5 years of Swachh Bharat: How are things on the ground?

The Swachh Bharat Mission will complete 5 years on Oct 2nd 2019. On this occasion, we would like to seek your frank and honest inputs on what has changed in the last 5 years. Is garbage getting picked and disposed more effectively in your neighborhood and city. Are there functional public toilets? Has open urination and defecation become a thing of the past? Are streets cleaner than how they were in 2013-14.

Please share all your inputs and we will also conduct a survey to bring out the state of the affairs. The idea once again is very simple - to bring out the reality for the senior most leaders in the Government and identify area where efforts are working well and where more work is needed.

Also, below are some of your ideas from last year on things that can be done to energise the mission. We look forward to your inputs!

Below are some of your ideas on what can be done to energize Swachh Bharat.

1.City level events following a common structure and led by the local municipal commissioner should be organized on October 2nd engaging citizens, NGOs, local celebrities, corporates, community organizations in every city of urban India
2.The objective of the session should be to take up key city challenges (not individual grievances) in the area of waste management, public toilets, open defecation
3.All municipalities should outline their annual plan, money available for Swachh Bharat, challenges and seek citizen inputs on how to overcome them
4.All municipal commissioners should join their city’s respective Swachh Bharat circle to remain connected with citizens and should have a social media focal.
5.After October 2nd, a monthly review meeting should be held on the first Sunday of every month between municipal commissioner and citizen community committed to Swachh Bharat
6.A Swachh Bharat ambassador (an appointed one or a local celebrity) should be part of the Oct 2nd session and thereafter the monthly review
7.As appropriate, a local advisory board may be formed for Swachh Bharat in every city which may meet more often
8.Any garbage pickers, municipal workers with exceptional delivery in the last year must be nominated on October 2nd and the felicitated in a following session by the municipality
9.Any RWAs that have done good cleanliness work in last year must also be recognized with some civic incentives like trees planted, park renovation etc.
10.Civic Sense awareness drives must be planned for the year with citizen participation on October 2nd and then scheduled every month
11.A discussion may be carried out on activities that citizens can do (not cleanliness drives) but supervisory, enforcement and organizing activities
12.A national citizen rating system can also be rolled out where citizens rate their municipality and the municipality, state and central Swachh Bharat Directorate has access to all ratings at all times
13.A system could also be announced where a municipality that has received Swachh Bharat funds and continues to have a low rating on delivery metrics in 6 month is liable for penalty/action
14.Year wise targets could be fixed by the Swachh Bharat Mission Directorate, for Municipalities and monetary awards should be given as incentive to those who fulfill the targets. more  

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A lot need to be done at grass root level. People need to be more aware it is not only government participation required but we as every individual will have to take initiative to support this highly appreciable campaign. more  
Unless the people really want a Swachha Bharat, it is difficult for the govt. to implement it. We keep pointing at netas, babus, neighbours but never ourselves. So let us introspect and decide whether we are really interested and ready to contribute to the Swachha Bharat. more  
Hawkers generally use single use thin plastic bags for delivering their products. They should be prevented. Flower vendors must be asked to use plantain leaf for delivering flowers. more  
Charity begins at home is the will known adage. But we as honest and sincere citizen, let us introspect ourselves whether we contribute out towards this Swatch Bharath Mission. Of course, local bodies to arrange the rest, but it is not happening. So neither citizen nor the government is not keen to have clean India. We point fingers at each other. Netas must act as role models but it is complete zero across the nation. No doubt, government can formulate policies but the bureucrates down the lines must implement. It is easy give speeches but emphasis should be there at the ground level for implementation. It is said that PM Modi does regular appraisals and brief meets of all projeccts, but the effect is not felt especially 5 years since inception, nothing major has happened in Swatch Bharat Mission. Now Government is talking high of achievements in 100 days of assumption of office, which is unfortunate and pathetic. more  
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