Hyderabad traffuc police

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Cyber Gateway Bus Stop,Phase 2, HITEC City, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081, India
I am yet to see any one giving good marks for Hyderabad Traffic. I agree with what others are saying. Bad Roads, Traffic congestion, Style of Driving of Common Hyderabad person is to be changed. Birth right of Hyderabad person to go on the wrong side and over take from left or right. Our Police are only concerned on collections since there are targets.
Driving on Hyderabad roads is a nightmare. The road traffic in the city can be improved if some attention can be paid to these: 1. Mark the lanes on roads. Assign specific lanes for cars & buses, bikes, autorickshaws and for vehicles turning right or left at junctions. Enforce lane discipline. People keep switching lanes randomly without even any indication to fellow users. Those who need to turn right a junction often drive in the extreme left lane and cut across. Such activities go unchecked and unpunished. 2. Bike riders randomly switch lanes. They also carry more than two passengers, sometimes heavy goods and even animals. Such activities go completely unchecked. Impose heavy penalty o n such activities so that they act as deterrent. 3. Prevent the use of horns and impose penalty for using it inappropriately. Most youngsters keep honking for long time and that behaviour is never checked or punished. 4. Before imposing punishments, it may be useful to run a campaign through media to raise awareness levels of road users 5. Most importantly, please do not issue driving licences without asking a person to take an on-road driving test. One may not be surprised if many road users would fail an on-road test if they are asked to take one today.
I stay in Miyapur. I hv noticed following traffic violations happening throughout the date at the places mentioned. Though traffic police are posted mean 50 feet away they are given a blind sight by police.
1) U' turn near Miyapur cross roads and alwayn cross roads are created for one way U turn only . Where as two wheelers, cars n at times trucks too use this way in opposite direction.
2) wrong side driving of vehicles I.e two wheelers cars n trucks coming from road near godown of vijeta superstores towards bajaj electronic stores to take 'U' turn created before Baja electronic stores.
3) Parking of seven seater at the alwayn cross road interception. These seven seater obstruct free flow of traffic from ha fix pet side turning towards miyapur cross roads.
4) wrong side movement of vehicles from Talkei town film theaters towards alwayn cross roads.
5) jumping of red light at alwayn cross n also miyapur cross.
6) two wheelers not using helmets.
7) crossing of road by two wheelers in between this stretch by removing divider stones at two three places.
8) Traffic violations by share autos.

And the list is big. If this being the case how we can say that traffic police are working well. I understand safe traffic can be achieved by people n also various departments other than police. But onus is mainly police and who are failure n do not take action to control traffic.
Hyderabad police started the practice of shutting traffic lights,stopping right turn and introduce U turns in order to control traffic.This is a foolish step as wrong side driving has gone up due to this.It also forces commuters to drive extra length resulting in more fuel consumption and pollution.You rarely see traffic police fining wrong side driving.Actually you dont see them at all.
Hyderabad Traffic Police are generally good people, but they must inculcate better road sense among users!
Common areas of concern / improvement are:
1) Driving on the wrong side of the road is very common. It poses a grave danger to oncoming traffic and heavy penalties must be imposed to discourage such irresponsible behaviour.
2) Overtaking from the wrong side must be discouraged. It is common to see two-wheelers overtake you from the left and cut across to the right, in order to take a Right / U-Turn.
3) Driving two wheelers without wearing helmets must be penalized and discouraged.
4) Lane discipline must be taught to all road users. It is common to see four-wheelers blocking the left lane and two-wheelers blocking the right lane. This impedes smooth flow of traffic and such behaviour must be discouraged.
5) Pedestrian rights must be respected by other road users and motorists must be sensitized to show common courtesies to pedestrians. Similarly, hawkers should not be allowed to encroach upon pavements and force pedestrians to walk on the roads.

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