4 state elections results - The Why’s and What Next

Madhya Pradesh: The women connect and give aways of CM Chauhan worked. Congress with no clear manifesto and bad history of corruption could not sell itself. However, the BJP leadership should work on real transformation now and less PR

Rajasthan: Typical one term congress and next term BJP worked here. The amazing thing is without a CM face it happened for the BJP. Ashwini Vaishnaw should be appointed CM. Vasundhara is hopeless

Chhattisgarh: Big surprise for congress. This is what happens when you dont listen to the masses and your own netas break out and eat your voteshare. BJP though needs some new faces and real governance. Raman Singh and his son are corrupt netas.

Telangana: Big blow to BRS despited doing great work. Lost connect with masses.corruption too in an institutional manner by BRS. Congress did a great job here. However it needs to bring in a new governance model. What they have in other states is a failure. It needs to counter KTR KCR BRS model or they will be thrown out next term.

Love to hear everyone’s thoughts!!! more  

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Freebees will harm the States and Center in the long run. It must be stopped by our Judiciary. more  
Giveaways and Freebies have become norms of the day, thanks to AAP for bringing it on in a big way. Other parties are, sort of, forced to follow the same. One really needs to look at the freebies offered by Congress in Telangana leading to its victory there. However, it is really bad when they win elections based on the offers and promises but then fail to keep them. more  
Winning elections by any party with illiterate majority voters who are canvassed by sensational speeches & "best acting shows" in addition to other corrupt means including money power cannot be considered as a great thing! Unless and untill an healthy transparent system of electoral process is place and voters are educated enough to independently decide on best candidates on the basis of capability & performance of each candidate irrespective of their party affiliation, and the voters have power & means to recall elected candidates when they fail to perform or change their party after getting elected, we cannot consider the system as healthy and viable in a democracy where voters must really be their "masters" in every respect. In our current electoral system, winning of election is often on the basis of their party affiliation and manipulative politics by misusing religion and Or money plus mouth power. This dramma will be repeated after every 5 years. more  
Even in the USA educated voters in large numbers thump for Trump! Democratic elections all over the world have always been an exercise in manipulative politics. more  
Frankly voters never have a choice. Its always the devil or the deep sea. Congress rule was replete with instances of corrupt practices and a lackadaisical attitude. With an overdose of so-called socialism, they never let the country move ahead at the pace it needed to. Projects used to lag and there were serious issues with archaic infrastructure and how trade was conducted. Congress track record with sacking state governments is not exemplary either. When you come to BJP, there are two eras - one of Vajpayee and the other of Modi. But the common thread in both eras is thrust on infrastructure and ground level development. Better roads, highways, better connectivity/penetration through telecommuication and internet, power, sanitation, making lives of business people easier etc. The red tape faced by the common man has decreased without doubt. While all this happens the opposition does not have anything credible to offer. While BJP has not been able to reduce corruption, their non-transparent ways with electoral bonds or favouritism shown to cronies, an authoritarian approach to doing things, politicians getting involved in religious actions in their public capacity are not the best examples of being any better. At the end of the day, India has to progress and go a long way. In that quest, the irrelevance of political parties is more desirable than their tinkering and abusing people and public funds. Each political party in India is as much a sinner as the other. We can only hope that the party in power does more things that benefit the economy/country and at the same time maintain some ethics/standards in public life. Today, none of them is inspirational. more  
A really balanced and thoughtful post.
Unfortunately, divisive politics on the basis of religion which resulted in the truncation of the country and appeasement politics and the totally biased and irresponsible behaviour of the media (which I have seen very much in Tamil Nadu in particular) are also not great.
We, the people, also have to take more responsibility in various ways; voting in all elections - local, state and national elections, paying not only income tax but also all indirect taxes, trying to educate our micro environment and last but not the least, at least keep hammering away in the local circles which is responsible for at least some of the good things that we have seen in the last few years. more  
Every political groups equally important. Whoever comes in majority seats in each of the states should support the other groups also. Politics in India did not only remain a Game to Win seats any more. Hence the complition of the Lagging responsibility and Identifying new scope of Improvements should be the next Objective. People in each states of India have their individual choices. Best Wishes to both Winners and nonWinners to define and redefine new heights of responsibility towards their respective wards , districts and zones. more  
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