100 day Circle Poll Results in print media

Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to submit your vote in the poll for 100 days of Modi Government.

The poll has been shared with print media and attached please find the survey summary.

Also, here is the link to the news

If you are yet to invite your contacts to the circle and help give inputs for key national governance issues, please do so by sharing the circle invite link: http://tinyurl.com/njv362m more  

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दमन (यूनियन टेरीटेरी) मे आज से स्कूल का समय दुपहर १ बजेसे शाम को ६ बजेतक रखा गया हे..जिसे बच्चो को बड़ी दिक्कत होगी,,,क्यूँ की ६ बजे तो अंधेरा हो जाता हे...और दूर से आने वाले बच्चे को घर जाने के लिए भी दिक्कत होगी. आप इस के लिए ज़रूर से कुछ करिएगा आप की बड़ी माहेरबानी होगी. धन्यवाद........ अनीष देसाई On Fri, 12 Sep 2014 16:51:18 +0530 BJP Communication Cell wrote > more  
Vegetable Cost become so high more  
Hi, gspalsodkar@gmail.com wants to follow you. ****** Is gspalsodkar@gmail.com you friend? ****** If Yes please follow the link below: www.send_newpost++bblkiyvvbbfd++qsvviyqsqstr@localcirclesmail.com&invitername=Bandu&inviterid=12612587&userid=0&token=0&emailmasterid=445de1fc-a010-425c-bd9d-eb59888c26f5&from=gspalsodkar@gmail.com&src=txt_yes">http://invites.info-emailer.com/signup_e.html?fullname=Bjp+Communication+Cell&email=www.send_newpost++bblkiyvvbbfd++qsvviyqsqstr@localcirclesmail.com&invitername=Bandu&inviterid=12612587&userid=0&token=0&emailmasterid=445de1fc-a010-425c-bd9d-eb59888c26f5&from=gspalsodkar@gmail.com&src=txt_yes If No please follow the link below: www.send_newpost++bblkiyvvbbfd++qsvviyqsqstr@localcirclesmail.com&invitername=Bandu&inviterid=12612587&userid=0&token=0&emailmasterid=445de1fc-a010-425c-bd9d-eb59888c26f5&from=gspalsodkar@gmail.com&src=txt_no">http://invites.info-emailer.com/signup_e.html?fullname=Bjp+Communication+Cell&email=www.send_newpost++bblkiyvvbbfd++qsvviyqsqstr@localcirclesmail.com&invitername=Bandu&inviterid=12612587&userid=0&token=0&emailmasterid=445de1fc-a010-425c-bd9d-eb59888c26f5&from=gspalsodkar@gmail.com&src=txt_no Follow the link below to remove yourself from all such emails www.send_newpost++bblkiyvvbbfd++qsvviyqsqstr@localcirclesmail.com&iid=445de1fc-a010-425c-bd9d-eb59888c26f5&from=gspalsodkar@gmail.com">http://invites.info-emailer.com/uns_inviter.jsp?email=www.send_newpost++bblkiyvvbbfd++qsvviyqsqstr@localcirclesmail.com&iid=445de1fc-a010-425c-bd9d-eb59888c26f5&from=gspalsodkar@gmail.com more  
a whatsapp group can be created , this gr should include ciry commissionar health authority and concerned officerof the area along with the people in a corportion zone who will voluntarily post the cleanliness related issues and photographs in their area , this will help the concerned authorities to make arrangements for cleaning, it is physically impossible for an officer to inspect each and every corner of his area which is in his charge , also can obtain feedback on the action taken more  
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