You may not get even cold meds without prescription

Are we making too much out of a pandemic?

Doctors, whose primary responsibility is to keep their patient healthy, are afraid to even attend to them for their regular complaints.

Hospitals, which are the primary source of healthcare, seek a confirmation of being non-Covid, to admit a patient. Moreover, a non-Covid patient is not able seek OPD treatment at the hospital for want of doctors. Be it Heart or Diabetes, such diseases require immediate medical attention, which is being totally neglected by the persons authorised to handle such complaints and complications.

The administration is busy searching for a needle in a hay-stack. It is not sure of what it wants to administer, whether distancing or treatment or statistics or, above all, non-residents of the cities.

Rumours rule the roast of the day and increase with nightfall.

We are in an absolute state of limbo, searching for proper information about the disease and rules and regulations for enforcing the lock-down. People move about freely in and around local areas by walk in the name of marketing for urgent requirements.

Shopkeepers either refuse to deliver material or simply declare is as "OUT OF STOCK". I do not think any sensible citizen would ask for a price of the commodity, he would simply pay the amounts demanded by the seller.

Fruit and fish vendors are hounded out of their designated places. Of course, purchasers are beggars and have no choice.

Repairers of any equipment have just disappeared. If I were to simply fix a light in my house, I would not have the guts to touch the electrical wires, because I have never done so in the past life.

I can continue describing the situation around me, but only to spread negativity. I, therefore, desist from proceeding further and to being de-moralised further. more  

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You seem to know about cure of some diseases than even trained medical personnel do. Hope you have tested these treatments. more  
Dear Mr. Naganand, I fully endorse your views. My daughter has to have surgery for cancer but they have postponed it three times. I would like to tell you that the government is a headless chicken and nobody knows what to expect anymore. Whoever is advising the PM needs to stop now. It is the government who has created this situation with allowing lakhs of slums to come up for the sake of votes and we the people of India are suffering because of it.

Dear Mr. Sarma, I definitely know that eating fresh celery every day helps to control sinisitis. Also you can try this remedy. Take a saucer of milk, put in a ghee made jalebi and soak it overnight. The next morning at 5 am eat the jalebi and drink the milk. You need to do this for three consecutive days. Please see if it helps. It helped me tremendously. more  
Thanks Please . more  
Sir, I dont know where you have seen all these things. In my place in Guntur, A.P. the things are normal. Patients are going to hospitals and are getting treatment for the alignment they have. No one is hounded for Corona unless these persons have direct contact with virus affected persons. Yes as you said there are rumours flouting in the air, but before believing them we should weigh whether they are true or not. In medical shops the pharmacist is giving medicines normally even without prescription. more  

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On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 12:41 PM Naganand Nileshwar <> wrote:

> more  
Local Hospitals need to be guided and Treatments must be started. I suffered with Tooth Fungus and Ear Infection for 15 days and faced deadly Pains .
I am a Patient of SINESITIS since above 14 Years , 3 Volves Regurgitations from 19 Years . I lost Almost my Teeth starting from 1995 and since last 3 Years I am taking only Soft Hard pressed / pasted Food. Because of Acute Sensitivity and No Requisite Teeth I cont take even Fruits . Because of SINESITIS and habituated Cold round the Years , cannot take Sweet or Sour Drinks .
My long continued Health problems of SINESITIS resulted Cold ; Headache due to Teeth ; PULMONARY , MITRAL AND TRICUSPID VALVES resulting in Every day Beating Variations NATURALLY FRIGHTENS ME OF Symptums linked with Corona .
DOCTORS , HOSPITALS HAVE BEEN NOT IN WORK FOR SUCH . I am running 73 Years and cannot even wait for more than an HOUR .
*** Doctors and Hospitals to be in access AS USUAL EVEN FROM NOW Please . more  
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