Thanks to the 2 Big Scientists Researchers – Banting and Best for Gifting the world this wonder cum life saver cum life giver Insulin. A Dog with high Sugar levels was the first Guinea Pig (ha ha ), for the Experiment with a crude Pancreatic extract that lowered Blood Sugar Level to normal. Then the quantity was adjusted to the prevailing Blood Sugar Levels over the years.
Just a Quick reminder on some basic known facts about diabetes :
We are aware of the 2 Types of Diabetes prevailing:.
Type 1 diabetes is an AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE. It occurs when the insulin-producing islet cells in the pancreas are completely destroyed or devoid of the cells, so the body can't produce any insulin. There’s no cure for type 1 diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin, so it must be regularly injected into the body.
Some people take injections into soft tissue, such as the stomach, arm, or buttocks, several times per day. Other people use insulin pumps. Insulin pumps supply a steady amount of insulin into the body through a small tube. Blood sugar testing is an essential part of managing type 1 diabetes, because levels can go up and down quickly.

We have come a long way form the manual jab to ‘do-it-yourself’ artificial pancreas systems (DIY APS) using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), insulin pumps and smartphone technology. , IF THE BLOOD GLUCOSE GOES UP, THE SYSTEM DELIVERS MORE INSULIN; IF THE GLUCOSE GOES DOWN, IT DELIVERS LESS.
Millions of diabetics worldwide use synthetic insulin to regulate their blood sugar levels

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreatic cells are still working. However, the body is resistant to insulin. The body still produces insulin, but it’s unable to use it effectively.
Researchers aren’t sure why some people become insulin resistant and others don’t, BUT SEVERAL LIFESTYLE FACTORS MAY CONTRIBUTE, including being inactive and carrying excess weight. Other genetic and environmental factors may also play a role. When you develop type 2 diabetes, your pancreas will try to compensate by producing more insulin. Because your body is unable to effectively use insulin, glucose will accumulate in your bloodstream.

People with type 2 diabetes need to focus on healthy eating. Weight loss is often a part of type 2 diabetes treatment plans, so your doctor may recommend a low-calorie meal plan. This could mean reducing your consumption of animal fats and junk food.

THE NUMBER OF TYPES OF DIABETES GOING BEYOND 2 ? In 2008, researchers from Brown University, Dr Suzanne de la Monte and Dr Jack Wands, put forward a proposal that Alzheimer’s disease could be termed type 3 diabetes. The reasoning is based on the fact that insulin resistance within the brain was shown to be a feature of Alzheimer’s disease. While this has been proposed, major health organizations do not recognize Alzheimer’s disease as a type of diabetes within their classifications.
The attachments scanned from THW WEEK ,health supplimetary dated5the Sept 2021. more  

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Like we errect status for leaders for their service in politics , we must have lectures and webinars on such findings, which will motivate new scientists to find newer drugs to alleviate sufferings and diseases. more  
Thanks Jayakumar. That was a brilliant observation that Alzheimer is the third diabetes. That is why when you grow older with diabetes, you cannot remember as much as you could when you were younger. You forget things, especially short term memory becomes bad, But going thru some research, I too have had diabetes for over 20 years but take my medication faithfully. I found that the ayurvedic drug Brahmi is good for memory and I have tried the same. I do not take it every day and not even alternate days but after every two days. It has helped a lot with the memory. This is my experience. If diabetics wish to try, they may do so. more  
Good . Along with medication pracice and training the brain is also necessary for total succees. more  
Describimg my answer is difficult, as I am "blessed" with diabetes for 22 years now. Did I not understand and failed to be physically active, OR did the doctor did not (purposefully) advice me to be physically active, I have no idea. One after the other, other guests came starting with hypertension. Recently when I had some unexplainable trouble, on examination I was told by the doctor, that I have had a heart attack just then, and also that kidney is stage 3 CKD! After 22 years I am resorting to be a little more physically active at 68! 100% I am experiencing its benefits. Added to that I am trying to limit my food and water intake as per recommendations. If our education system, besides teaching and compelling, but make it a regular practice to include yogas, meditation and do physical exercises on a daily activity from higher elementary school itself, I am confident of future generations remaining healthy with out needing medicines, except during emergencies. more  
Your confidence and Positive attitude ,your past and present activities will definitetely see you through healthy. God has been with you all these years. more  
Thank you for sharing this fact. Do you personally know anyone who has benefitted? Can you recommend any ayurvedic drug that does the same? more  
Was this question to me? The attached pictire with the DIY artificial Pancreas system is ion a Professional Dancer from Mumbai.
The other attachment in script is about a Marathon rnner.
And my own coleague close to 67 also a diabetic and is an international athlete in long distance, 1,500, 5,000 Metres. more  
Research in all fields shall never be Neglected Researchers need to be encouraged , Funded and also endowed with Grants. more  
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