1 year of Modi Government 2.0 Performance: Survey Results

Many of you participated in the circle survey to evaluate performance of 1 year of Modi Government 2.0.

1 year of Modi Government 2.0 - Citizen Assessment

Kindly review and share with all your contacts and social media. Also, if you have inputs on what can the Government do to keep citizens safe from COVID-19 while protectig employment and SME shutdown, do share your inputs. For this will probably be the key challenge for the Government as it goes into year 2. more  

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Excellent performances under difficult circumstances.
The new challenges awaiting the govt is. 1- containment of spread,treatment of covid-19 infected freely,make available the rapid covid. - screening test on demand 2-Insist on demolishing of over crowded areas and slums and and let the migrant people be provided good accommodation by hireres of migrant labour.(Mumbai and Delhi and Ahmedabad are example of overcrowding due to industries not bothering about migrant labour.
3-Stop blackmarketing in medical supplies and drugs .
4-Do not flood people with freebies.Let the markets find their optimum solutions for all problems of production and marketing ,help only in raw material availability.
5-Swatch bharat to be reactivated.
6- Cap on hospitals bills as abnormal medical bills are being levied on hapless citizens.
7- Non pensioners who are senior citizens must be granted free health insurance by the central government.
8- collect covidcess.
9-Increase income tax base of small traders who are generating blackmoney under the Covid crisis.
10- Raise defence forces immediately by at least ten lakhs in all three services by granting 2-3 years service as emergency service due to Chinese and pakjstan stand. more  
These are the inevitable Duties of Govts even for future Livelihood more  
These polls are hardly representative. Any decisions based on these are likely to be incorrect. The people who vote in them are mostly urban middle-class people far removed from the majority of the population which is the urban or rural poor. Also the questions asked relate to matters which do not affect the common man directly. more  
# Need a more vibrant minister for Law & Justice
# The I&B ministry shall be some more assertive ;
# Federalism seems to be given over importance ;
# Accountability & Performance audit(Public infrastructure/utilities) by State govts requires to pass the credibility tests;
# School education needs to be Govt. supported across the boards ;
# Skilling, right from the middle school level is the need of the time ;
# NCC should be mandatory min. for 2 years btn. class 9 & 12.
# Cities should be de-congested thru. developing good infrastructures (health & education) facilities in Rural Bharat ;
# Income Tax reforms- Rationalisation
# Social Engineering - References should be on Classes instead of Castes . more  
There are many good things that the Modi government has done, like protecting the country from Pakistan and China, and other issues for the poor but the latter is by comprising the middle class rather than by schemes by the government for the poor.
The wrong steps taken by this government is the way the Covid crisis was taken. The migrants should have been made to return to their states so that so much money need not have been spent for their food and transportation. A window of five days should have been given with extra trains, buses, and whatever else to transport these migrants, Anyway see the over all Covid count in India. We are now figuring on the World list.
Mumbai and Pune require a very strict curfew for its people to stop the spread. I have written to the PM regarding this in the first week of April but nothing was done. It is seen that there are three things from which a person can get infected: crowded places, closed places and close contact with patients. Surely we can control this. What is the use of the police if they do not implement it. Let someone else take over from the centre and implement it. more  
I feel these political party like BJP does their own polling and give the a level from indian public. Do you believe that in 2020 67% people of India will support Modi government ? The status of india is like radderless ship and Government is enjoying their administrative power. No vision , no capability, no wise decission. Only thing to get admired on everything thouhgh the way is not correct. The list is very long of their failures. I am not pin pointing them . But it is the time for self restropication of Indian people , whether the have done wrong or right in choosing Modi again. The fate of India is dimming day by day and within 4 years this country will be like Siria OR Ethiopia. 100% CONFIRMED IF MODI CONTINUES. more  
so u want kejiwal or better Rahul or mamata banerjee or maybe maulana saad , or ??? any practical answer or just a failed common man frustrated by his frustratios , doing nothing and blaming everything on a person who can do something which never happened in 68 years more  
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