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Dear Honorable Sir/Madam,

My brother Satish kumar tiwari was coming Allahabad from Ahmadabad on 12/07/2014 by train but still he not reached. We have registered Missing complaint in Kalupur railway station on 19/07/2014.
Due to no response from police we met with shri rajanikant Patel (Home minister of Gujarat) but we got only sympathy then we met with IG shri Ashok pratham and requested to help us same reply we got from there also.
We personally search in all railway station form Ahmadabad, to Allahabad and we have posted missing pamphlet in all please where we can. 105 days passed and we have no result or information.
When tried to news papers they refused to take missing ads they clearly told this is Ahmadabad our PM city we can’t take any type of crime report happening in Ahmadabad city.
We asked to Uttar Pradesh police for help they told location is Ahmadabad we can’t involve in this case.
We went to TV channels also they are saying our head are sitting with Mr.PM they will not allow us to publish this because this is happen in Gujarat.
We know police is doing their job they are searching through papers only police station to police station only I hope my brother is not walking in front of any police station then how they will search.
We have give written request to our Nation home minister, Gujarat Home minister,Gujrat Chief minister, Gujarat DGP,honourable president, kalupur police station, IG of missing cell police bhawan gandhinagar and our PM, And same we have sent through mail also but still we have not received any type of response from any one.
We regular called in DG office, president office, IG office,PM office,Gujrat CM office,Gujrat HM office, Previously who was taking care of my brother case PSI got transferred in other department Now who is taking care New PSI stopped to pick up my phone. We are in pain instead of help police is shouting to us not responding some are telling don’t call,
Media is telling they can help when any politician will be will be stand with you then only media will publish or help. And some are telling they can’t publish my brother missing because this is happen in Ahemdabad.Some are telling media is for publicity not for help. One media person visited at our home we told him everything he taken money but our missing ads not published.
We are helpless now because no one is helping this is our bad luck that we are supporting BJP since our born, Me my family, my friends all are supporting to BJP and now one is ready to help because the government is BJP now we are sad to choose BJP we are thinking if we don’t support to BJP we can’t ask help from them we only made now we got result... more  
Keep the tempo and seek suggestions from the right thinking people of the country to make India a country of dignity. more  
MR. Gupta i am from 37 sector faridabad Enrochement is going on in the green belt area Faridabad bypass road which is next to Shamshan Bhumi... and the second issue is toll tax. For all political leaders toll tax(Badarpur) is free but for ordinary people they charge Rs.35 . more  
Dear Rajendra ji

This is about a statements that all those who live in Hindustan are Hindus
and the one reiterating building the Mandir. I find these utterances
totally uncalled for and inopportune as these are creating unnecessary
controversy and may difficulties for the Party and Govt as well. Such
statements will further widen the gap between communities and as a reaction
the minorities may assert their separate identity with greater force. As
regards the Hindu identity issue I would place my views as under;

1. If Hinduism is merely a way of life, as widely said, then we should not
bother when people adopt Christianity or Islam or any other religion.

2. If Hinduism is religion, then it will be wrong to dub all Indians as

3. In fact Hindu is a religion, but different from other religions as it
allows diversity of thought & opinions, allows dissent & debates, and in
this process continues to evolve itself. Owing to this internal dynamism
and spirit of accommodation some people term it as way of life whereas this
is uniqueness of Hindu religion.

Hope people, political/activists/thinkers and all, see Hinduism i the light
of the above.

S S Sharma

2 Man Production - short films - social issues
Formerly worked with:

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From: S S Sharma <sss0045@gmail.com>
Date: 9 August 2014 08:46
Subject: Re: New post "25,000+ have already vote" in [Transform India with
To: Rajendra Pratap Gupta <

My suggestion to curb black money. It is the property deals which generate
a huge amount of black money because very small proportion of the agreed
amount is paid by cheque; the major part going as unaccounted cash. This
can be minimized by substantially increasing the circle rates, say, by at
least by 100 percent immediately. However at the same time the stamp duty
must be reduced in the same proportion so that there is no additional
burden on the buyer.

S S Sharma

2 Man Production - short films - social issues
Formerly worked with:
Dear Shri Gupta

Another area you could concentrate is the functioning of the customs departments at airports and ports.  Huge amounts of duties are evaded in collition with the customs officials. Huge quantities of electronic goods, consumables, liquors etc etc. are brought to this country in this fashion. Outside international airports  and ports there are people to collect these goods and foreign currency on arrival of the passengers. People are being sent to bring such goods.  A boy who was returning from UK after his studies was forced to pay Rs.10,000/- in cash recently  as against the original demand of Rs.40,000  by the customs official, when he expressed his inability as he was only a student.  He waited till the money was drawn from ATM. Such incidents are happening at every point. Large industrial houses have people posted at airports  to facilitate their  staff 'walk through' both ways and it goes on.  Every officials' and family members' assets have
to be regularly checked. These are all small roots of the huge corruption tree we have allowed to grow over the years.  Even the appointments to these positions are suspect.

Study the practice of issuing  CPR numbers for every citiizen in Denmark, a smaller country where it is much more easy, compared to India. Every person's all transactions are based on this number, a part of which is his/her date of birth. Depending on the size of population, the number of digits required can be increased.  Every transaction, every identity check etc. are done through this number, which is attached to the ctitizen's Commune. We can do it with our Corporation offices or municipalities, if their efficiency can be increased.

The above method also curbs the black money circulation. Insted of asking for the caste and religion as we do, we should only go by this method. When a person dies, when the death is reported, the card is also surrendered.

What is the latest on Aadhar card. It came like a storm and is now not even a small breeze. What a lot of money was spent and who is accountable.

Our multi point taxation amounts to multi taxation from salary to the goods purchased, services received.   Those who are honest pay more or lose more. Have a flat larger tax at source and be done with it.  There is a saying 'if you cannot cane a person to a particular direction, cane him in the direction he goes'.

Thank you

K R Induchudan more  
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