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I purchased a rough terrain bicycle of this vendor. On the very first day tyre was punctured because protective rubber ring was not put over spoke base. The seat clamp gave way in few days. I complained on the company website but no response. Now within 2 months, I have to replace chain and nut of pedal shaft on the frame.
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I had never faced such problems in bicycle purchased earlier. Very poor quality of products and unresponsive vendor. Very poor value for money

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They do not even understand what sound pollution is all about. How can they give permit to highly environment polluting autorikshaws like Mahindra, Ape and other similar machines ? Many motor cycles and autorikshaws attach sound blasting gadgets and the state RTOs do not even allow the Police to open their mouth - gross violation of citizen (human) rights. Many vehicles still liberally use air horns inside city limits in all cities whereas the public transport buses use horns only within the decibel limits. When can the public space belong civilized people in India ?
1.00 / 5 3 Reviews
No. 49, Parisara Bhavan, Church Street, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Cartridge Refilling​

Cartridge refilling has multiple benefits and zero drawbacks, a refilled cartridge saves almost 80% of cost and at the same time there is a great contribution to our environment. Every year, several millions of empty ink cartridges end up in incinerators and landfills. These take thousands of years to breakdown and decompose, producing toxins like volatile organic compounds. Ink cartridges also stand the chance of leaking, thereby further polluting the environment. Disposing cartridges in open air is also not a good option, especially after carbon black used in toner has been recognized as carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. The plastic, metal and oil needed for making cartridges contribute gravely to the release of greenhouse gases. Over three ounces of oil are needed to make a new inkjet cartridge and three quarts of oil to make a fresh laser cartridge. This oil can easily be saved if we practice cartridge refilling. So, the huge heap of waste that is collected for manufacturing cartridges can easily be reduced through the use of re-manufactured cartridges because that does not require the use of any virgin materials. Almost 97% of our products can be reused. To be precise, a single cartridge can be refilled for almost 7 to 14 times, without any problem. So, why go the expensive and harmful way instead of treading the affordable and safe way? Simply by cartridge refilling, you can reduce air and water pollution, and conserve natural resources like oil, minerals, water and timber. You also get to save ample energy, decreasing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases and finally maintaining the environment of your surrounding and the entire earth as a whole.

We are leaders in cartridge recycling and contributing to this cause since the inception of our company, we offer variety of options in toners and cartridges according to our customers requirements, Lifetime guarantee on our refills, Best quality refills that do no harm to the printer or offer poor output,Replacement warranty.

Compatible Cartridge​

We sell and support inkjet and laser printers from HP, Epson, Canon, Samsung and other OEM brands. We also sell new and re-manufactured cartridges for different models of laser and inkjet printers. These printing devices differ in dimensions, duty cycle, type and resolution. Difference also lies in the consumables used. Not only are there differences between ink cartridges and toner cartridges but distinction lies also among ink cartridges and their toner counterparts. With distinctiveness in all printer models and their cartridges, cartridge manufacturers such as AB Cartridge tread a middle path. We manufacture cartridges that are compatible to a reasonable number of printer models either for laser varieties or inkjet models. We re-manufacture inkjet cartridges that are compatible over a wide range of corresponding printers. Likewise, we also sell and refill toner cartridges that are well-suited over a fairly wide range of laser output devices.

These compatible cartridges manufactured by us come with lifetime guarantee which ensures repeated usage. As these are manufactured under strict quality standards, their quality remains intact over a substantial period of time. Being made of top quality material, these consumables do not harm your printer in any way whatsoever. We, in our endeavor to protect your printers, never compromise on the quality of materials used in re-manufacturing these consumables. The quality of our compatible cartridges is comparable to the best in the industry and matches international or OEM standards. About 99 percent of our re-manufactured cartridges are recycled. This is our effort towards preserving resources and protecting the environment. These re-manufactured consumables are also part of our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract as offered to customers.
5.00 / 5 3 Reviews
Naman Midtown, K.G.Marg, Babasaheb Ambedkar Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012, India
Candid Cohort are a human Resource Development and Management organisation with a strong focus on quality and timely delivery.
With ever growing population of educated youth, hiring in mangers find it all the more difficult to hire resources optimally qualified as per the job description. The end result of this problem is increased cost of hiring and time to hire, Increased time to train the hired resources to make them production ready, lower throughput, high rate of attrition and many such problems that directly impact the individual performance of Human Resource Department.

Candid Cohort has designed solutions to meet the challenges faced during the entire cycle ranging from resource creation to resource management.

They facilitate Students with the skills that are required to excel in, not only what they are doing right now, but in their professional lives, that is, on the job also. They think, 'The success is not limited to mastering aptitude questions, or being good at communication or preparing answers that may impress the recruiters and sailing through the placement process; But, 'Success is defined by being ready for challenges that are not obvious, and creating your own personality. A personality, “that defines you and differentiates you from the others”. Success also means doing a job, because you enjoy doing it, outperforming yourself progressively'.

At Candid Cohort, they aspire to build a legion, which brings honesty and authenticity accompanied with uniqueness in its every single member.

All Educational Institutes survive on their capability to produce professionals, who are in great demand with the industry and hence they aspire to become center of attraction for the corporate houses. They ensure that such serious recruiters, which intend to hire real talent, visit our partner colleges and are enthused to hire from them. This in turn will increase the credibility of our partner educational institutes and result in better enrollments by aspirants.
5.00 / 5 3 Reviews
Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India
The billing is very good although the rates are high, exactly on date and transparent. The Engineers are always available over their mobile phones and reply promptly and courteously. But the good story ends here as the power outages are atrocious. There are power cuts on a daily basis with a lot of variation, supply gets disconnected intermittently on some days with 10-12 on/off cycles within an hour. On other days we have power cuts ranging from 2-8 hours upto midnight sometimes. I am told this area comes under Mahadevpura E4 sub station which definitely has very serious logistics and management issues.
2.00 / 5 2 Reviews
12 1st Main Road Maithri Layout Near Hope Farm Junction,Whitefield
Authorized dealers for HERO brand of two wheelers
4.50 / 5 2 Reviews
Udupi-Manipal Highway, Indrali, Udupi-576102
5.00 / 5 1 Reviews
Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Provides computers, laptops, printers , hard disks, pen drives, cycles and all computer parts at wholesale rate .FREE INSTALLATION @ HOME + 1 YR FREE SOFTWARE SUPPORT + 50 FREE UTILITY SOFTWARES + ON CALL SUPPORT + 2 FREE SERVICING
5.00 / 5 1 Reviews
Office: H/N – 364/1, Subhaspally, Kharagpur
M/S.CENTRAL MOTORS SUBHASH NAGARNR.RADHEY SHYAM BHAVAN SAGAR-470 002. Tel: 504788,246749. Mob: (Cell: 94251 71128)
4.00 / 5 1 Reviews
We have been involved in all kinds of educational services related to schools. We offer help and guidance not only to students but also to the teachers involved in school education. Our range of services includes (but is not limited to) the following activities as mentioned below:
Guidance on School Projects: Projects at School gets involved with individual students and teachers to provide guidance on their projects from the beginning to the completion of projects. This includes - selecting the potential topic based on the subject for which the project is to be made; conceptualizing the ideas; helping in surfing the internet and researching the knowledge base; scanning photographs and images; high quality printing (colored and monochrome); saving project /(s) on CD; preparing project reports; spiral binding; preparing overhead projector slides for presentation of projects and lot slides for presentation of projects and lot more.
School Assignments: With increasing importance of school assignments, Projects at School offers a bank of ready-made Solved and Unsolved School Assignments which are designed to be used by students as well as teachers.
We welcome Middle and High School teachers to contact us for providing them with ready-made assignments or special customized assignments. Customized assignments can be developed based on the difficulty level of questions and even by narrowing down their choice of questions from specific books.
Homework Assistance: It has been observed that if students get assistance of expert teachers, followed by simple step-by-step explanations through solved examples then their understanding of the concepts is much clear. At Projects at School, our goal is to help students (Maths, Science and other subjects too) throughout the world, 24x7, simplify their fears and enjoy doing their homework assignments.
Never feel left behind.
Teacher Resources: ZERO2HERO is a resource house to meet teaching requirements. We can help with the documentation of ideas and study materials, mathematical formulas, images, diagrams, graphs, pie-charts, histograms and other charts with geometrical shapes and pictures etc. that often can be confusing. With our expert guidance, all this can be as simple as learning 1, 2, 3…
E-Tutoring and Online Learning: Keeping up the pace with E-learning developments in India, ZERO2HERO is involved in setting up initiatives for providing on-line tuitions to students in India. We have been helping thousands of students with our HOME TUTORS all round India.

Video Conferencing: ZERO2HERO can arrange facilities like video conferencing through real broadband facilities for group demonstrations, seminar and orientation programs. This service is used when a school has many branches at different locations and has a need to discuss, communicate or compete amongst them-selves as if they were sitting together.

Jobs for Teachers: ZERO2HERO offers tutoring opportunities to teachers to coach / teach students from allover India. Teachers interested in working outside India or to work as Online tutors are also invited to send their resume and profile.
Admission Help: ZERO2HERO helps you to get into your favorite colleges & schools, not only this we get best of best deals from dozens of institutes just for you.
Zero2Hero besides providing guidance to students and helping school teachers is also in the process of establishing mutually beneficial relations with schools, universities and educational service providers including e-learning companies and technology solutions providers across the world, offering our bouquet of educational support and above services. We are also looking to partner with global education service providers for providing live tutoring and educational content development services for school students in any part of the world.
5.00 / 5 1 Reviews
Maharana Pratap Enclave, Rajdhani Enclave, Pitampura, New Delhi, Delhi, India
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