING LIXURIES ;;;; AND SUCH SITUATIONS UNTILL A GREAT AGE OF THOUSANDS OF DECADES. Really, there is no point in waiting for bringing social standard if the word Social Standard is defined as the occupation in equal status irrespective of earning. more  
1. India though opt to let out Skill to Foreign Countries do not harm India or Indians.
2. India though encourages outsourcing its Peoples Skills for other Country Businesses also do not harm India or Indians but really hampers to down fall when the other Country starts in it a down fall of marginal manpower utilization there and we had once experienced with America but, in our preliminary stages of outsourcing services through Software Employment .
3. India shall not still construe to the reduction of Skills at the cost of Reservation carry even after 60 years Coverage. In deed it is leading the Country towards dilution , inefficiency and promoting degraded Talents & Skills .
4. India and Indians shall truely understand and realize the need for uplift of Education Sector from Elementary level , Graduation and University level education stressed by the President of India specifically on 15-08-20-13 .
5. The Presidenjt of india also specified the need that India and Indians shall sworn in good candidature and maintain the leadership qualities which our Administrative Staff Colleges and Nalanda universities exposed referring 2 or 3 quotations of Sri Mahatma Gandhi ji .
6. The Supreme Court of India , in some cases, advised and even directed the governments to implement the Uniform Civil Code AND , directed individual States to assess the Economical and Social Status of various Classes of people to redress the Reservations to Economically Backward Classes where in it was SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED THAT CONSTITUTION WHILE ADDRESSING RESERVATIONS DID NOT USE THE WORK " CASTE " AND THE WORDS = CLASSES = SHALL NOT BE TAKEN AS CASTES .
7. Even then, the Congress and their deviated alliances did not care to understand , realize ; and even they had carried the Cast-wise reservations , concessions , subsidies etc., which the SUPREME COURT OF INDIA CLEARLY STATED " SUCH LEADS TO NATIONAL UN-REST AND CREATES A THEME OF OF DIFFERENCE ON ACCOUNT OF THE CASTS WHICH IS DANGEROUS TO THE INDIAN SOCIETY ."
8. Even now, there is the absolute need of approaching the Supreme Court and , the Indian Law Council for the issues of DISCONTINUING CAST/MINORITY /COMMUNITY WISE RESERVATIONS ETC., ;;AND ;; THE UNIFORM CIVIL CODE ENFORCEMENT.
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