Saving Water: Actions from Citizens and Government

According to Niti Aayog, Delhi is likely to run out of ground water by 2020 along with many other Indian cities. Per the report, India is the #1 extractor of ground water and if mitigation measures are not implemented, India will not have drinking water for 40% of the population by 2030.

Below are the key specific ways to save water in India as identified by you. On #World Environment Day, kindly list any other specific and practical ideas you may have to Save Water. Also, if you have specific inputs on what the new Jal Shakti Ministry under Modi Government 2.0 must do to address water scarcity in India, please share. We look forward to your inputs!

9 Ways for Common Citizens to Save Water

1.The waste water from the RO water purifiers and air conditioners should be used for house cleaning or for plants
2.Cars should be washed with buckets and not with water pipes
3.Instead of flushing after urination, water should be poured through a mug. This will save at least 3-5 litres of water every time
4.An empty plastic bottle could be placed inside the cistern – this will help minimize the water used in each round of flushing
5.Utensils should be washed with water in tubs and buckets, and not in running tap water
6.People should use water buckets instead of showers to take bath
7.People should use minimum water for washing hands, mouth, face, hands and feet etc.
8.Water overflow censors should be installed in all overhead tanks in houses to prevent wastage of water
9.Gardens/plants should be watered either early in the morning or late evening to reduce water loss due to evaporation
10.Vegetables should be washed in a container to save water instead of washing them in running water. more  

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Great to see PM taking this up. more  
Water generators from atmospheric humidity/water vapor, should be subsidized; so, that they can be commercially be successful, introduced in market & common people can easily afford them. more  
Govt. should make regulation for builders/contractors on the tap type used for fitting in residential households, to limit water wastage. Spray type taps can saves 90% of water. more  
Major Railway Terminus where coaches are washed should make arrangements to recycle water, same is the case with car wash centers. Pipelines should be taken care of and maintained. More than 20% water is wasted through leaks in pipelines and pilferage. No 24 hour water supply by government bodies. Limited water supply will make people to conserve water. Special checks to be carried out in hutment areas where faulty taps and leaking joints cause more water wastage as hutment dwellers are least bothered to stop wastage. Broken taps of Public toilets also add to wastage. more  
Car wash with jets in car workshops consume a lot of water to be banned ,manual washing with a bucket of water and soap with mopping towel is preferred. more  
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