Ban on e-ciggerates - Can regular ciggerates and chewable tobacco be next?

The Government via an ordinance this week has banned e-ciggerates. This is a good move and will help with young, however e-ciggerates were rarely used in India. The big causes of cancer in the country are regular ciggerates and chewable tobacoo i.e gutka.

Per your inputs, though there is a ban on chewable tobacco, it is ineffective and 86% citizens can still find chewable tobacco products in their city. Below is the link to the survey report. Do review it and share specific inputs that Modi Government 2.0 must take to enforce this ban. We can save a lot of lives which otherwise would yield to some form of cancer by acting in this area.

Chewable Tobacco Ban Survey

Do share as wide as you can and let us get the Government to act in this area. more  

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In addition to my previous comment: The Police need to be forced to enforce existing laws. A cigarette cart was forcibly removed from outside a group of Cafes only to reappear a week later... Further that cart was supplying numerous smokers outside the Cafes, so anyone desiring to enter any particular Cafe had to walk through a haze of 2nd & 3rd Hand Smoke, along with cigarette butts and ash littering the whole floor and footpath outside the Cafes.

The Cafe owners/manager are afraid to confront Smokers for many reasons... the least of which is aggression from the Smoker[s] or loss of business.

As with any Law... unless the Police are FORCED to Enforce these laws then what good will they be??? more  
Regular Cigarettes should have been first!!! Nicotine is highly addictive - [the active ingredient in E-Cigarettes] but the DANGER to the Tobacco Smoker & Chewer is 1000 times worse. What to speak of the 2nd & 3rd hand effect from the Smoker being more hazardous to anyone in close proximity and therefore inhales the smoke or dust in the air.

In 2010 India had more than 200 million tobacco consumers; only 13% of them consume it in the form of cigarettes, whereas 54% consume it in the form of beedis and the rest in raw/gutka forms. Nowadays the use of cigarettes has increased and the use of beedis decreased.

Those figures mean what? Someone is making a lot of money from the fact that even though Tobacco is a 'controlled substance' it is legal... They also mean that there is a lot of disease in our society.

From the Government and the Indian Tobacco Company - through to the Health Industry Hospitals & Doctors who profit from the side-effects of Tobacco toxicity - a lot of businesses and successive governments have profited immensely from the sale, use and diseases caused by Tobacco.

The only people that suffer are the citizens!

We must rid ourselves of this curse that has been visited upon us from the British East India Company!!! more  
Let us try to to understand what is the reason the youngster gets hooked into this chewing of tobacco. Most of the tobacco chewing population are from low income to middle income group. The product is cheap and easy availability therefore poor can afford. Why the new entrant get hooked so easily? When these fresh young kids associates with their friends who is already hooked they lured them freely to taste and that is the beginning. Now problem is how to tackle this? These young kids has no clue about the danger lies ahead. There parents may also be affected therefore no lesson from home. School does not spend time to educate them of this danger because they are not equipped. Therefore only way to curb is to ban production. Now how to do that? You can ban by law but who will implement in mega scale like our country which is so large and deep. It is physically impossible to manage the enforcement up-to deep village level. There may be two options. Those manufacturers when caught to be spent life long in jail or develop something else to replace which is cheap and gives the same kick without any side effect. Think it over, It is a serious issue and considerable amount of our population are victim of this menace and also undue load on our public medical system as well as financial burden to those poor families. more  
Without the individual's inner awareness and awakening, chances of success appear rather rare..... more  
Smoking, Drinking and pro... are age old practices. History is the witness...... Banning of these activities may lead to corrupt practices......To me, it is a social problem.... Persuasion may lead to some improvement. more  
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