Would it make sense to stop random testing?

Just a thought. Please do not castigate me for this thought. Lockdown or relaxed lockdown, virus curve is showing an upward trend, like the profitable organizations. So, would it make to stop contact tracing, random testing etc. If someone comes to the COVID care centers with symptoms, then test and do what is needed. Or else, just leave it to destiny. Try this for 2 to 3 days and check the numbers. Let the police and other take a short muc needed break. more  

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The scene at the fish market in chennai. Will random testing help? https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/chennai/people-ignore-rules-crowd-kasimedu-fishing-harbour/article32126940.ece more  
Yes you are true Ms. G.J. that India started screening the tourists in a big way only in March end when Kerala got the first 3 cases from china and middle east . Later Rajasthan .Delhi contributed in a big way . Even after they were allowed the cases when they were allowed the cases in India was 236 . But one state in North east started screening all air passengers as early as February first week , Manipur . Health authhorities even banned import of packaged food material from china diretly and through the south asian countries . They kept the population safe . The action was delayed the Covid 19 prevention and treatment late (inlike the chief Minister of Manipur ) despite the knowledge of the disease and experiences from other countries that was being circulated for 3 months . Nowmany states are following the South Korean model , Mass testing so that EARLY IDENTIFICATION AND GIVING EFFECTIVE TREATMENT . This early identification and early treatment has reduced the death rate considerably in India to 2.6 % . But even that is a death to a family . so that has to be prevented also. The attached figure will give some information about the number of Test being done . T.N does 45,000 tests per day , and also hold Fever Clinics , so more cases are DETECTED AND EARLY . These cases are Mild cases : are quarantines and followed up with tele medication. Moderate : If hospitalization is requires admitted - early treatment prevents and arrests the cases progressing . Severe : whene they become severe there is ICU with Oxygen and all facilities . And we the OLDIES like me who can't be visited by our near and dear ones , every morning the corporation social workers visits enquire about our health and symptoms with a Thermal Gun to record Temperature ; this going on for the past month and half .If they find anysymptoms they inform the corporation they do the needful . Staff on Rotation to give a change . I TAKE THAT AS EXCHANGING PLEASANTRIES, SO GET READY TO MEET THEM . more  
This random testing, goodwill visits is never ending, it at least until done scientist says Eureka". Assume that the entire population in the country had gone through at least one round if tests. The cycle had to restart and continue. So, is this a sustainable model, given our population size, health infra, citizen lethargy, political bureaucracy? more  
The random testing that is being today, on what basis is it being done? From what the people who know about the spread say, the virus is mostly confined to crowded and closed places/spaces. So, are these places being targeted for random testing? I have few relatives living in Besant Nagar, Chennai. The place where they live is neither crowded nor closed. But, the corporation is testing every household there. In Bangalore, the associations of apartment complexes are maintaining a strict watch with restrictions on movement of people. I know a few such apartments where the civic body is testing every person. And I am sure, the slightest of symptoms the will go for testing. Aren’t these a waste of testing kits, effort and time and money, where there is already a shortage. If the people are told that it is in their interest to get checked if they have symptoms, the onus will shift from the govt. to the people. After all, 4months has passed since the lockdowns started. And hopefully they would have learnt the new norms will be more careful in avoiding crowds and wearing masks. Whatever steps business and organisations are taking, let them continue. And educational institutions, metro etc. let them be suspended until they come out with their safety procedures. Let the individuals, families, businesses, organisations... decide if they want to follow the new norms are not. Those who follow will be safe, others... From the police and civic officials part, they can concentrate on enforcing mask and social distancing. And let the local people spread the message of safety through banners (without politicians photos and ads) at ever nook and corner, sell low cost reusable masks at every corner...... The message by telecom operators when making a call has become more of a nuisance. Time they stopped. more  
Makes sense. I do agree with your random testing concerns. It should be done only in the serious symptomatic conditions, wherein the patient need to be admitted. Most of the asymptomatic patient will naturally recover with little care and the testing will simply add to the numbers, thereby creating panic. more  
Covid 19 was not a BOLT FROM THE BLUE in India as we heard about the disease even before it arrived IN January 31st . So the Management of it wasn’t a big task for all in India including the Politicians and bureaucrats . The health officials started bang with the advent of new year . North Eastern region was alert by February to screen and do thermal checks in February 1st week itself as there were passenger traffic from South East Asian Countries and Hongkong and China. By March ICMR was ready with plans and advised and procured Testing kits, that had to be imported . By mid March when the Cases started rising , ICMR suggested community Transmission checking . That is to check at random to find out if there is community transmission . Some states are following this with mass testing for ILI symptoms . As a result the states have been able to identify and send for treatment early before severity sets in , isolate the infected. Thereby – further infection is checked – early treatment is started before severity & complication sets in. That is the South Korean Model : Without Lockdown , mass testing , isolation , early treatment had helped vastly in checking infection , controlling the death rate . South Korean Death rate is o.7% (India 2.5, Karnataka 2% ) Also Reported more recoveries from Covid-19 than new infections through aggressive testing. The recovered ones develop antigen to covid 19. If you take a look at the figures Delhi , Tamilnadu are the following this model. Delhi seems to be out of Red and Tamilnadu will be out of red shortly . Gujarat too . Read more at: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/icmr-intensifies-random-testing-to-check-for-covid-19/articleshow/74643047.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst more  
should have locked down the airports , from march instead of locking down the whole nation and asking the people to blow the conch, bring the cymbals .
That would have saved the money a d all the trouble ; then we would have had enough and more time to prepare for the pandemic . more  
Sir, with all due respect I want to know if India was so well prepared by your post then why did we allow about 15 Italian tourists who entered our country in February. Many of them carried the virus and travelled extensively across India spreading the deadly virus. I say that India was not prepared and allowed foreigners to enter our country even in March. The government at least should have started the testing at all the airports by January month.

As far as I know from my own contacts in India and abroad, many of them came into our country without even a temperature test till March which is extremely sad. All the gimmicks of the hon'ble PM to bang plates and ring bells to make sounds as well as light diyas and candles to chase away the disease was such a waste of time. Look at where India stands now.

Now we don't see any Health Minister, Home Minister or hon'ble Prime Minister anywhere in the news. more  
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