Freedom to speak, freedom to eat what we want , respect all the religions is the law of our country, so no beef banning more  

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why ban cow meat when it is a delicacy for meat eaters? cows are sacred for those let them do their duty, so banning will create hide & seek which will increase the price,so better is let these meat eaters eat, another how many cows can you bury on the death. Be wise not to ban. more  
Educate but do not ban... that is the ethical way. Let people make their own choices. Banning is the way of fascist countries like Saudi, Pakistan or North Korea. more  
Thanks to BJP Govt.for banning ,but make the law more strict in whole India. Actually Cow & Human Being genetic are same Govt. should take the help of Scientist & educate the World about it. more  
Ban cow slaughter throughout the country.There should be more stricter laws to ban it.Yes of course it hurts the religious sentiments of majority community in the country and banning it reflects the secular credentials of this country.As far as cow and bulls roaming in the street are concerned,it can be controlled by our own ownership and proper thinking and compassion for innocent animals.

Instead of allowing cows to be slaughtered for food we should focus on stopping food wastage,allowing grains to get rotten in the FCI godowns and else where.And what about highly talked food subsidy of the last government.No need to give excuses about killing cows just in the name of food.Allowed killing cows for so many years and still proposing food subsidy bill .What a pity?

Repeated failures never guarantees success.It is better to change course of action now.

It is much talked by bollywood.Shame on them.All dirt and filth,you will find in bollywood.Excuse given - fourth pillar of democracy,abhivayakti ki Azadi.Shame on them.

I respect Islam and muslims and other are all our brethren.But expect the same from the other side.Such an action should not be considered against any one. more  
Anand Kishore ji Report it Nagar Nigam and do start protest in that favor ...Give me your address ...Cow Development cell of BJP of your city will contact you and include you for your service ...Not only suggestion , you also have to work with them on ground .No problem if you are government professor ..On Sundays your service will be taken and it will be highly appreciable Professor Sahab more  
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