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As per information downloaded from their site.
"Then there are worries too! Concerning home, office, finance, health, education, children, boss, parents, loss & theft of all things important, so on and so forth! Life in general!

What we know is that there is strong desire to stay connected. Therefore, an inherent need for always having some help around! Imagine being caught in situations when you really have no one to help? Must it be then, that you only 'leave it to God' or blame it on your 'destiny'? Or can there really be someone to assist you, taking care of your most important worries in that given situation?

We spoke to our friends, we researched with consumers - to understand their day-to-day anxieties. We even talked to 'ourselves'! We delved into our own experiences, learnt from consumers their experiences and uncovered needs, some obvious and some, latent! Latent because they didn't ever think a solution could exist! It was no surprise that these were mostly commonplace worries that affect us all!
And somewhere out of all this emerged, "OneAssist" - could OneAssist be an assistance platform for anxieties that effects our daily lives particularly in those areas that when things snap, leave you numbed? Almost gasping for help! Could OneAssist be your friend whom you can rely on at all times? Most definitely in moments of crisis and most certainly in organizing your life better!We are happy to present our services to Indian consumers. Please see our products, avail them and let OneAssist help you in living your life without interruptions!"
2.00 / 5 1 Reviews
Andheri - Kurla Road
707-708-709, Acme Plaza, Andheri – Kurla Road, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 05
As seen the company operations seems to be confusing. As per the complaints available on the public domains it seems the company is offering insurance scheme possibly tying up with some insurance company. The customer usually buy these services at a premium at the time of purchase. The retailers charge the money from the consumer on the pretext that the item would be insured for theft and accidental damage. However, it seems the company takes claim from the insurance company and repair the set. Their consumer grievance seems to be worst as per the complaint stated on various public domain. A complaint available on the public domain is interesting and is being shared here as the modus operandii remains the same.
"I have purchase a Mi protect plan (Mi.Com Protection Plan 6000-8000) while purchasing mi redmi 2 mobile phone which has been manage by oneassist.
Recently my mobile phone screen was damaged so i claimed the insurance and the claim id is SR#1355143 which was issued by March 31 2016.. my claim has been approved and oneassist also picked up my damaged phone from my home .
then they have given me estimate to repair my broken screen and asked me to pay INR 312 as processing fees which i have already paid to them . its been almost 3 months i haven't received my mobile phone back with new screen. on 5th june one assist executive came to my home with similar device which i was submitted to them for claim but the phones imei number and serial number was not matching so i did not accept the phone since it didn't belong to me to get a answer i called oneassist customer support and raised my complained regarding same but they did not had any update on the situation although they told me they will look in to the matter and correct it.
I waited for their answer but no one bothered to update me on situation after a week i again called oneassit customer support and raise my issue but again the team did not had any answer. After few days again once assist try to deliver me the mobile phone which didn’t belong to me , I asked the executive why you are again repeating same mistake so the executive ask me to call his superior Mr Sangram 7738078119 I asked him why I have been delivered the handset which doesn’t belong to me . Mr Sangram answered it has been given as a temporary phone as courtesy to use it . then I immediately called oneassist customer support to ask explanation why they are not giving me my original handset back its been already more than 2 months delayed, but like always they did not had any answer they told me they will check with backend team and let me know after calling them multiple time they told me the handset iemi number and serial number has been changed because they have change the motherboard of my phone . I asked them why they have changed my mother board when the claim was made only to replace the screen. The oneassist executive replied my phones motherboard was damaged that’s why they had to change. I told them I was never notified for such damage the only problem with my phone was the screen for which I had raise the claim neither I mentioned them that mother board is faulty in my claim or oneassist told me or inform me in 2 months tenure that there is problem with motherboard the estimate was only given for broken screen.
I have told them strictly I am not going to accept such device in which they have made changes in my motherboard it may lead to future problem and I need brand new phone replacement my phone was only 2 months old it never had any motherboard issue this is not acceptable. I have been following up with oneassist since almost 2 months now, to give me back my handset their call center representative never had any clarity on the situation they always fail to give me a proper solution I have all the recording how the one assist customer service has harassed me pls help me get back my handset replacement at any cost I will not accept the handset in which they have change the mother board . " In view of the foregoing it is essential to be careful while dealing with this company.

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Our Vision

The MiVeda vision is to become a market leader in providing natural, safe and healthy products for nutrition, personal care, cosmetics and household care throughout India.
Further, MiVeda has a vision to provide an opportunity for all the people of India to change their lives and lifestyle by becoming part of the MiVeda team.

Our Philosophy
At MiVeda, our philosophy is to provide safer non-toxic personal care, cosmetic, household products and nutritional products that can potentially contribute to the well-being and quality of life of our customers and the community.

MiVeda achieves this philosophy by providing products which:
• Do not contain any potentially harmful or toxic ingredients
• Are environment friendly
• Are not tested on animals.

Our objective is also to share our business and success with our customers and provide the people of India with:
• An opportunity to enhance and enrich their lifestyle;
• The ability to generate income from one of the best and highest paying home-based business opportunities available in India;
• The chance to achieve financial freedom and security.

Our Values

Our Environment
MiVeda is a "green" company.
We care for the environment and use packaging materials that can be safely recycled or disposed of in landfill. We are working towards a better future for the earth and our all our families. All ingredients used in our products can be considered "earth friendly" and have no deleterious effect.

Our people
We are passionately committed to making a difference in people's lives with high quality products, while our business model can help our distributors achieve financial independence, greater freedom and improved health.
We reflect our values by providing an honest, professional, friendly and caring service whilst at all times remaining focused on the best interest of our distributors, customers and their families.

Our Integrity
We maintain complete integrity and honesty in all our dealings. And, we believe in honest and clear communication with our stakeholders, distributors and customers.

Our Name
Our company name “MiVeda” was created after a long and thoughtful process as the founders believed it encompassed the philosophies and values of the company.
“Mi” [pronounced my] has multiple meanings.
• “My Vision” – which the founders have for the company.
• “My Opportunity” – for distributors who want to embrace the benefits our company provides. This opportunity allows distributors to take ownership of the chance to change their lives and all the ideals we stand for.
• “My Life” – which reflects the philosophy, knowledge and wisdom our company has about natural, healthy and safe products which we provide to our customers and all the community.
• "My Health" – which reflects the chance distributors have to take control of their health by using safe, non-toxic products as well as fantastic nutritional products.
“Veda” [pronounced vayda] represents the fundamental philosophy of “vedic” principles.
• "Veda" – is a term generally accepted to describe “Knowledge”, “Wisdom” and in some contexts “Science”. There are four Vedas known to mankind (The Rig Veda,The Sam Veda,The Atharv Veda and The Yajur Veda). MiVeda founders especially chose this term to reflect the scientific knowledge and wisdom which led to the use of the selected ingredients and formulae used in the MiVeda products which are natural, healthy and safe.
• “Veda” – allows people to embrace the goodness of the ancient Indian Ayurveda and reflects our philosophy of promoting long healthy life by using natural, healthy and safe products as well as dietary supplements that provide all the proper nutrition your body requires in the modern world.
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Maharaja Agrasen Shopping Complex, 226, Vijay Vihar Phase II, Rohini, New D
Provide IT solutions to small, medium and large organizations
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5/86 D, College Main Road, Melaiyur
Jyodiv Technology Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading Digital Marketing ,Web designing & Ecommerce solutions company.visit us @

We promise to develop the best standard of applications so that you shall never have to pause your business.

We are planning to be a preferred Designing, Branding & online marketing solutions company in INDIA.
We are a team of creative experts providing ecommerce solutions. Websites that are user-friendly and effective. With a commitment to deliver a consistent output by utilizing the best resources, we assure success in a competitive field. Understing the customers needs we create innovative solutions.
We are providing best digital marketing solutions to promote your brand & revenue generation .

Services offered
1-Website Designing(static, corporate)
2-Ecommerce Solutions
3-Digital Marketing
4-Internet Marketing training
5-Search engine optimization
6-social media optimization
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RTO chowk ,Near cattle market,Bolangir
Caters all kinds of printing and designing needs.
4.00 / 5 1 Reviews
The Corenthum, A-41, Sector 62, Noida, Delhi 201301
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