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Traffic jams from signal junction of N. M. College to Bhaidas Auditorium and opposite street...
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Bhaidas Auditorium,Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056, India
Most corrupt entity. The interest of road users is last in their priority. Their sole purpose is to play hide and seek and trap unsuspecting vehicles who commit an offence unwittingly very often due to bad signages, no lane markings, non-functioning traffic lights and pot-holed roads. They have failed to curb the menace of unruly motor-bike riders who pose a threat not only to themselves but to road users at large.
In Mumbai all types of Police needs to be Policed that's the Irony

1. Mumbai Traffic Police: The only Traffic Police across the country that works hiding about 100 m from the signals to generate revenue for the department and also for themselves. Once I was charged for changing lane (un-intentionally) near Powai, the constable told me that he has a target of 20 challans per day. Now as we write, don't you think the Sr Officers / Commissioner / CM don't know about this. This is another Irony.
While working on revenue / bribe collection its clear that traffic control takes a back seat - so traffic dysfunction has a built in mechanism for dysfunction / lack of control - messing of traffic.

2. The other focus of Mumbai Traffic Police is Tow-Away of vehicles in "Non Parking Areas' - Again the focus is Revenue / Bribe. After charging about 1% (1 lakh for a 10L car) in terms of Octroi & Road Tax. there are "No Parking Zones" but minimal / Nil Parking Zones around market areas. Who has to provide for "Parking Areas" Traffic Police or BMC. The so called Law Enforcers need to provide "Parking Zones" near all "No Parking Zones" then expect the public to abide by parking rules.
There is a need for Strong Will in Law Enforcers to Be Honest & Encourage Public for Following the Rules

3. Around Certain commercial areas like Mohd Ali Road, Behram Baug, Hindustan Naka (many others) - There is no visible intention of Traffic Police to dis-allow unauthorised parking not even once in a year so these areas have perpetual traffic jams.

Now Tell me, if You n Me know this - IPS / PPS / PCS officers - CM etc - Are they ignorant or Helpless???
Mumbai was earlier a paradise for drivers. Was best in discipline on road among metros. All other metros used to appreciate traffic discipline in Mumbai.

Now a days, with Rik drivers disrupting traffic - as always in hurry to take passenger to destination so he gets another fare asap. In the process, he neither bothers for traffic rules nor traffic signals nor driving discipline nor bother for other drivers on road. Alternatively, if rik driver is looking for passengers, he will stop in the middle of the road so the passenger can board the rik or take a u turn any where any time irrespective of others driving around them or red signals. why cant we discipline rik drivers!!

Mobike riders too do not bother for traffic signals. Honks to break the lane discipline and be first to cross the signal even if red, even at the cost of a scratch on a car body if not enough room for them to move forward between traffic lanes. Every one in a hurry to reach destination.

Traffic police turns a nelson eye to all these issues. WHY cant they discipline both mobike riders and auto rik drivers who are menace on road and create unnecessary tension on road!! Causing accidents !!

Traffic police prime job now seems to be - hide beyond signals and catch car drivers if any one passes the signal even after it turns red !! Only revenue earning !!

Due to the menace explained above, its impossible for old senior citizens and ladies to walk on roads or cross the roads. Cant the traffic police stand near the signal and make sure signal discipline is maintained!! Their presence in white is good enough for any driver to drive with discipline.

Traffic police need to do a lot to stop the way the rot on the road is happening.

------- Edited on 2017-01-16 -------

TOO MANY motorcycles, too MANY POT HOLES ON cross road signals, too FEW policemen of duty AND TOP IT ALL BYevery one in a hurry, no patience.

All these attributes compounded to a "master of chaos" on ALL roads.

All of a sudden a mobike zooms past you from wrong direction even when signal is red. No one to check them. Policemen have no say!! No fear of cameras on roads (are they active). Your car gets scratched and the mobike zooms past without an apology, they Knock down a lady and does not bother. Instead, they drive away from scene of accident in a hurry to shirk responsibility.

Too dangerous to drive a car on roads and walk on foothpaths.

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Manufacturer : Rupali Industries
BARC, Government of India device removed around 20 to 25 per cent of total dissolved solid, in addition to stubbing the bacteria. “E.coli, which is one of the fatal bacteria, is also neutralised by this device”
NATURE LABS is promoter of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) developed a low cost alternative water purifier better than the UV counterparts and also does not need power supply for producing clean water. High quality 7 stages India's Best RO Water Purifier Unit manufacture. B.NOVA - Produces Quality Water Purifiers at low cost: The Only Answer for Pure Drinking Water
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Very Terrible condition of the schools over here. Students only go there for attendance so they could get the benefits nothing apart from this happen there.
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Arj Kanya Madhya Vidalaya, islampur , nalanda bihar
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