Kolkata Police

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Kolkata Police
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Kolkata Police Headquarters, Kolkata, India 700013
Present traffic control system are not reach the satisfaction level due to some unscientific approach. That should be required new steps and correct the attitude of some police personals.
The parking space under the Gariahat Flyover has become a slum, that too the area adjacent to the Police Station. The slum dwellers cook there, eat their meals there, answer the call of nature there and procreate there. It is really an eyesore. Before Kali Puja of 2015 the PS held meetings with residents of the area and talked about the noise levels allowed whilst bursting crackers. At the end of the meeting some residents raised the issue of vagabonds who had settled under the flyover. The answer given was that they have the protection of NGOs and hence the police cannot touch them! This was the most disingenuous "excuse" I had ever heard for ineptitude and inefficiency. I was later told that these people cater to certain needs and so they are allowed to remain there right next to the thana! Of course I do not believe that and only took it as a cynical comment.
The police is fully controlled by the hooligans of the TMC. Police can not take punitive actions for any violations by the ruling party cadres and their hooligans. If any one threatens you, and you counter him with a police complaint, and yet he is defiant, you can be sure he is part of the TMC nexus. It is total anarchy by the TMC, their cadres and their hooligans.
No improvement can be expected until the police works impartially, professionally, and with a sole purpose of providing service to the society. They need to unshackle themselves from the clutches of the ruling party, their cadres, and their hooligans.
Although there is a Police station in our area with lots of vehicles and motorcycles, they are rarely any visible road patrols. Lots of hooliganism goes on the streets, specially at night and loud speakers are used at every opportunity which goes on till 1:00 AM with no check.
Luckily my family is not affected by hooliganism or by syndicate. However, from the media & from my friends/ acquaintances the reports we get are quite scary & deplorable. The police can not take any action against a criminal even for shooting & murdering a sub-inspector, even though he was identified. Beating of police has become a regular phenomenon for Kolkata Police. I feel political interference is the main cause for such callous performance of KP. The whole thing culminates from a few senior officials seeking some favour from the Govt. in respect of posting/promotions. So, creation of a separate Regulatory Authority free from political interference is the answer to this menace.

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Please help me people to lead the way as now a days I see corruption !
Fake NGO in regard to Help Age India they are taking bribe nd cheating businessman like anything 10,000 check in a day means yu think in weeks,month nd years nd also in check wow per 1,000 350 commission + salary & Sunday party fr employer with that money & check !
nd I want to make yu inform and aware about this Cause Specially to Modiji
Namely THE Velocity Group Company Pune Head Office & Kolkata Both regarding Help age India as I have proof ! I have researched myself on it.
I see many Good educated youngester get blacklisted and spoiled their career in this most of them dont Knw & work to support their parent nd earn their livelihood nd lifestyle Employment become a main issue in these due to which many youngster are living their livelihood by eating NGO Money !

HR Manager. 

Like these people those who are working after asking they says just do what they say either it wrong or right we are getting huge money in the name of NGO that shit party hard nd enjoy what we want more they says I research in this I found this result about them im just trying to find out how many companies are their if only one person in this then in India how many just see
we are nt getting 8,000 in month in job but one person part of them collect fund in check Rs 10,000 people give in the name of Help Age India in bank checks + pan no also thinking it true truely mostly Old people nd Big Businessman,Manager etc in the name of their father or mother thinking it will help poor people I think commission fr this agent is 50% and half eat company what is left fr Help age India NGO God knows

 This also is registered to Cheat in naukri.com as THE VELOCITY GROUP (velocityhr1@gmail.com, 2nd floor,pradnya empire, deep bungalow chowk, model colony, PUNE, Maharashtra - 411016) Head Office
This is also in consumer forum list !

Please INDIA be better safe Corruption free, help your own parents first nd yourself then yu think of this Fraud NGO Campaigns at least help people in your locality poor needy nd yourself first then to rely on anything we all only earn and dont think anything when we donate thinking it is paid in checks nd Help age India is 26 years old I know this all are business nd nothing this only be broken only Every people is educated nd employed nd made cmpulsry employment fr every person either it is Rs 5,000 job or 50,000 so that no one would be jobless help come forward and see your child, poor's, nd everyone nd youngster as they are the future of India today you are as yu grow old then 80 nd above then die who will maintain our system ! tomorrow your children or smbdy will be the future in wrong hands our System ,Government, politics,
Come forward in politics
Educated Youngster is needed to run our Constitution,System,Government,Tax,Education nd many fields Not one enough will do but Everyone need to support nd come forward !

If anything like this happen to you or somebody says please take help of google just search on it and get the detail something information should their their on net as someone surely face it not in city but in world
So next time if you find anything NGO or some money raising or funding or someone ask you money fr charity or good work search them on internet GOOGLE search engine we are educated use technology, we aware of it don't just invest a single money on anything.
If possible made internet free in India so that everyone will be educated not 4G at least 2G in limit Now a day people who are uneducated are earning more nd dont know internet,Dnt have knowledge about daily news nd all these and get trap easily in all these even now a days children is smarter than us.
5.00 / 5 2 Reviews
Not very good now a days.most of the actions are politically influenced
2.00 / 5 1 Reviews
Lal Bazar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
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