Afraid MyGov or even Swachh Bharat discussions may get held up due to roadblocks, importantly, people with ideas may not have time, or perhaps not have capability (my case age reasons) to handle the knitty gritty of web-based communications. Instead of discussion platforms at idea origination level, make them simply idea posting types. Discussion can be held by a well equipped senior group with originator(s) or proxies getting a special invite to participate.

Sometime he/ she may not be in a position to participate. Keep a deadline. Good ideas shd be discussed and incorporated in plans for Swachh Bharath

Nyayapati V.L.N. Balramdas more  

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Organisation of Swachch Bharath Campaign Considering Swachch Bharath Campaign is a gigantic Himalyan effort, the campaign needs to be systemitised using ICTS so that there are no commissions~omissions or wastage of resources. Toward this end, India's IT prowess can be tapped, perhaps businesses created centering on Swachch tenets. In this connection Govt resolve to mount a Digital India campaign is opportune and augurs well for mounting "Swachch" as an integral part of the overall Digital India reality. When I was in ONGC Dehradun (1963-64) we undertook a Capital Items Census of ONGC as mandated by the then Ministry of Petroleum % Chemicals. Vast assortment of imported oil drilling rigs, equipment and accessories were lying in the open for want of proper Assets/ Equipment Storage and Accounting Management system. The then FM TTK said unless he gets a quick first hand estimate of the value of all the expensive capital equipment purchased~imported by ONGC since inception, he will not sanction the annual budget for ONGC. ONGC then developed a Conceptual Framework for Census of Capital Items. ONGC was divided into Regions N E W S - a definition of capital item was made based on concensus, the capital equipment was divided into operating spheres of action like gelogical, geophysical, drilling, production, camping & field equipment et al and a complete enumeration was done fixing embossed metal tags incorporating the product/ equipment description incl its purchase price prasent value, thereafter the data was aggregated for the entire ONGC. We can first take a "Pilot of the State of Swachch Situation" in pre-defined SB-Pilots (Pilot Campaign Areas- 'SBPAs") , classify garbage, toilets and other cleanliness requirements by location, desired outcomes predicated on people's expectations. Here we may pitch on a desired level of disaggregation for each State, and create a "Facebook and Twitter Handle with a hashtag for each of these SBPAs". Govt will upgrade village level onwards the Sanitary Inspectors' jobs, train in them in computer-based appraisal of State of Cleanliness present expected next five years, as also report and monitor the progress of and state of Swachchata. An important dimension of SB campaign must be Public Education on the need for keeping environs clean. An entire Project report is needed to define the various actions required and methodology of implementation .... more next more  
SwachchBharat isn't just about physical cleanliness! It embraces a multi-faceted (or more simply put a triangular) paradigm viz., Swachchata in Mano~Vak~KayaKarma. Inasmuch as "stretching"~"Yoga" spark positive wholesome poise for clean, fulsome, result-oriented, Mano-Vak-KayaKarma (MVK) all in unision.., a l'lle stretch of imagination unfolds the need for greater perking up of Swachch campaign to embrace the duo of Mano~Karma. So far it has been "Vaak", words, some “cosmetic action” communicated top down via Speeches, Photo-ops, and the more recent gushing of CleanGanga funds flow fm Diaspora, some ripples, but sporadic is it? Mano Vakkaya Karma (MVK) is Mind, Word, and Deed. In Sanskrit it’s "TrikaranaShuddhi". Going by this Swachch isn't just about physical environs, but cleanliness (transparency, eye for social justice) in Governance as well. Given a sample of locationwise SBPIs, combination of Statistical Design of Experiments, Organisation & Methods (O&M)~ Motivational Research could be handy more  
SwasthyaBharat: The maiden outcome of SB Campaigns should therefore be "SwasthyaBharat"(HealthyBharat), success, no doubt, predicates across pan India on strong resolve “Mano~Vaakkaya~Karma” (MVK) made with pervasive “TrikaranaShuddhi”. At this juncture the “MVK Resolve” gungho of a Billion people, symbolising what the inner sub-terraneon reaches of Narayans’ conscience, has evolved fairly visibly into a historic inflexion point, -- ringing in “a Primordial OOM"-- as it were, of aspiring India's long-neglected "Need", yes “Need” of “being” "Swachch", not “having” “Swachch” (as Eric Fromm’s “To Be or To Have” put it) more  
The Flow Characteristics of Swachchata in terms of SwachchBharat Passion Intensities (SBPIs) First, SB Campaign Avatar can be a “Swachchata Awareness and Appreciation Promotion” (SAAP Campaign). Conceptualising the Swachchata Appreciation Flows, identifying and determining the key measurable parameters of such flows, viz., Location~Echelon levels~Needs--, might be guided by Dr Kurien's Milk Revolution strutures, and also visualising how Crude oil spudded in at well sites flows from Oil wells to Oil Terminal (OTs) SwachchBharat Priorities: Before figuring out desired “action”, it is necessary to comprehend the “lateral” dimensions of SwachchBharat. In governance terms, Swachchata simply is the avowed sought after transparency in Govt decisions and actions. Thus SwachchBharat has indeed a key endemic sphere of cleansing the country of “Corruption” and the long-pending appointment of a JANLOKPAL toward this end follows as a logical corollary. It is therefore important to appoint a JANLOKPAL first, before the JANLOKPAL is ring~fenced with a pre-appointed CBI Director. So first appoint a JANLOKPAL, steal the thunder from Cong critics SwachchBharat no doubt, should start with our sacred River Ganga. PM made a call to NRIs~PIO diaspora to contribute to Clean Ganga Fund at Madison Square Garden speech during US visit in Sept. The response is pouring. more  
SWACHCHBHARAT (SB) –SOME CONCEPTUAL INSIGHTS Is SwachchBharat in its Larva~Pupa stage of evolution? Answers may be cast in a conceptual mold as below: How to garner variegated flows of Passion Intensities (SBPIs) into SB identikits @different echelon levels predicates on good R&D. Prior to launching any R&D effort on SwachchBharat campaigns and projected outcomes, the canvas of present SB flows should be understood within a conceptual framework of structures and assignable actions. Thanx to efforts made thus far, an embryonic “SBgene” already got “seeded” with SwachchBharat Passion Intensities (PIs) of sorts at different places (and at Locational Echelon Levels). According to Reports, SB call is receiving an overwhelming response. Contributions to Clean Ganga Fund are reportedly "gushing" fm overseas. "Gushing" is a flow characteristic. This has to be galvanised into action. more  
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