Solutions to stop stubble burning and the deadly air in Delhi NCR and North India

Delhi NCR and many parts of Northern India have continued to breathe the deadly air with little respite. On a few days the AQI levels even touched the very dangerous 1000+ mark

Point solutions like Odd-Even cars in Delhi are only playing a limited role with the biggest issue being stubble burning by farmers in Punjab, Haryana, UP with Punjab clearly at the forefront. Residents of North India are struggling and that includes young children, many of who will have irreversible damage caused to their health for no fault of theirs. Who will be accountable? There is an urgent need for the Government's to collectively work together in mission mode and resolve this problem.

With this post, we would like to seek your very specific inputs on what should be done to address the stubble burning issue so we do not see a repeat of this next year.Below are some of your previous inputs on actions needed to address stubble burning and pollution. We would like to share collective inputs with the Central Government soon and request them to take this up mission mode.

We look forward to your inputs!

Immediate Measures needed to stop Stubble Burning and Deadly Air

1.State Government(s) must remove their paddy sowing notification and ensure farmers have enough water to sow paddy in early June
2.Stop free power to farmers and instead provide power subsidy if they harvest non-paddy crops
3.To ensure enough water is available for farmers, Central and State Governments must work together and transport water if necessary
4. Community pools of seeders must be created at panchayat level so just in case the cycles are disrupted, seeders are used to sow the next crop
5. Government must also create a stubble pick up service in partnership with industry or directly
6.Central Government must issue orders to State Governments to ensure water availability for farmers so sowing and harvesting cycles allow for natural stubble decomposition.
7.Heavy penalty for burning stubble must be introduced and created awareness about and should require either a payment of INR 100,000 per acre or seizure of land for up to 3 years.


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Best is, govt. must collect stubble without any cost to farmers and then do something on how to dispose it off. Just like Landfills for garbage of big cities, Govt. can make Stubble Mountain on waste land and simultaneously, decide and implement projects. Best would be to make compost fertilizer and give to farmers back at landed costs. There may be many agencies (Private) to take up this project if Govt. gives land for the same. This can be immediately done without any delay. more  
प्रदूषण पर भाषण बंद होने चाहिए, सभी जानते हैं कि इन दिनों ठंडी हवा और गर्म हवा दिल्ली के आसपास मिलती हैं और धुंध बनती है। दिल्ली में चलने वाले लाखों वाहनों और फैक्ट्रियों से निकलने वाले धुएं से हालत खराब होते हैं। पेड़ों पर पानी छिड़काव किया जा रहा है उससे स्थिति बदतर हो जाती है। कुछ दिनों के लिए फैक्ट्रियों को बंद किया जाना चाहिए, कचरे को जलाने एवं ठंड से बचने के लिए जलाये जाने वाले अलाव पर रोक लगनी चाहिए। तभी स्थिति नियंत्रण में आने की संभावना है। more  
Stubble should be used to generate electricity. The exhaust gases from the burning of the stubble should be scrubbed before being vented. more  
Increase forest cover and its density all over India - Plantation for records must be stpped and actual live trees should be counted more  
stubble can be converted to compost outside the field in shorter time and used back in farming.
stubble with cow dung/Coal can be used in thermal power plant.
stubble can be processed to prepare food for animals.
stubble can be used for growing mushroom. more  
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