Regulating Liquor Sales and Consumption: Inputs Sought

Liquor sales and consumption continues to be a dark area with direct linkage to tax evasion, crime, corruption, accidents and social issues. Below are some of the issues, root causes and solutions you had identified last year.

Please review them and if you have anything additional on solutions front to add, please do so by responding to this post.

We are in the process of compiling the whitepaper to be submitted to FSSAI, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and State Government stakeholders who have to take necessary actions to address this subject.

Thanks for your participation!

Liquor Sales and Consumption - Key Solutions

1.Identification MUST be asked for, while selling liquor and any non compliant shop must be closed (1 Temporary closure of 7 days followed by License Cancellation on 2nd violation)
2.Shop closing time of 10pm should be strictly enforced
3.People black marketing liquor should be caught and strictly punished
4.Shopkeepers and officers caught in tax and state excise evasion should be punished
5.FSSAI must ensure all liquor bottles have pictorial warnings and drunken driving warnings
6.License to open liquor shops in residential areas should not be issued
7.Gangs smuggling liquor across states should be taken action against
8.Drunk driving should lead to imprisonment
9.Media and NGOs should be roped in to create awareness against consumption of alcohol
10.State excise MUST be brought under GST
11.The nexus between shopkeepers and police, distributors, distillers and excise department should be broken
12.Monitoring process should be more strict with multiple checks and balances
13. Citizens should be easily able to report unauthorized activity observed

Liquor Sales and Consumption - Key Root Causes

1. Shop keepers overlook Government regulations on sale of liquor
2. Sellers only care about selling more and nothing else
3. They don’t ask buyers for their age proof
4. Policemen take bribes and allow liquor sellers to break rules
5. The excise inspectors accept bribes to let go of chalans
6. Corrupt nexus between shopkeepers and police, distributors, distillers and excise department
7. Liquor is one of the biggest revenue generating arm for state Government and hence they ignore the working of ‘liquor mafia’
8. Liquor Mafia is also a source of political funding and hence most political parties aren’t keen to take action
9. Liquor Mafia is also a key root cause for crime. 50% crime in a city can be attributed to it.
10. Some state taxes on liquor are lower than the others which leads to smuggling
11. Liquor shops and very often visited by anti-social elements who create a bad impact on the surrounding residents
12. Movies portray liquor as a glamorous thing
13. Liquor slows down the human response systems which leads to fatal accidents
14. Liquor ban in past has usually resulted in a lot of black money, and huge tax losses for the Government
15. There is lack of effective enforcement in states
16. Heavy penalties on liquor crimes are missing
17. Lack of transparency in the tax and other excise duties
18. Lack of general awareness among people

Liquor Sales and Consumption - Key Issues

1. Minors can buy liquor very easily
2. Liquor is sold illegally in some shops without license
3. Some shops sell liquor even after the stipulated time duration of 10pm everyday
4. Liquor is available even on dry days by paying a premium
5. Lot of corruption in the excise department
6. Massive tax evasion occurring under State Excise
7. Tax evasion money going into hands with anti-social and anti-national objectives
8. Liquor mafia control the excise department and also support funding of political parties
9. Shopkeepers are let off for excise violations by taking bribes
10. Liquor is smuggled across states
11. Liquor shops in residential areas create a bad atmosphere
12. Youngsters in their teens are getting addicted to liquor
13. A lot of accidents and deaths happen due to drunk driving
14. Consumption of liquor causes various diseases
15. Many fights happen due to excessive consumption of alcohol
16. Fake liquor causes many deaths more  

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Liquor consumption is rapidly increasing due to social isolation and desire to flaunt modern. It is big source of revenue and no state govt can afford to restrict liquor consumption in their state. more  
Restricting to Star Hotels and Bar & Restaurants is only remedy more  
Key root cause #8 says it all and is one of the main reasons why things are the way they are. more  
It is important to make students (schools, colleges and universities, formal /non-formal etc.) and the ordinary civilians be made aware through vast network of media as well as educational institutions to conduct various types of awareness programmes by inviting the doctors as well as the reformed, deaddicted alcoholics to pass strong messages how consumption of alcohol and allied products are harmful for the self, family, Community, society and the nation at large with several worst consequences in different areas of life and living. Inviting doctors and deaddicted motivators would create more impact than others. We need to catch the young first who will in turn control their family members et all.

We may rope in some funds from CSR of the like-minded corporate houses who believe in these projects and programmes to make the family and society a better place to live in.
Massive regular use of media is sine qua non to create huge awareness including Mahatma Gandhi's talismanic statement : "Naseli padarth sharir aur Atma dono ki hi nasth karta hay".
Jai Hind, Jai Bharat more  
History says ban in India doesn't work rather it increases demand. Remove regulations and permit raj. Make it available freely but sell it only thru star rated hotel shops...who ever has money to afford they can drink or buy. Drunken driver- min 6 months jail without bail. more  
Actually any type of alcohol, tobacco or drug is complete abuse to human lives as well society, from my point of view it must be completely eliminated from our country.
But since all state government generates high revenue from these types of business hence openly all state government are always in favor of sale of liquor or tobacco.
From my points no suggestion for sale of liquor instead it must be completely vanished from all over india we really wanna see developed and healthy india. more  
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