Problem areas in Ghaziabad
1. unbridled migration of people from other towns of UP/UTTRAKHAND/BIHAR /delhi
2. Only people migrated over a decade or more ago have created their own shelters from all sections of the society. They all add extra burden on the social and basic infrastructure of the city.
3. Very densely populated old city is still becoming more clumsy and almost needing revival of the old infrastructure.
4. Newly developed colonies of RAJ NAGAR/ KAVI NAGAR/ NEHRU NAGAR/ GANDHI NAGAR/ MODEL TOWN are only having better social and basic infrastructure and get maximum attention of all the wings of local administration.
6. Lot of other development on NH 24/NH58/ TRANS HINDON areas have multiplied population
with all multiplexes and now in old ghaziabad with huge dream of RAJ NAGAR EXTENTION have increased the population explosion beyond imagination in almost last 2 decades. Still GDA wants to promote BAPU DHAM/OTHER LOW COST HOUSING FOR POOR.
7. Funny part is no body knows the real population of GHAZIABAD.
8. Industrial growth is almost negligible. No big projects are in distant site.
9. Condition of TRAFFIC JAMS is almost uncontrollable.
10. Bijee S .E. announces in NBT that GHAZIABAD will be no power cut city from 15.6.2015. People laugh out which year or never.
11. As on now over 60 percent WATER is ground tube well water with no purification treatment.
JAL Nigam can not cope up with the demand of water.
12. There is no system of maintenance and repair of Roads which are mostly built to survive for maximum 2/3 years. Internal road infrastructure
is hardly manageable.
13. Ears have become ripe hearing of NH24/NH58 for decades.
14. In city only one AMEDKAR ROAD joins GT/MEERUT/HAPUR ROADS. at intersections.
15. Over a decade only major relief in the city is from ROBs on RAILWAY crossings.
16. B S N L is virtually not used by private people and only PSBs and other Government users are daily harassing their customers DUE TO NO CONNECTIVITY VERY OFTEN.
17. 154 Year old GHAZIABAD RAILWAY STATION serving Ghaziabad population have lost all steam now and even today is without even one escalator
and only addition of 2 platforms and over bridge.
City has grown 100 times in population.
18. Over a lac of students from All over INDIA are getting education in MEDICAL/ENGINEERING/MANAGEMENT INSTITUTES. They may at best be providing 40 percent student hostel facilities. Rest of the load is shared by the city infrastructure. This is main business in the city.
19. Basic education private schooling is getting costlier each year with lot of competition for admissions. Bus infrastructure for commuting is
adding lot of load on internal roads due to bigger buses.
20. Government/other low cost private schooling provided by the society is not a viable proposition for many people who have no other choices. Net
results is almost 60/80 percent dropouts and only 10/20 percent succeeds to go up to 10th /12th standards.
21. Medical facilities are also developed on the same pattern as education and most poor suffer more from health risks than education.
22. Public transport infrastructure is next to negligible and alternatives are CAR/2 WHEELERS for those who can afford. Obviously cars and 2 wheelers are crowding the road and in that proportion of usage of scarce Road space carrying much lesser people. Besides this manual 3 wheeler RICHSAW for people/load ,3 wheelers on sharing basis on decided routes, manual cycle are other major support services. Irritants of Animal driven and Agriculture tractors for load transportation.
This is major cause of worry.
22. Now drainage to carry waste water, garbage disposal, sewer facilities and road cleaning are another major sanitation issues touching the lives of almost all people.
23. PVR cinemas and MALLS have come up all around the city to give it a look of a most modern city added with lot of FOOD JOINTS. They serve the purpose of those who can afford and enjoy to create business for the owners providing these facilities.
24. Almost every home of reasonable living person has EURO for Water, INVERTORS and Generators for bijlee cuts and many houses have Borewell also for Water. Such people do not bother for Local supplies and for headache of driving on Road they have driver. Such people are acquiring lot of land bank,commercialand flat banks in GHAZIABAD/NOIDA/GNOIDA to cash property boom.
25. Need for Domestic labor is increasing every day for all sections of the society. City is a Pensioners Paradise/ small individual businessmen / self employed professional like Doctors,Accountants, lawyers, teachers, Architects and others. Big Businesses are not many and can be counted easily. Government employees including POLICE are in good numbers and are often treated as untouchable to avoid any troubles by general public. In short relationships are only business oriented as per the needs. People normally do not
expect any miracle happening through their efforts.
26. I lived in GHAZIABAD from birth in 1938 to 1957 before joining Engineering college of BHU VARANASI for 4 years. After that i came back to Ghaziabad in 1992 at the age of 54 and worked my way to pass an ordinary life for 23 years. I live in Gandhi Nagar the first colony of city development.
No doubts i remained attached to the city and watched all the developments of GHAZIABAD/ NOIDA/GNOIDA. In NCR it is the oldest and biggest city most adjoining to Delhi but today it is last in the cities of NCR in terms of business and infrastructure growth. It has ended up as a satellite
city in NCR. It is difficult to imagine why it is mired in so much evils of corruption/ crimes/ robberies/ murders/ chain snatching/ vehicle thefts besides least basic facilities as compared to other Cities in NCR.
In all it is a true case study city of URBANISATION in INDIA growing with 100 percent migrants or more.
Another city is VARANASI which is oldest pilgrimage
holy city of Ganges river and BHU Indian biggest university with maximum students and branches of learning. It is the most densely populated city with maximum pilgrims visiting daily. It is also a cultural capital of India and attracts lot of foreign tourists. Above all it is now in the hands of our vibrant PM Narendra Modi ji. Why this city remained so without the right attention.
Both these cities have returned EX.ARMY CHIEF with highest votes of 8LAC margin and Modi ji with 3 lac votes.
Let the Government declare these 2 cities in SMART CITIES plan of 100 cities and test their strengths to develop smart cities. It should not rush up to create more new cities and leaving the old problems behind to taste ultimate failure in the next LS Polls.
Indians are poorer in numbers and good in wisdom without much analysis to give chance to the right people performance based. more  

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Let Ghaziabad should also be declared as smart city. In fact all satellite towns of Delhi in NCR should be declared as smart cities to remove any anomalies from New Delhi. more  
Problems in Gaziabad in totality will remain as long as residents stop complaining and begin to take initiatives. In the meantime GDA and Nagar Nigam are enjoying the situation and passing the buck from one to the other. The officers of both the departments need to be sternly apprised of no nonsense business from the residents , only then the ball will move and action will start Dr S.Sanyal. more  
Dear Gupta ji In my earlier comment I suggested u to be braodminded, so my friend Mr. Abinash Saxena has commented. Now instead of showing your broadmindedness, you have stated preoblem of development. That is the real problem. No body of thought of development of infrastructure and atleast problem of availability of drinking water, proper sanitation, proper traffic rules follow up , proper railway station, bus stand , govt. hospitals. Even the residents of the city are also responsible in not raising their voice , may be the city appears to be living in some kind of fear psychosis . We all have to raise voice at some platform, starting from scratch. Hope my other friends will do it and also contribute in the cause by joining another circle 'rajesh jan seva' , for which i welcome u all. May be one day , we are able to do something for the city. more  
UP is a old state and it had ALLAHABAD/ BANARAS/ LUCKNOW/KANPUR/AGRA/BARIEELY/ MEERUT MORADABAD/ ALIGARH /MUZZAFARNAGAR /GORAKHPUR /HARIDWAR/MATHURA-VRINDAVAN as main old cities. While Ghaziabad and FARIDABAD were 2 old cities close to Delhi. In these 2 cities Industrialization was conceived as a basic input around Delhi under the DELHI -NCR indea. Further it was thought that some Government offices will shift to these cities to contain congestion in DELHI. MARUTI FACTORY GAVE BIRTH TO DEVELOPMENT OF GURGOAN. But the Government officers gave bright idea of DEVELOPMENT AROUND DELHI and GDA/ NOIDA/GNOIDA/ FDA/ were created/ on the lines of DDA in DELHI. Whole focus of UP/HARYANA shifted to DELHI -NCR. In Delhi main development is FLYOVERS and METRO could solve PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Problem to a good extent. Now if you add up population of GHAZIABAD/FARIDABAD/ GURGOAN it may not be even i lac. So today what we see in NCR is virtually new. Only GHAZIABAD RAILWAY STATION IS 154 YEAR OLD. MY BASIC POINT WHY DELHI NCR HAS NOT BEEN DEVELOPED LIKE TOKYO YOKOHAMA AS INDIAS URBANIZATION MODEL. Why old urbanized cities having great old heritage big universities remain unattended ? Now population has spread all over new/old cities. Farmers have left farming. Industrialisation has not picked up . ONLY POPULATION BOOM IS KILLING INDIAN STORY. So just think over and GHAZIABAD CIRCLE HAS OVER 14000 MEMBERS. THEY CAN DO WONDERS WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE BASE. more  
Dear sir, very rightly you have highlighted the issues but reasons are not correct. Just a small question, do you approve of what MNS doing against north Indians in Maharashtra because you are thinking on same grounds. more  
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