Awarness amongst Ignorant

I think this group must be creme la de creme, the aware of the aware of citizens. Generally, we indians are most ignorant race on planet earth.

I'd like to ask you all and fssai if there are any food storage guidelines that have been issued to restaurant, caterers and food operators. I was recently at a wedding in Kolkata and the curd there was in a bucket (by caterer) with all kinds of flying insects on top. 50% of the people were sick by the end of the wedding.

Look forward to hearing views. more  

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FSSAI does specify requirements for storage of prepared foods as in restaurants, caterers and food operators. Just posting relevant extracts of the Food Safety standards (registration & licensing regulations), Schedule 4, Part 5 applicable for all kinds of caterers There are requirements for raw materials, semi-prepared and prepared food. Section 4 & 5 of these are relevant for ensuring proper handling temperatures and storage conditions: " IV. TRANSPORTATION AND HANDLING OF FOOD (1) The vehicle/transportation being used to carry cooked/prepared/processed food should be clean and, dedicated for this purpose and should not carry anything else. (2) Time required for transportation should be minimum, to avoid microbial proliferation. (3) Cooked food served hot should be kept at a temperature of at least 600 C to prevent microbial growth. (4) Cooked food to be served cold should be kept below 50 C to prevent growth of pathogens. (5) All foods during transportation must be kept covered and in such a way as to limit pathogen growth or toxin formation by controlling time of transportation, exposure, temperature control and using safe water for cleaning etc. (7) Handling of food should be minimal. It should be ensured that utensils, crockery, cutlery and specially hands of the food handlers/seller are clean and sanitized. (8) All surplus food and unused thawed food should be discarded. (9) Food to be kept for cold storage should be distributed in small volumes to ensure uniform cooling. (10) Dry, fermented and acidified foods should be stored in cool and dry place. (11) All packaged food viz. sterilized milk, bottled beverages, canned foods etc. should be stored properly during transportation to ensure that seals remain intact and undamaged.V. V. STORAGE 1. It is very important to store food properly for the purpose of food safety. Following things must be ensured: - Foods should be cooked, stored and kept at right temperature - Raw meat/poultry should be stored separately from other foods - Veg. foods should always be stored above non- veg.foods and cooked foods above uncooked foods on separate racks in the refrigerator. - Storage temperature of frozen food should be -18oC or below. - Cooked food to be eaten later should be cooled quickly, and kept in the refrigerator-It is advisable to put date on food packages or containers, using stickers or any other way of identification , before keeping inside the refrigerator to keep track of food prepared date wise and use accordingly to minimise wastage . - Storage instructions over food packaging should be followed. - Dried foods (such as grains and pulses) should be stored off the floor, ideally insealable containers, to allow proper cleaning from pests Stock rotation The rule for stock rotation is FIFO (first in, first out) to make sure that older food is used first. This will help to prevent wastage." You can see the entire regulation on the following link,%202011.pdf Suneeti Toteja Director, FSSAI more  
Rules and guidelines are available but for active enforcement. SD Kulkarni Pune On 7 Mar 2017 15:51, "Niharika Jain" wrote: > more  
To the best of my knowledge and understanding, FFSAI is supposed to regulate "Packaged Food" only. Please correct me if I am wrong. more  
While consuming the food, one needs to take care and raise a hue and cry in the situations well in time so that epidemic later on may be avoided. Caterers do not care about hygiene. FSSAI can issue guidelines but who will get those guidelines implemented. The paper does not speak and the the speakers, I mean the officials designated for maintaining hygiene do not care for the reasons best known to all. Hence, self awareness and alertness is the solution. Self help is the best help. more  
The guests oughtnot have consumed the impure food article knowing fully well that the food is spoiled. more  
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