Need for Hotel Services Standards in India - Addl Inputs

Last year, many of you participated in the consultation of issues regarding the Hotel industry in India Below are the key issues, root causes and solutions for the state of hoteling industry in India. Keeping them in mind, we would now like you to give inputs so Service Standards for Hotels can be set in India. We will then work with Bureau of India Standards and Ministry of Tourism to see how best the same can be achieved. We look forward to your inputs!

Hotels in India - Solutions Proposed
1.A regulatory authority should be set up to regulate the tariff and operations of the hotels in India
2.Government should come up with a structured plan to bridge the demand-supply gap
3.Government should set a high season charge for the hotels area wise
4.Hotels should be strictly instructed not to charge beyond the high season surcharge on top of their regular fares
5.Hotel should be liable to pay a financial penalty to the customer if they do not deliver the facilities promised at the time of booking
6.The government should prescribe some basic standards of hygiene which the hotels should be strictly asked to follow
7.A phone/email helpline or a circle type concept should be created to make it easy for tourists to report issues against hotels
8.Customer reviews on social media sites should be considered while renewing the licenses of the hotels
9.If an instance of a hidden camera in a hotel is found, the license of that hotel should be immediately suspended and criminal enquiry should be initiated against them
10.A major drive should be started to catch hotels running without proper licenses
11.Hotel staff should mandatorily give customer service lessons to their staff once every year
12.Government officials should be penalized for giving approval and certification to establishments that do not meet the necessary requirements
13.Government should make a policy on star ratings specifying minimum requirement for each category and then have an independent authority certifying it.

State of Hotels in India - Root Causes

1.There is a lack of an authority to regulate the operations/working of the hotels in India
2.Hotel rates are not determined by the kind of services they provide
3.There is no reference available through which the hotels are supposed to decide their room rates
4.They intentionally keep their rack rates very high
5.Most hotels play hand in glove with the local authorities and grease their palms to ride over the rules and regulations
6.Most of the times hotels caught even in serious customer complaints, easily get away with them
7.Hotels try to make the most from the helpless tourists
8.Hotel rates are high because demand outstrips supply
9.Political patronage is a big root cause of irresponsibility and mismanagement of most of the hotels in our country
10.Many hotels are set up to convert the black money to white
11.Most hotels in India dont believe in creating hsopitality experiences.

Hotels in India - Key Issues

1. Hotels charge whatever rates which are very high
2. They fleece customers in need
3. Rack rates are always abnormally high
4. Many hotels do not maintain even the basic standard of hygiene
5. Reports of hidden cameras in hotels is quite common
6. Many online hotels bookings have hidden charges
7. Hotels display pictures on their websites which mislead the customers
8. Many small hotels do not imply with the health and safety policy
9. Many hotels run without complete licenses
10. Hotels increase their room rates multi folds during the peak season
11. The general hotel refund policy on cancellations is very strict
12. Hotel staff is rude with the customers
13. Some hotels display a fake star rating. more  

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online travel portals should be held responsible for any lack of support or service. Today, they only act as middlemen. This would also ensure that they do their due diligence before selecting a hotel for their site. more  
Hotels should give proper accomodation, dress etc. to the servers, cleaners and cook and should be paid at least the minimum wages. Most hotels in south, in order to save costs, have servers and cleaners from north eastern states and other northern states.They stay in depleted accommodation and hardly get day offs. more  
The Solutions suggested are good. If they are implemented without corruption element on the part of the concerned Govt. officials it will be well and good. Hotels can be graded and things can be fixed accordingly. Except No Hotels should be spared from the proposed ambit of the Law. more  
Sure it’s needed ,apart from food handling, preservation ,cooking standards in the catering section of hotel management .The army public health standards may be adapted since they are time tested and of high standard.
Even cooks health exam and immunisation status for GI diseases monthly is included apart from food handlers. more  
In India, we have enough regulations but no will to comply. People are substandard so how can you expect the hotels to be any better? We are accustomed to live in filth, so it is a bit too much to think that our hotels will be neat and clean.

I have stayed in many hotels around the world. Irrespective of the room or food cost, you can be mostly assured that they provide clean rooms, nice toilets and hygienic food. Some of my colleagues in Malaysia (where hotels of comparable standards are much less expensive than India) used to always wonder why Indian hotels are so expensive. The answer is the tax component which goes to the government.

BJP's platform used to be less government and better governance. By creating more regulatory and inspection authorities, we will have not only more government interference but also more avenues for corruption. With that, there will be no improvement at all and we will still have the same dirty and unkempt hotels but charges will be increased to cover these additional bribes.

Remember the TRAI fiasco of trying to regulate cable TV charges? Now people have to pay more for getting less channels. more  
Failure in enforcement of Laws , Lack of Citizen Responsibility are the issues to be fast addressed more  
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