Education Services in India - Key Issues

India currently does not have Standards for Education Services and this includes, school education, college education, training centers as well as tuition and coaching classes. With this post, we would like to seek your specific inputs on what are the issues you or your family members have experienced with schools, colleges, training centers, coaching classes and even online education sites/apps. The idea is to understand all issues and then have a separate discussion soon on how standardization can help improve education services in the country. You are welcome to share the link of this post with family, friends and social media contacts so they can also participate.

We look forward to your inputs!!

As a reference, below is the format of discussion held in the past on college education in India with issues, root causes and solutions.

College Education in India – Key Solutions

1.More colleges should be opened under public-private partnership
2.The standards for establishing new colleges should be well framed and implemented
3.Teachers should undergo a rigorous interview process before being hired
4.They should also mandatorily undergo refresher courses every year to get up to speed with the latest
5.Colleges should undergo an audit every 3 years and if their performance is not found satisfactory, their affiliation should be cancelled
6.Admission process should be completely computerised
7.The ministry should make a set of parameters for each course which should be followed by universities across the country
8.Ministry of HRD should create a circle for College Education for easy information exchange
9.Programs should concentrate equally on theoretical and practical approach
10.Courses should be made job oriented
11.The private universities should charge fees decided by an independent regulatory body created by HRD ministry
12.The rackets of selling fake degrees should be busted
13.Funds provided to the Government run colleges should be increased
14.An independent system to grade colleges should be created so that the students know the reality of a college before applying for it
15.Skill based learning should be given more importance than theory based learning
16.It is important that our colleges are linked to Industries and student are exposed to working on live projects
17.Academic audit should be introduced to evaluate performance of the staff
18.To avoid students moving from their hometown to metros to study courses, all programs must have a uniformity and of equal importance
19.Corporate players should be roped in to adopt, nurture and mentor 2-3 institutions
20.Securing education loans should be made easier
21.Syllabus should be revised as per the need of the hour/industry.

State of College Education in India - Key Root Causes

1.India has a very large young population
2.The number of students that seek admission in college every year is huge
3.Standards for the establishment of colleges are not well framed and implemented
4.Teachers do not undergo a rigorous recruitment process
5.Teachers are not capable enough to impart job oriented training to students
6.The non-deserving faculty provides a batch of non-deserving candidates
7.Many people at important positions in the administration misuse their powers to make money on the side
8.Many colleges are run by politicians and their relatives
9.Most private colleges only teach courses which are in high demand
10.No set standard laid by the Government for different colleges imparting the same course
11.Private colleges are mostly run as money making machines
12.Government colleges do not get enough funds to modernize their infrastructure
13.There is a lack of flexibility in our education structure
14.Central Government has tended to decide for and dictate to teachers/professors with focus on political/financial gain instead of developing educational processes
15.Respect and recognition of teachers/professor by people in power is completely missing
16. There is no central system to grade colleges
17.There are very few independent rating agencies to evaluate and rank colleges
18.Courses are not revised with industry needs in mind
19.Grading systems across university are not standardized
20.Absence of skills based learning for undergraduates and graduates.

College Education in India – Key Issues

1.There are not enough colleges to accommodate the number of students who seek admission every year
2.Teacher quality in colleges is poor
3.Colleges get licenses by bribing officials
4.Colleges ask for huge donations at the time of admissions
5.Deserving candidates don’t get admission
6.The option for students to choose courses which match their aptitudes is very limited
7.Wide variations in inputs across universities for the same level of qualification
8.Courses taught are not job oriented
9.Courses are theoretical with the practical aspect missing
10.Inadequate facilities in colleges
11.Fees structure of private colleges are very high
12.Not many colleges offer scholarships
13.Degrees including PHD can be bought in our country
14.Colleges are run like business units
15.System is producing too many while collar job seekers than technical hands. more  

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Even Colleges in States are not following Minimum Standards and Conditions. Students are suffering. Governments shall put an end Compulsorily CONDITIONING CERTIFICATE OF INAUGURATION AND COMMENCEMENT even hereafter imposing Heavy punishments to Officers Responsible. more  
Major issues are--
1. Quality of education, due to poor teacher quality and training
2. Poor equipment and infrastructure for all round developments of students
3. Poor upkeep of facilities, due to poor knowledge and lack of dedication, as good beginning starts from school and we can change our next generation for better by giving basic knowledge on social behaviour, road discipline, caring for others etc
4. Proper training facilities and laboratories in colleges, universities and ITI as well
Hope we can start with these soonest, while improving teaching of old Indian traditions and culture, instead of teaching Mughal and British history only more  
Now, Education system is a business hob. It is a source of generation of income. The cost of service is no more a charitable work. The affordable, Government established Schools, Colleges, Engineering and Medical Colleges are being ignored to get a degree from private International Schools and educational Institutes at a cost. more  
1. Make a body like CAG for Audits or request CAG to audit Pvt. players.
2. How an entitiy build 3-5 schools in just 25-30 years.
3. Institutions increase beyond the inflation rate i.e 10-30% whereas institutes should increase only 3-4%.
4. An entity could not takeaway more than 15% at home(which is currently in Norms of UP Fee Regulatory Act)but, there is a hole/privity that the Act also allow the entity to invest on other school buildings or make new schools which is an unstoppable/ceaseless process. more  
In '80 s itself SC o Ordered that Educational Institutions are not to be Business Oriented in making Profits.
There are other directions throughout the decades on Fee, Capitation Fee/Charges etc.
But, since Political Rulers ever backed by Businessmen SINCE '80 s, THIS PRIME AND ESSENTIAL CONSTITUTIONAL MANDATE OF EDUCATION which only builds Adequate means of Livelihood ALSO SET ASIDE AND IGNORED. more  
Move away from marks for determining the success or failure of a student. Is it necessary to have board exams for Std. 5 and 8 (Karanataka is planning to introduce the same). The schools aim should be to find out what traits the student has and guide him/her accordingly and not asking them to get 100%. more  
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