10 bold reforms to be kicked off by next Govt in the next 100 days

Ten Things Required :

1. Politicians, Bureaucrats, Media Personnel, etc while making any statement, must take the responsibility and must provide evidence to support their claims, failing which, there must be a provision for Criminal action against them for misleading the general population of the country.
2. All essential documents in an average citizen, like Ration Card, Driving Licence, Passport, PAN, Aadhar, documents related to land and/or apartment registrations, etc must all be under citizen charter. There must be a window for submitting an application, and the resultant documents should be delivered at the registered address by the concerned office.
3. State & Central government must pull up the office staff concerning Legal matters in courts. There must be specific responsibility for taking care of the documents related to every case, which neither should go missing when required, nor suitably catch fire. If the prima facie evidence confirms that the crime has taken place (for example 2G scam), and if the alleged criminals are let off due to lack of evidence in the case presented in the court, concerned legal team needs to answer, why and how they all failed to prove their point, when evidence was available. (with the scale of the scam so large, such persons could be easily bribed to let the alleged criminals out for want of evidence, that could have been suppressed by the prosecuting team)
4. Law & Order should NO More be the State responsibility. Like the legal Control of Armed Forces is with the President, a similar Centralised organization should be formed to control Law & Order in the country. Only such actions shall stop the massacre that allegedly had taken place in West Bengal during Parliament polls.
5. List of Registered Voters is always questioned, when those voting for decades find that their names are missing, but simultaneously many names exist in the list, which are not the names of the persons residing at that address. Only way to stop it is to link Voting to Aadhar.
6. It is observed that many anti social elements attack women and rape them, and yet they are allowed to be out on bail, when they repeat such incidences. There should be no bail for any accusation of rape by a woman. However, the law must also provide a strict punishment for those women, who take disadvantage of such laws and submit false complaints.
7. Germany & Japan were two nations totally devastated after 2nd world war, but they recovered fast because of their attitude of “nation First”. Unfortunately, till, such mindsets were missing in the ruling parties themselves. Even in the USA, when a person is accepted to be the citizen of that country, he/she needs to take an oath, to remain loyal to that nation. Some legal provisions are needed on this line for Bharat. Only then, the actions like those of Tukde Tukde Gang, refusal to say “Bharat Mata ki Jai” or arresting someone for saying “Jai Shree Ram” can be permanently stopped.
8. In all nomenclatures, the word “India” Must be Replaced by “Bharat”. The 42nd amendment should itself be amended to include that Hinduism itself being Secular; there is no need for having such extra word based on needs of some Western countries and media. The Country should declare itself a Hindu Nation, where total freedom is available for any and every religion. Simultaneously, “Common Civil Code” should also be applied. It does NOT make sense that for the criminal actions like theft, robbery, rape, murder or attempts for any or all of these, the Shariat law is NOT applicable to Muslims but only applicable where Muslim Men get upper hand and treat the females as 2nd grade members of their family. That must stop. Unnecessary gifts that were sprinkled by Congress led governments only to Muslims, by calling them minorities, Must also stop. In fact “Minority” itself must be defined. How can the 2nd largest religion be minority, ignoring Jews, Buddhists, Parsees, etc?
9. Laws related to Tax Evasion Must be made stricter. Income Tax should be removed and replaced by Bank Transaction Tax (BTT), which should be also in various levels. Those receiving or paying amounts through bank operation, say below one or two lakhs per annum should NOT have any BTT. The levels could be formed by taking help of the levels currently available for Income Tax. Simultaneously, laws related to Benami operation/holding should NOT be allowed.
10. Make online payments and transactions more attractive by introducing Cash Transaction Tax, which itself should be in different levels.

A lot of brain storming shall be needed to finalise some of these points in their final profile. I have NOT taken any point related to Defence related matter because the Modi government appears to have already worked on it and has a definite plan for the same.

Mera Bharat Mahan. Jai Hind. more  

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1. Pollution free environment both air and water by forestation and tree plantation and their maintenance.
2. Linking of rivers and canals starting from districts followed by states and finally national level.
3. Provide sufficient water and power supply across the nation
4. Simplification and rationalization of direct and indirect taxes and filing of returns.
5. Income tax can be replaced with expenditure tax so that every citizen contributes to the exchequer.
6. Digital payment beyond Rs.500/- is made mandatory.
7. Corruption is rampant in bullion, currency market, realty sector etc as cash plays a vital role, which need to be monitered very closely and streamlined.
8. Creation of jobs across industries across the country.
9. Education must be made compulsory till higher secondary at least.
10.Scholarships only to economically poor and not based on quotas and reservation for caste, creed or religion.
11. Standards of public schools must be raised and made at par with private schools
12. Syllabus of education must be revamped to include skill development to produce employable/workable citizen.
13. Similarly medical education has to be overhauled, increase the number of seats and thus increase the availability of doctors at reasonable/manageable ratio with the population
14. Principal of "No work No Pay" must be applied to all elected representatives as in the case of common workers.
15. Introduction of subsidized crop/farmer insurance covering entire nation.
16. Similarly subsidized medi claim for all citizens which will take care of their health hazards. Fraudulent claim from the hospitals or by individuals must be dealt heavily with fine and imprisonment. more  
I PC relating to Election Offenses; Public Tranquillity ; RAPE ; ADULTERY ; ILLEGAL/UNLAWFUL SEX ; MOLESTATION ; FISCAL FRAUDS ; DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ; INDECENT PRESENTATION OF WOMEN ::::; need to be Amended revising punishments to 21st Century. more  
Reservation at the outset must be restricted to people below poverty line. Creamy layers in the reservation quota should not enjoy any facilities on the basis of SC and ST
Retirement at 60 is justified but taking back the officer as a consultant on the same post is an extension of his job and it hinders the scope of another new aspirant to join the post and bring in new ideas. This is prevalent in many government jobs in the country. This need to be checked by the new government S.Sanyal more  
1. There should be specific legislation to control population in the country as it is giving rise to a number of avoidable problems.
2. Education should be made affordable for all and it should be mandatory for all elected representatives to ensure that each one gets educated and there mustn't be any drop-out in his area.
3. All ministries/departments must have UPDATED interactive websites which must display all information for common citizens.
4. All land records must be digitised in a fixed timeframe and 7/12 extracts must be made available online to all.
5. Process of reservation must be phased out in a systematic manner.
6. There must be clear-cut target for all courts right from lower court to Supreme Court to reduce pendency of cases in timebound manner.
7. There must be conscious attempt to usher in organic revolution in entire country by 2022.
8. Each ward should have monitoring committee compulsorily wich should have members from that ward only including willing citizens to supervise and monitor all development activities of that ward.
9. Farmers should be provided uninterrupted power supply alongwith quality seeds, manures etc. at subsidized rate on time. more  
Minority, SC,ST etc having benefitted by way of IAS,IPS, govt.jobs etc then their family and other
members should not be considered again. Ambedkar didn't rise to the coveted level by quota system. The quota system will make them not to work hard and compete. This will also to arrogance in them. It should be totally abolished more  
Retirement also to be conditioned for 58years age or 25years service to serve striving Families and to share unemployment in a JUSTIFIED METHOD more  
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